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Whenever there’s a major terrorist event, such as the recent one in Paris, air travelers can expect to encounter heavier security measures. Be prepared for it when you next arrive at the airport.

The Transportation Security Administration lists categories of objects you may or may not take on your flight. Some are totally banned, others must be in checked baggage, while others may be taken in carry-on bags.

Totally Banned: Gunpowder products, dynamite, blasting caps, fireworks, flares, plastic explosives and grenades. This applies to anything carried by adults or kids, including toys, that resemble those items. Flammables: Gasoline, matches, alcohol and other liquid products that ignite quickly. Prescription items with alcohol may be allowed if in a properly labeled container.

Pressured Containers: Mace, tear gas and pepper spray. Hygenic aerosols are permitted if properly labeled and in small plastic containers of three ounces or smaller. No oxygen tanks if the aircraft can provide the service.

Poisonous liquids: Acids, drain cleaners, peroxides, weed killers and fertilizers.

Must Be Checked As Baggage: Items that could be used as weapons, includingf large tools, knives, sports bats and sticks, archery equipment, golf clubs and pool cues.

Firearms: Passengers need proper registration of unloaded weapons, ammo and weapon display models.

Allowed In Carry-On Bags: Smaller tools with no sharp edges, single book of matches and lighters.

Because the rules constantly change, before you pack for your next flight, check the latest information with your travel agent and at www.tsa.gov

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