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We are big fans of eBay and love receiving and sending payments via PayPal. Now American Airlines accepts PayPal for your airline tickets.

Road Scholar: France From Normandy To Paris PDF Print E-mail

A wonderful way to welcome springtime traveling through some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Elegant cities and charming cities as your luxury riverboat travels down the Seine River. Guided by experts, you’ll experience everything from fine art, classic dining to blooming seasonal surroundings.

It’s Program #21265, from May 20 to 30, with prices starting at $3,295 per person. If those dates are already sold out, consider the same program scheduled for September 13 to 23, or from October 6 to 16. For complete info, go to www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/21265/the-best-of-the-seine-river-from-normandy-to-paris/dates

London GB: Save $$ When You Visit Most Popular Sites PDF Print E-mail

If your springtime London wanderings will include Big Ben, Piccadilly Square, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, on-off bus and elevator to the top of the Shard skyscraper, it could cost over $200.  You can get them all and more for $97 with a London Pass for the day. www.londonpass.com

Remember When Smoking Was Allowed On Flights? PDF Print E-mail

And the stewardesses sold the coffin nails to puffing passengers. Meanwhile, everyone else, including little kids, coughed and choked, while surrounded by the stinky clouds throughout the cabin.

What To Do If Confronted By Violence On A Cruise PDF Print E-mail

Recent news about a string of violent fights aboard a Carnival ship out of Australia is a shock. In more than 20 cruises since retirement, your travel4seniors.com editor and spouse never witnessed nor heard of this kind of behavior.

Of course, we have seen street fights and other potential dangers in port where the cruise ship docked. With the usual tight security onboard and sensible passengers, our cruises have all been peaceful and enjoyable. So, what can a senior do for self-protection if there’s a repeat of the Carnival violence?

Avoid confrontations onboard, especially at events involving drinking. If you see drunken behavior that may become violent, report it promptly to ship’s security. If a passenger is angry and gets into a physical brawl near you, don't get involved. Turn immediately and walk away for your own safety. If traveling with a group and a member is misbehaving due to drink, escort him/her to a cabin to stay until sober. And as Captain John Paul Jones said: We have not yet begun to fight!

Get Up, Get Out And Get On The Road PDF Print E-mail

As warm weather approaches, this could be the year when you’ll complete your wandering bucket list you’ve been dreaming about for decades. Put the old family car, yourself and companion into tip-top shape, load up the smartphone with all the necessary map info, as well as audio books, music and other items to make the long stretches more comfy. 

For experiencing the good old USA, consider just a few suggestions:
The Grand Canyon: Mother Nature at her most creative carving.
Mount Rushmore: Stand in awe before our greatest presidents.


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