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It can happen to any naive senior traveler who ventures into the world. Misdirected flights, grungy hotels, traffic nightmares, street hustlers, ptomaine restaurants and more.

Of course, if it happens to you, it’s not funny. But when portrayed in a tragi-comic movie, it can be hilarious. Here are just a few examples you may want to enjoy again on DVDs, classic movie websites or cable TV before venturing out into that big world again.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013): Ben Stiller stars in this remake of the 1947 Danny Kaye movie. With both imaginary and real misadventures throughout the world, Mitty manages to survive and win the heroine.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday (2007): British pantomimist Rowan Atkinson tops his long TV career portraying this mentally-challenged wanderer with a feature film. He stumbles through France, causing his usual unintentional havoc, including separating a child from his father. All works out in the end, and we can happily look forward to more hilarious travel trials of Mr. Bean.

Roman Holiday (1953): An American journalist in Rome (Gregory Peck) brings an unconscious girl back to his apartment to recuperate. When he discovers she’s a European princess (Audrey Hepburn), he greedily prepares to exploit the opportunity.

He sets up a tour of all the historic sights of Rome with her, secretly recorded by his photographer buddy (Eddy Albert). They fall in love and he gallantly destroys the photos. Because of her duties, they realize they must part, and the story ends with sad farewells.


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