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Actually it’s a recent sneaky photo by your travel4seniors.com of a casino repairman busy at work. Security guards grabbed me a moment later. Fortunately, I was let go with a warning. So, you can take this warning.

Despite all the stories and publicity showing happy winners, your chances of winning in a casino, whether at the wheel, cards, craps table or slot machine, are just about nil. Of course, rarely a few gamblers will go home with money. But the real average is that for every dollar you gamble at a casino, the return averages about 60 to 70¢.

Therefore, when the winnings are inevitably gambled back into the games for several hours and days, the results are empty pockets. Of course, along with the gambling, casino hotels offer luxury rooms, endless buffets, free booze, popular entertainment and more glitzy temptations to get you there.

When you visit a glamorous casino, do it with the determination that you’re there to have fun, no matter what the odds stacked against you. And you’re willing to gamble away the inheritance money your ungrateful kids and grandkids are greedily anticipating.

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