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Flying these days seems to be getting more stressful, and the future may not offer peacefully clear blue skies. Unfortunately, there are times when people go beyond gripes, and actually lose control. Something makes them snap during a flight, and we see examples in the news almost every day.

So, what happens when your seatmate or nearby passenger may become agitated. Here are some seasoned senior flyer advice: If you're sure there’s no potential violence, and the seatmate is someone you know, try to calm the situation. A drink served by the attendant and some soothing words can help end the problem.

If you don’t know the person and the situation has potential for violence, quietly get up and tell the nearest attendant your fears. For your own safety, request another seat, and let the crew deal with the disruption.

No matter how brave you think you are, as a senior citizen with limited strength, don’t become involved in subduing an out-of-control passenger. Get away from your seat, out of the scene and let the trained flight crew do the job.

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