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Sometimes we at travel4seniors.com can get too serious about informing our seasoned readers about all the bad stuff that can happen to wandering seniors. Here are some lighten-up one-liners:

In spite of the latest GPS gizmo in my new car, I still get lost driving. Last time I tried to use my GPS, the voice finally yelled, “Hey, you old goat, I give up! Go to ask at the nearest gas station!”

When preparing to travel these overpriced days, seniors should lay out some your clothes and all of your money.

Consider your time is just about up when you actually look like your passport photo.

If cramped airline seats get any tighter, we’ll all be sitting cheek-to-cheek, both top and bottom.

My 80-year-old maiden aunt doesn’t fly anymore, but goes to the airport every day just to get body-searched.

You know you’re getting old when the airline revokes your mile-high club membership.

Question about new computerized cars that drive themselves: If a senior is in the front seat, will the car automatically go only at 35 MPH, and with the right turn signal flashing permanently?

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