Disney Parks Now Welcome Canine Family Members

When you next visit the world-famous fun places based on the antics of a mouse, you’ll be permitted to bring your dog to join in on the fun.

Be aware that there are extra charges for the furry guests in the parks, as well as when you stay at an on-site Disney hotel. When booking a hotel room, checking all fees, including the Pluto Welcome Kit. It contains a mat, several bowls, ID tag and other helpful items.

Venice, Italy: Behave Yourself Or It’ll Cost Molto Denaro PDF Print E-mail

This is the time of Venice Biennale, where all kinds of events will bring some of the highest tourist figures in recent times. With millions roaming the beautiful city, local officials are getting more strict about legality, cleanliness and safety.

First, there’s a new basic visitor transportation fee of about $12 per person, which rises as temperatures and summer visiting numbers rise. Also, if you leave trash, damage historical images or otherwise misbehave, it could cost you as much as $450. And if really bad, some time in a Venice hoosegow. For more info, go to www.labiennale.org/en/art/2019

Senior Roadies: Be Prepared For Unclean Gas Station Johns PDF Print E-mail

Along with ever-rising gas prices, expect less sanitary inside and outhouse restrooms in your warm weather road trips. Bring supplies enough for everyone in your car that include disposable medicated wipes and paper seat covers. Also carry bar or bottled soap, deodorant spray and an extra roll of toilet paper.

Sofitel, NYC: Spend The Night With Cher Memories PDF Print E-mail

She just turned 74, and in every loyal senior fan's aging eyesight, Cher looks as glamorous as ever. The popular Manhattan hotel at 45 West 44th Street is honoring the singer with the luxurious Cher-themed suite. Prices are from $499 per night. Also, while you’re in the neighborhood, consider attending the Cher Show. It recently opened on Broadway at the Neil Simon Theater.

Supersonic Flight: Breakfast in NYC And Lunch In London PDF Print E-mail

New supersonic aircraft are being planned that within five years, passengers aboard will fly at 3,000 miles per hour non-stop across the ocean in just 90 minutes. They can then go from lox and cream cheese on a bagel to bubble and squeak.

Check Into Bike Sharing In Busy Big City Downtowns PDF Print E-mail

If you’re in good physical shape and need to roam quickly around crowded downtown areas, seek online info about bike share. It’s more convenient and much cheaper than ever-rising charges for taxis, Uber or Lyft. Many cities already offer the bike service free or at very low cost.

They include Atlanta, Chicago, Louisville, Minneapolis, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix and Portland. When you roam foreign cities and want to bike your way around, you’ll  find many of them offer similar economic bike share programs.


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