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Recall Vegas of the 1970s and 1980s? That was when hotels rooms were $10 a night and buffets $1.99. There were also many other kinds of free deals.

Food and many other things can still be had for free in Las Vegas today if .... and that is a huge if. Top of the list is if you’re a whale (heavy gambler), you’ll be offered free drinks, free suites, free entertainment and, of course, free meals. And for the really greedy, free escorts.

Of course, casinos don’t do this out of kindness, but because whales gamble large. They plop down ten thousand dollars and more on a hand of blackjack or the turn of the roulette wheel. The odds of winning money are very slim, so the freebees are actually incentive to keep the whales cruising into the casinos. If you’re planning to visit Sin City, there are many ways for small fry gamblers to get free food without being a whale.

First, do your homework. Check current and future deals with your favorite hometown or online travel agency. Do a continuous search of various Las Vegas hotel internet ads for specials posted for just a day or two. Consider package deals, vacations with one price that covers flights, hotel room, some include meals, show tickets and other incentive bonuses.

Be flexible about your schedule. For example, if your hotel stay is on Sunday through Thursday nights, the price may be as low as 50% off what you'd pay on Fridays and Saturdays. Christmas, New Year and other holiday weekends are the costliest of all.

When you check in, ask the desk clerk for all current free and discount offers available there and elsewhere in the city. It's easy to find sources for free meals in Vegas. The hard part is trying not to lose all your money in the casinos, so you'll have enough left to buy food when you get home.

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