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If you’re familiar with travel4seniors.com, you know our editors are constantly on the road, in the air and at sea. In our wanderings we’ve found a recent tech trend to be very pleasing. At the same time it could disturb some senior travelers until they become accustomed to it.

An example happened when we recently checked into a familiar Manhattan hotel. Arriving at the desk, we were greeted cheerfully by name, and had already been pre-assigned to a preferred room on a favorite floor.

Entering, we found a bottle of our favorite wine on the table, as well as familiar snacks. When we called to order breakfast in the morning, we were asked if we wanted our usual choices. What’s happening could make the FBI, KGB, MI5 and NSA jealous. Throughout the travel industry, electronic info gathering and sharing builds detailed profiles of frequent travelers.

As the internet gets more sophisticated, so will info on your travel habits become more precise. Younger travelers, more comfy with the personal info explosion, expect this growing invasion of privacy, while some seniors may be a bit uncomfortable with it.

Get used to it, because whenever you cruise, fly or bed down in a hotel, the staff may know what you require and already have it there when you arrive. Then, they’ll provide everything else throughout your visit. In the not-too-distant future, be prepared for robotic non-humans performing all those services!

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