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Air travel can be very stressful, and made more so by today’s ever-increasing costs, crowds, delays, weather cancellations and security hassles. Also flipped-out unruly fellow flyers. Recent news reported in-air antics of two wealthy passengers, each causing considerable trouble during flights.

One was a spoiled Middle Eastern princess and the other an out-of-control scoin of a big hotel dynasty. Because of the severity of their threats and disturbances, both may face prison terms.

So, what can a not-too-agile senior do when this happens in the next seat or nearby during a flight? A simple rule should help you get through the ordeal.

When a nearby passenger starts shouting in anger, unless there’s actual physical danger to you, don’t argue nor attempt to pacify the person. The noise should quickly attract an attendant, who is trained to deal with the disruption.

If you believe you’ll be attacked personally, unless trapped in your seat, get up and away as quickly as possible. If you’re incapable of defending yourself due to age or other disadvantage, don’t just sit there. Loudly let the flight attendant know, as well as everyone else nearby, you fear for your safety.

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