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While visiting hotel front desks, airline waiting rooms and elsewhere in the travel industry, we asked employees that question. Except for a few hints, we’ll keep names and locations anonymous, because their harsh opinions could get them in trouble.

AFG, Chicago IL:
Some seniors are very pushy, and think they’re always entitled to board their flight first and take up all overhead spaces with loaded carry-ons. We respect them, but must do our jobs according to airline rules. When you board, don't be a royal pain. Be considerate of flight attendants and other passengers.

PL, Los Angeles CA: Some seniors are the cheapest tippers in the restaurant where I waitress. My pay these days isn’t enough to cover expenses. I depend on tips to make it from week to week. The worst senior customers show up on Fridays, when we offer earlybird specials. Some leave less than 10 percent tips, and others just leave. If we give you prompt, pleasant service, show your appreciation with tips.

RDeF, Miami FL: I drive a cab, and many passengers are seniors. I take them shopping, on doctor visits, to the airport and other destinations. What bothers me is that some make me wait while they finish dressing, have a cup of coffee or just stand and gab. For me, wasted time is wasted money. So, senior riders, please be prompt and let me do my job.

Of course, the great majority of senior travelers are considerate and pleasant. It’s just the few who create the negative stereotype. They should remember what their parents taught them: Do unto others, etc.

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