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A recent www.dailymail.co.uk report told of a hotel guest who set up a hidden camera. After he left the room, it caught a cleaning staff member rifling through his suitcase.

This can happen to any senior traveler, and there are simple ways to fight the unwanted curiosity, or worse, actually having items stolen.

1. Protect valuables, including credit cards, SmartPhones, jewelry and cash. Put them in the lockable room safe. If preferable, ask the front desk clerk to stash your most valuable items in the hotel main safe.

2. Travel with a lockable briefcase or key-lock pocket inside your suitcase. You’ll be able to secure valuables and personal items in your room away from prying eyes or sticky fingers.

3. If you have valuable articles unprotected in the room and you’ll be away for just an hour or two, leave the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the outer door handle. The hotel staff can do the daily chores after you return.

4. Take the SmartPhone and other valuables you need during the day with you. Wear a jacket with many zippered pockets, so you can roam without worrying about pickpockets or items slipping out.

5. If you believe there’s danger that your room isn’t secure while you sleep, make sure the inside of the door is locked and latched. You may attach small electronic alarm devices that will ring out if someone touches the outside door handle.


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