Hotel room free if you agree to perform on camera

Looking for willing Romeos and Juliets

Many of our senior readers may not admit it, but can clearly remember GI nights when they got lucky and checked into hotel rooms. It could have been after a quickie wedding before going overseas, or just a one-night stand. All they had to worry about then was the house detective. Now, instead of some struggles in the dark, couples in hotel rooms can star in well-lighted video performances.

A guy who has made millions in porn products claims he’s negotiating to buy and design hotels to make the guest rooms into settings for his future movies. He says he’ll offer free rooms, booze and dinner to all couples who agree to have their bedroom antics videotaped. Then, after the movies are produced, they and millions of others will be able to watch the performance on a subscription website.

So, next time you’re in Vegas and rent one of those hotel suites with mirrors in the ceiling, you may want to look for a little camera lens peeking down at you.

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B. Pratt of Willow Grove, PA writes:
Is it worth it to get an ocean view or balcony state room on a cruise or is an inside cabin acceptable?


Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, Peru

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Flying for we grey-haired travelers is getting tougher every day. Forget the slogans. The skies United flies are no longer friendly. American Airlines isn't something special in the air any more. Delta can no longer claim they love to fly and it shows. These days, Continental won’t move its tail for you.


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