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Just the other day, an Air France flight to New York was forced back to Paris because the turbulence was so severe, it caused injuries to the pilots. Of course, the aircraft was also full of frightened passengers.

"Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy flight!" The famed line is from the 1950 movie, "All About Eve," snarled out in her typical style by the great Bette Davis. She wasn't talking about airplane flights, but more likely some flighty Hollywood love triangle. Remembering her line when your aircraft is bouncing all over the sky may give you a bit of comfort. Or not. Your travel4seniors.com editor has been on many bumpy flights, both on civilian airlines and in younger days as a crewman or hitch-a-ride passenger on all kinds of Navy aircraft. He was only air sick once, and for a good reason. The old PBY flying boat was bouncing all over the sky in heavy winter winds. Lesson learned: don't drink too much booze nor eat heavy, greasy food before flights. There are many ways to prevent, or at least try to prevent air sickness.

If you fear you may get sick when scheduled to fly, check with your doctor first. Medication can often help ease the nausea and anxiety. Another bit of advice is to eat sparingly and simply for the 24 hours before your flight, so your stomach will be more able to withstand heavy aircraft turbulence.

A drink in the airport could have a calming effect, but more than one could have exactly the opposite result. The same applies to eating before and during the trip. Go easy and light. Distractions can also be of great help in making it to your destination without being sick.

Take along materials to keep your mind busy, such as a SmartPhone loaded with programs. Or if there’s a TV on the seatback in front of you, get busy with all it can offer, so you can forget about your fear of flying.

The main ingredients of dealing with air turbulence are a positive attitude, moderation in food and drink, and something to keep your mind busy during the flight. Of course, always keep a barf bag close to you, just in case your editor may be sitting in the next seat.

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