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Sage advice from a seasoned reader who still flies at least once a month: When I started flying 40 years ago, there wasn’t much I could do to fight boredom in the airport when my flight was delayed.

I couldn’t haul my heavy MacPlus desktop along on the trip, so this frequent flyer had to pass the time doing crosswords, hang around the magazine rack, buy a paperback or watch small-screen TV in the airport bar.

Today, the the delays and waits are still as frustrating, but there are choices from scores of portable and inexpensive electronic gizmos to bring along to help pass the time. SmartPhone I always take my SmartPhone or similar hand-held device. You can get one for less than $100. While in the airport and aloft, it offers everything a desktop or laptop computer can, including current news, movies, games, phone connection with folks back home and much more.

For Long Flights I go larger tech if the trip will be cross-country or overseas. There are laptops and netbooks with larger screens for more detailed viewing. Prices range from $100 and up. They’re great for doing business homework, writing and better viewing of all the entertainment features. Their DVD slots allow for taking along feature films, documentaries and other long-playing programs.

For The Serious Reader Sometime all I want to do is huddle down and read a book for leisure or information. Ebook minicomputers keep improving in quality, and are now very competitive in price, as low as $50. Some public libraries now lend out Ebooks for free or a small fee.

Exercise Is Good For the Waiting Soul  When I don’t those devices while waiting, there are other things to do. To pass the time, I get up and do some hiking around the inside of the airport. I know I’ll soon be crammed into an airline seat for hours, so some exercise before boarding is a healthy alternative to slumping in a crowded waiting room seat, bringing on the usual pains all seniors suffer from being inactive for long periods of time.

Turn Off, Tune Out When I just want to ignore the boring airport, I bring along eye shades, an inflatable pillow and lightweight blanket. I look for a quiet place away from noise, crowded benches, earphone some soft music and sack out. Of course, I don’t get so far away and snoozing that I miss the announcement that my delayed flight has arrived and is finally ready to board.

Summary Air travel today in crowded terminals and skies seems to be getting more difficult, especially as I go further into my senior years. However, thanks to the continuing advances in electronic communications, I can fight back to make the journeys more bearable.

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