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It hits us all! You’ve survived all those slaving years with that company, retailer, unit, classroom, squadron, crew or other tough job. At the retirement party, you resisted the urge to tell them where to stuff all the cheap farewell presents.

You go home, relax, put your feet up, turn on the idiot box, watch idiotic soap operas, phony reality shows and/or grossly-overpaid thugs play ball. Ah, those happy sunset years! Then it happens. Maybe it’ll take a week or a month, but the inevitable realization suddenly slams like a door in your face.

Awakening: Is this what I’m going to do with the rest of my life? Before you panic and beg to go back to work, consider five instant suggestions on how to celebrate your new freedom with adventure:

Cruise: See the world from the comfort and luxury of an ocean liner. Many cruise lines offer deals for less than $100 a day for all-inclusive dining, entertainment, cabin, shore visits and much more. Take a spouse, partner or go single to mingle with other unattached retirees.

Fly: Visit places you’ve always wanted to see, from across your state to across the world. You can fly and then wander on your own, or sign up with a tour and get some education along with your fun.

Roadies: Jump into your car and wander the roads of the U.S., Canada and/or south to Mexico and beyond. Stop whenever and wherever you choose to view cities, forests, mountains, seashores or small towns.

Backpack: Bring back those youthful days when you traveled the world in total freedom. Explore old and new trails, spend nights under the stars or check in at a hostel and mingle with young adventurers.

Volunteer: Now that you’re enjoying a well-earned retirement, give thanks for your good luck by helping others. Join a project that restores communities damaged by floods, cleans up city parks or feeds the homeless.

Conclusion: Hey, just don’t sit there! Get up, get out and get active in your sunset years!


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