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Cheaper eats: If you want to keep your retirement nest egg a bit longer when dining out and/or traveling, consider these deals. Some are automatic, some for limited times of day/week, some require AARP membership and for others, you won’t get discounts unless you speak up for ‘em.

Arby’s, Golden Corral, Bubba Gump, Burger King, Denny’s, Wendy’s, Sonic, Subway and IHOP take 10% off your bill. Outback offers 15%. Many privately-owned restaurants, especially in city areas where seniors live and visit, offer similar deals.

Some well-known food delivery services also entice seniors with discounts. For example, Papa John’s offers a generous 25% off to AARP members. Therefore, whenever sitting down for or ordering a well-seasoned delivery meal, make sure you ask for the seasoned citizen discount.

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