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These days, almost every seasoned wanderer has a smartphone that takes quality pix and video. Opportunities to create digital family scrapbooks are endless. We asked readers to suggest their favorite locations, and here are just a few of the most popular:

Paris: How can you go wrong in the City of Light? Take selfies next to the Eiffel Tower, River Seine, Arch of Triumph, sidewalk cafes and Parisians. As Bogie would’ve said, we’ll always have Paris selfies. JPG, Austin TX

Hollywood: Family and I strolled the Walk of Fame and shot selfies with costumed Disney and other street characters. We stepped in movie star footprints at Grauman’s Theater and took the tourist bus thru Beverly Hills. I hope my grandkids will show our fun selfies to their grandkids. LMY, Bronx NY

Beijing: On a recent visit, we shot selfies at Tiananmen Square and in the Forbidden City. Then we rode the two-hour trip with a busload of tourists to the 2,000-year-old Great Wall of China, and got many more selfies. Great visual memories! GGK, San Francisco CA

New York City: Our favorite travel destination has always been the Big Apple since long before smartphone cameras. We still have a scrapbook full of fading prints of visits to Radio City, Times Square, Central Park and other NYC landmarks. Now when we go back to NYC, we don’t have to lug a heavy bag, 35mm camera, rolls of film, lenses and flash units. We just point and shoot our little smartphone, capturing all kinds of selfies. PL, Akron OH

Backyard BBQ: Adding our travel4seniors.com opinion, there are other fantastic sites throughout the world. You can shoot great selfies in Monte Carlo, London, Amsterdam, Moscow, Chicago, Hong Kong, San Francisco and beyond.

We suggest you also do some right at home during happy family outdoor occasions. The special moments will never ever happen again. Kids grow up and parents get old. Preserve the memories for future virtual visits back to those unforgettable times, people and places. To all our senior readers, wherever you roam: Happy selfies!


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