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Dealing with crying, kicking and screaming kids while near them in passenger seats presents several scenarios. It depends on whether the kids are yours or not.

If you’re responsible for the little trouble-maker:
1. Respect the rights of other passengers. If your child becomes unruly and annoying, calm the situation with a bottle or snack. If disruption continues, including change of diapers, ask the attendant to find a place away from passenger seating to do it.

2. If the problem continues, and if the flight isn’t full, ask to find you another seat, where disturbance to other passengers is minimal.

3. Try to schedule red-eye flights when there are fewer passengers, with more empty seats available. They depart between 11 pm and 4 am. Late night hours are when kids are used to be sleeping. Feed your child a regular evening meal before take-off, and get settled comfortably into the seat by take off. If not your child:
1. If the flight isn't full, and you’re bothered by your tiny seatmate, ask the attendant politely for a different seat.

2. Use ear plugs or sound-reducing earphones and SmartPhone to blot out noise with music, online or video.

3. Fly red-eye schedules for same reasons: aircraft less crowded and quieter.

4. Don't make loud, angry complaints. The flight attendant knows you paid for your seat and have the right to fly without having your ears blasted by crying, smelly kids. If you can, change seats with the least embarrassment to you and the harried parent.

There are ways to deal with crying kids on flights. Just keep your cool, try to be helpful and think of how nice and peaceful it will be when the plane lands in that big, crowded, noisy airport, screeching parking lot and ear-blasting city street traffic.

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