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Recent photos of several naked entertainment stars hacked from private Email messages are all over the news. Of course, anyone should know that there’s now no privacy anywhere on the internet.

Although they didn’t make headlines, several senior travelers have complained about exposing it all on the internet. Nude and almost nude photos they sent confidentially to friends via supposedly-secure Apple iCloud have appeared on humor and other popular online sites. Some seasoned wanderers enjoy European and Asian nude or clothing-optional spas, pools and beaches. Despite security measures, they’re vulnerable to peeping cameras, especially when innocently snoozing beachside. Along with buying candid photos of beautiful young nude women, some online publishers also pay for so-called humor photos of elderly naked bodies.

Conclusion: In this era of no privacy anywhere day or night, cameras everywhere and online devil-may-care hackers, there’s a simple solution. Don’t get caught naked when there may be snooping cameras nearby. And don’t send potentially embarrassing and hackable private photos/video over social networks or other internet sources.

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