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When you get to the airport, you don’t have to be super wealthy or politically connected to go to the front of the check-in line. These are special lanes at airport security for people who’ve earned special TSA clearance.

Along with breezing through the line where you see the above sign, you can keep your shoes, belt and jacket on. Additionally, no suspicious eying of your laptop or purse. Best of all, you don’t have to surrender to an intrusive whole-body scanner.

You need to qualify for TSA PreCheck. It takes several weeks to complete the process, but worth the one-time $85 fee to qualify. First, you must call or go on line to make an appointment to visit one of 300 TSA airport office locations.

Before your appointment date, you’ll be told what documents and proof you’ll need to bring to prove you’re a U.S. citizen with no criminal record. Your info will be processed, and soon you’ll get a Known Traveler Number. Then, when you or your travel agent book your flights, you can breeze through the PreCheck lanes at the airport. For more info, go to www.tsa.gov/tsa-precheck

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