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Sick Happens: What Can A Woozy Wandering Senior Do? PDF Print E-mail

If you travel often enough, by sea, air or highway, it’ll hit you sooner or later. Seasick, bad street vendor food, the flu and the usual afflictions of getting old. What can be done to combat it?

Of course, you can determine to avoid stupid eating mistakes, over-boozing and close-ups with sneezers. That makes sense, but illness may still hit at any moment during your journeys. The best advice is to, like the Scouts, be prepared.

Prior to traveling, check with your doctor and assemble a kit of meds to take with you. Of course, include your usual daily prescriptions, and add meds for colds, upset stomach, minor injury and other typical travel hazards. Take enough to last through your trip, plus an extra week’s supply.

Additionally, before you leave home, continuously check updated info from the U.S. State Department. Be prepared for health, crime, political unrest and other problems that may greet you when you arrive at your destination.

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