Indianapolis Int’l Airport: Roving Robot Responds

It’s on wheels and looks like a thinking bot. However, the self-propelled wheelie is actually just a live face on a TV monitor who answers questions from inquiring passengers. The Indy info expert sits in a studio somewhere in IND airport and operates a two-way sight and sound system.

Of course, some day everything will be run by real robots. They’ll actually steer ships, drive cars and fly airplanes. For veteran seniors who’ve been there and done that, there’s hope that armies of brave bots will also fight our wars. www.indianapolisairport.com

USA Today: Half Of Americans Not Taking Vacations This Year PDF Print E-mail

Whatever the reasons, ever-rising travel costs, busy work schedules or just plain lack of interest, the travel industry isn’t happy about it. As a result, with summer almost half gone, savvy senior travelers can take advantage of the situation.

Get busy with your travel agent and/or scan online travel ads daily to find the perfect vacation for you at the lowest possible cost. This includes airline promotions that offer deals for red-eye and other bargain flights. Also, check for all-inclusive deals that include air, hotel, meals, booze and other travel packages. Some of the best deals are for September travel, with kids in school and younger adults back at their jobs. Retired seniors can roam the world then at off-season bargain prices.

Princess Cruises Offers Free Booze And Soft Drinks PDF Print E-mail

Certain cruise passengers will sail with complimentary drink privileges. The line's Sip & Sail promotion gives selected travelers who book a 2019 voyage by September 5, unlimited sipping while on board.

The offer is good on six- to 56-day Princess voyages around the globe during the summer of 2019, and extending to spring 2020. However, if you book a cheap cabin on lower decks, forget about the free booze. It’s only available for those onboard in ritzy balcony cabins, mini-suites or suites, including up to four travelers in each.

Be A Pro Photographer & Bring Home Professional Memories PDF Print E-mail

Q: Our seniors church group is taking a trip to Italy, and the itinerary includes Venice, Florence and Rome. We all have cellphones that can take pictures and video. However, we’d like to shoot some quality scenes in the Vatican and other historic sites. Is it possible to hire a local professional to work with us? Mrs. PLV, Pittsburgh PA

A: You can check with the tour company or online sites that provide such services. Consider www.flytographer.com and locallens.com. It could cost several hundred dollars, but worth it if you bring home quality results you can frame and proudly display at home or local art gallery.

Hey, Casino Gambler: Consider How Inflation Affects Plans PDF Print E-mail

During your travel4seniors.com editor’s decade after retirement in the 1990s, I did Las Vegas four or five times a year. Hotel rooms were cheap or free, buffets cheap or free, entertainment cheap or free and round-trip flights cheap. That was then. This is now.

While my retirement income has gone up a total of only 10% in two decades, Las Vegas costs have increased considerably. Hotel rooms were $35, now $350. Buffets were $7, now $40. Shows were $25, now $200. Airfare to Las Vegas was $70, now $200.

Current tips, local taxes and other piled-on expenses greatly increase the already high cost of doing a Vegas vacation today. If you plan to gamble away your kids’ inheritances there, be prepared to pay a lot more. Or consider a day at a nearby Native American casino without all the inflated costs.

Digital Face Recognition To Speed Up Hotel Check-In Times PDF Print E-mail

The process is being introduced at check-in for Marriott International hotels in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The usual minutes-long process at the front desk may be cut down to a few digital seconds. It’s not only more convenient for arriving guests, it also enhances the hotel’s security and safety systems. Of course, what hotel clerk wouldn’t be thrilled to see this handsome senior traveler face checking in?


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