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Let’s face it. For professional thieves, senior travelers make easy targets. For example, robbers operated in an upscale resort that caters to retirees.

The team did their dirty deeds at the hotel's large, crowded indoor/outdoor buffet. As guests went to fill their plates, some who left cellphones, purses and other items came back to tables and found their property gone. Fortunately, the thieves did it just one time too many and were nabbed.

When traveling, always keep eyes on your belongings. If you need to walk away, even for a moment, take them with you or have companions watch for you.

Additionally, if you're in very crowded city areas, be sure your bag is strapped and secure under your upper arm. When you take a wallet, cellphone and other valuables, keep them in an inside, buttoned pocket. While shopping in an unfamiliar city, carry only enough cash for the day. Keep the rest in your hotel room safe or front desk safe.

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