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If you’re a determined senior negotiator, you can get lower prices in any travel venture. Not just at streetside stalls in Thailand, Timbuktu, Toronto, Trenton or Turkey, but whenever you apply your best bargaining skills.

Do it on hotel rates, restaurant bills, excursions, posh retail stores, food carts and everywhere you roam. Here are tricks many savvy and successful senior travelers use:

1. Wear modest clothing. If expensively-dressed and an obvious tourist, the merchant or clerk assumes you’re rich and can afford the first sky-high price quote. While in simple outfits, you may even opt to try some sad-faced Oliver Twistish pleading to help your haggling routine.

2. When in a foreign country, be mentally armed with some of the basic language and monetary system. It can result in more respect, as well as friendly and cooperative attitude in your bargaining. 3. Be determined to get that price down. An unwavering, steely-eyed business attitude always wins the day. When you hear a price quote, you may counter with a surprised look and, “That’s much too high. OK, what’s the lowest you can go?”

4. Walk away after an unsuccessful haggle, while declaring confidently that you’ll check prices on the same products or lodgings down the street. Listen for footsteps chasing after you with a better deal.

5. Be respectful, but unwavering in your determination to get a lower price or upgrade. Even if there’s no sale, depart with a friendly word.

6. Be the first customer in the morning, because an early sale is encouraging for merchants. Conversely, be the last as the shop or desk is closing, because that final money is welcome on what could have been an unprofitable day.

7. Basic rule of getting the best price: Always shop around before you pay for any travel-related service, in person and by searching thru ever-evolving internet resources.

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