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Recent articles blared a startling headline revealing that some passengers pay as much as eight times more than others seated next to them. Of course, savvy senior travelers have been aware of that since way back when TWA flew up, up and away.

Today, budgeting for flights is complicated for even the brightest rocket scientist. The ever-evolving internet enables airlines to raise or lower prices instantly at any moment, depending on many factors. For example, when reservations on popular flights are filling up or are expected to, airline beancounters may quickly increase prices on remaining seats. Conversely, when flights could take off with empty seats, sudden last-minute discounts may flood the internet.

Conclusion: If you’re a retiree or otherwise free to fly whenever you choose, it’s possible to beat the beancounters. Timing is essential: book for late-night and mid-week flights, as well as check out special airline price-lowering promos.

It applies to other travel areas. If planning a cruise or foreign vacation, check for last-minute and air-hotel package deals. When considering travel, continuously shop around the internet or rely on a reliable travel agent to search out bargains for you.

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