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Dragging along heavy bags when flying is necessary on some long overseas flights, extended cruises and group excursions. However, you don't always need luggage that must be checked every time you board plane, ship, bus or train.

Savvy seasoned travelers bring along just one wheeled carry-on. They never lose luggage, nor wait at airport merry-go-rounds after each flight hoping nothing was missing. Today's cost of a checked bag is $25 and going up, and record of lost and pilfered bags is from 5 to 12% per flight.

Is it worth it? Here are tried and true tips on making traveling less stressful, cheaper and no lost bags:

Do A Wheelie: Get bags made of flex fabrics within size limits for carry-ons. Be sure they have outside, zipper-closing pockets for quick access, and see-through webbing inside. If necessary, also take a backpack that fits under an airline seat.

Pack Less: The day before departure, lay out clothing, footwear, meds and other stuff considered absolutely necessary. Put it in nice neat piles. Then go through and take away 25%. You won't regret it, and the truly necessary stuff should fit nicely into your carry-on. If you've mistakenly left out any vital items, such as over-the-counter meds, you can always buy them at airport and hotel shops.

Wash & Wear: For trips longer than two or three days, take washables. Every night take items worn that day into the shower with you. Dry thoroughly with your towel and hang close to the room heat or outside air source.

Use 'Em & Toss 'Em: Take well-worn undies, shirts, socks, sneakers and other items. Trash ‘em after a day’s wear for a much lighter load on homeward trip, or more bag room for souvenirs.

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