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Red eye is the slang term used for flights that are scheduled between about 10 pm and 4 am. Check internet airline deals and with your online and neighborhood travel agency. You’ll find red eye flights average at least 20 percent cheaper than flying during regular business hours.

Other big advantages include: roads to the airport are much less crowded, and once you’re in the waiting room, you’ll be happily surprised that you’re almost alone. No bawling babies, yakking cell phone freaks or wall-to-wall mobs there and in crowded toilets.

Here are some suggestions for making red eye flights more comfortable, as well as easier on your wallet:

Red-eyed owl


1. Try to schedule non-stop flights. Red eye airline seats are rarely full, so chances are, even in your cheap coach seat, you’ll be able to stretch out for undisturbed four or five hours.

2. If the plane is full, try to get a window seat. Then, you won’t be awakened by a seatmate climbing over you to get to the john.

3. If you don’t want to sleep blissfully throughout the flight, bring along a CD, radio or other player with noise-cancelling earphones. If you’re really not interested in sleeping and need to work, take your laptop/DVD player with a couple of pre-selected Netflix movies.

4. Before and during your red eye flight, eat very lightly at your regular dinner and breakfast times. It’s best that you don’t drink at all, unless you absolutely feel the need for one small shot of brandy or liquor to help you sleep. Some red eye veterans believe a light snack, such as a small sandwich or salad, with tea or diet soda every couple of hours during the flight is better than eating any big meals.

5. Dress very comfortably in loose clothing, and wear a soft hat or eye mask you can pull down over your eyes when necessary. If you have slip-on shoes, they can be comfortably slipped off throughout your flight. If you’re due to do some business upon arrival at your destination, take a fresh change of clothing. Also tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving gear and other needs. Use the aircraft or terminal bathroom to tidy up before stepping out feeling fresh and ready to meet the world.

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