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Q: My husband and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary with a Caribbean cruise. It’s our first one in at least 20 years, and our kids are urging us to spend time ... and money ... in the ship’s casino. We’re retired high school math teachers, and we’ve never before been to a casino anywhere. What are our odds of winning or losing? Faye, Brooklyn NY

On my first cruise, how do I cope with a gloomy roomie? PDF Print E-mail

Q: Teachers from our school have booked a four-night spring break cruise from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas. There will be about 25 of us, and the all-inclusive price is great, about $300 each, double occupancy. All of the others are bringing spouses, but I’m one of the only two singles, and have been assigned to share a cabin with another woman. My problem is that I'm 55, she ‘s a retired teacher aged at least 80 and very conservative. This is my first cruise, so will I be trapped with this elderly lady while all the others are having fun? Should I cancel?

Taking you grandkids to Disney? Lotsa luck! PDF Print E-mail

Q: We’re planning to take our grandkids to Walt Disney World in Florida next month. It’s the first time we’ll be with them overnight, actually three days and nights, without their parents. We’re a bit concerned about doing it smoothly. The kids are boys, age 4 and 8, and girl, age 10. What do you suggest?

Senior Cruise: To Tux or Not to Tux? PDF Print E-mail

Q: Our men’s church choir group has booked a cruise for us and our spouses. Because we often wear tuxes at special church events, the director has ordered us to bring our tuxes on the cruise. The trip is srictly for pleasure, not involving any performances, and I’ve complained about it. I want to relax on my vacation, and not worry about dressing up at all. Am I right?

A: If you’ve seen actors at the Academy Awards lately, you know tuxes are fast going out of style. We suggest you talk to the other men, and if the majority says no tux, tell the director to fuggetaboutit. If you’d rather not defy the guy, offer to compromise by wearing sports jackets to major dinner and other dress-up events on the the cruise.


Get Rid of Those Layoff Blues and Enjoy a Cruise PDF Print E-mail

Q: My company gave me a birthday present when I hit age 55: a layoff notice. My spouse and I have already booked a cruise for next month, but I’m worried about getting a new job. Should I cancel the cruise?


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