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Your travel4seniors.com editor has looooong memories of booooring hours in the sky. Some go back decades to rides in endlessly bumpy Navy PBYs and R4Ds, and shaky commercial 707s.

Here are ways to find some degree of comfort, even in the most cramped seat. Before your flight, stay awake and active for at least eight hours. That will tell your body to sleep once you’re in your seat.

Wear very loose clothing, take off your shoes and bring along heavy socks or slippers. Eat very light, and hold off on a full meal until after arriving at your destination.

Instead of taking sleeping pills that will keep you groggy long after your flight, drink some preflight and/or inflight wine or brandy.

Of course, the best solution to a comfy flight is an upgrade to a seat that allows you to stretch out flat. If your flight isn’t full, you may do your pity-me senior citizen routine to convince the attendant to move you up for free. If you must pay extra to do it, consider it an investment in blessed slumber.

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