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Touring in a busy downtown area in a new city is enjoyable. However, it can be a problem for some seniors. As a precaution, you should always remember Fagin’s advice to his young thieves in “Oliver”:
Dear old gent passing by;
Something nice takes his eye.
Everything's clear, attack the rear;
Get in and pick a pocket or two.

The best target for city thieves is a vulnerable older person. To prevent it happening to you, the rules are just plain common sense. Don’t allow the pickpocket to pick. When touring, wear shirts and coats with front pockets that zip or button down.

For your wallet and other most valuable items, also have at least one lockable inside pocket. Today, one of the easiest targets for thieves is your SmartPhone. While you're distracted looking around, unless you have a good grip on it, someone can quickly grab it and be gone in seconds. Hold tight!

Don’t travel alone nor in unlighted areas. Stay alert, and watch when anyone approaches to you, whether youngster or adult, with obvious intention to move closer. Before it happens, just turn and get away. Finally, before visiting a city with a reputation for pickpockets, check with your travel agent about current info on the scene and how you can protect yourself.


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