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We won’t mention the airline, usually one of the most reliable, but a recent incident should be a lesson for all seniors and their families. After being wheeled to the departure gate by an airport employee, an elderly woman was shunted off to a corner and forgotten.

She not only missed her flight, but caused relatives to panic when she failed to show up at the destination airport. Fortunately, other than delays, no great harm was done. However, in similar frequent incidents, the results were much more severe, including medical emergencies and worse.

Conclusion: Those of us with fond memories of the good old days of commercial flight can still remember when trusted airport and airline employees always did their jobs right. Not so in today’s hectic, often hostile, airport world. Therefore, if relatives are scheduled to fly, whether elderly or otherwise confined to wheelchairs, be there at the gate to be certain they go aboard their flights. Another choice is to send companions with them for the entire journeys.

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