Los Angeles Introduces reLAXing Improvements

Over the years we’re in and out of Los Angeles International Airport more than any other in the world. We don’t visit LAX because we love it, but it’s just 25 minutes (except during rush hour) from home and necessary for almost all of our air travel plans.

In recent years LAX had been looking a bit shabby, but things are changing for the better. On a flight schedule several weeks ago, we noted the lighting is brighter, the waiting rooms larger and perked up with new seating facilities. The static old signs have been replaced by video-enhanced displays that make everything more inviting. The dingy little shops are being replaced by larger, contemporary retail areas.

There’s now the impressive-looking Great Hall, the Antonio Villaraigosa Pavilion, honoring the recent mayor of Los Angeles. Inside are upscale dining and retail enclaves, as well as indoor and outdoor VIP lounges.

LAX is also improving and enlarging boarding gates and aircraft entry bridges. Many domestic and foreign aircraft arriving at the airport today are larger models that offer more extensive, two-level seating. The new facilities will allow quicker passenger departing and arriving opportunities.

We frequent flyers appreciate the ongoing improvements at LAX, and look forward to enjoying them on future travels.

Citizens & Tourists To Get Around Luxembourg City Free! PDF Print E-mail

Eat your hearts out, taxi, Lyft and Uber. The city-state officials were tired of the clogged, smoky, noisy and dangerous streets happening daily by thousands of private cars, as well as congestion caused by the pick-up and drop-off vehicles.

They needed a way to ease traffic, cut air pollution and make getting around more easily. Starting in March, the no-cost bus trips will go into effect. Hey, New York City, London, Rome and Paris. Are you listening? For more info, go to www.cnn.com/travel/article/luxembourg-free-public-transport

Winter Flying Tips To Make Your Trip Less Troubled PDF Print E-mail

For passengers, current airport experiences are often much more difficult than in previous years. One glaring example is the government shut-down that forces security employees to work without pay. As a result, more are calling in sick, causing longer check-in lines and other airport challenges.

Adding to the problems, this year’s winter weather has been particularly cold, wet and snowy, causing additional delays and cancellations. When you plan to fly, try to make your trip less hectic by following some simple rules.

First, in the 24 hours before your flight, keep in constant internet touch with your airline and airport to be aware of any current and upcoming problems that will affect schedules. If the situation worsens, postpone your trip. Or set up alternative plans and reservations that can make your schedule as smooth as possible.

Nate'n Al's: Memories Of LaLaLand’s Most Famous Deli PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor came home from service in the Korean War in 1953 and got a job at the daily Beverly Hills Citizen, owned by Will Rogers, Jr. Though my $75 a week newspaper salary was less than my Navy pay, one advantage was often rubbing shoulders with famed movie stars of the time.

I covered stories about Frank Sinatra, Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Lucille Ball, Milton Berle and others. Groucho Marx lived just a few blocks from our office and often stopped by to chat. One of the city’s places that attracted many stars was Nate 'n Al’s Deli around the corner from the newspaper building, which opened in 1945. I lunched there, often among Hollywood stars, including Doris Day and Carol Channing. I still remember dining with a shy young unknown next to me at our table named Jerry Lewis.

Today, I live only 20 minutes away and go to the deli often. There are rumors now that the 80-year-old eatery will be closing soon. So, if your California travel plans include visiting Beverly Hills, be sure to dine at Nate ’n Al’s before the deli doors and corned beef aromas may close forever.

Maldives: Snooze Night Away Dreaming Under The Ocean PDF Print E-mail

King Neptune would be jealous if he saw you living lavishly in your underwater suite at The Muraka at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Of course, you’ll be perfectly dry behind glass as you watch seals, sharks, turtles and other free-roaming sea life swim around and above your private, waterproof aquarium.

Of course, such luxury will cost just a tiny bit more than a regular on-land luxury hotel suite. However, if you have a mere $5,000 per night to spend, this unique experience offers the precious underwater memory of a lifetime. By the way, the sweet suite price listing doesn’t include taxes and tips to your private butler, waiters, cleaning staff and other hotel employees.

Security Asks: Is That A Snake In Your Pants Or….? PDF Print E-mail

Obviously a familiar girl-asks-boy joke. But it really happened recently when a passenger attempted to smuggle a small snake aboard a flight from Germany's Berlin-Schonefeld Airport to Israel. Security detected the creature, resulting in the smuggling guy being arrested and fined.


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