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Recent medical studies (as if you don’t already know) report that inactivity adds to the physical problems of aging. Nicknamed the sitting disease, today’s seniors bring it on by spending too much unhealthy time on the couch.

According to the research, American elders, especially retirees, sprawl more than three hours daily in front of the TV. We’re advised to get up and actively exercise for at least ten continuous minutes during each of those wasted hours. We’re sure the Kardashians and Honey Booboo won’t know when we miss their commercials.

Travel4seniors.com offers more ambitious solutions. Not only should you get up from the couch, but also pack a bag and flee the house. Jump into your car, cruise ship cabin or airline seat and vigorously apply many ways to exercise mind and body.

Get involved in frequent activities that range from brisk jogs around the park, steep climbs up mountain paths and runs along beaches. Join walking tours right there in your home town as well as in cities on the other side of the world. Check out more info at www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2014/07/19/retirement-sitting-disease/12750061


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