San Francisco CA: Voted Most Stuck-up Metropolis

At least that's the consensus of Travel + Leisure magazine's readers, who were asked to rank major U.S. metropolitan areas on their uppity attitudes.

San Francisco was voted the U.S. city that holds its nose highest into the sky, followed by New York City, Boston and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Santa Fe and Seattle were tied for fifth.

T+L says readers were asked to consider various factors, such as the city's reputation for snooty citizens, puffed-up culture and classical entertainment venues. The magazine cites San Francisco's reputation for its vast array of high-priced restaurants adds to the bragging effect.

Opinion of travel4seniors.com: We ask: What about other West Coast ego-driven towns, such as Beverly Hills, Hollywood, La Jolla and Malibu? San Francisco is one of the most delightfully beautiful, delicious and friendly cities in the world! If snobby, it has every doggone right to be!

Senior Flyer: What To Do When In-flight Fight Breaks Out PDF Print E-mail

Today’s air travel is hectic enough without crazy antics by passengers making it worse for other flyers. It seems to be in the news all the time. Recently, a woman passenger ran up and down the aisles threatening to kill everyone. Another happened when an already soused passenger got violent when the attendant refused to give him a drink.

Statistics indicate the situation is reaching shocking levels as air travel gets more and more stressful. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reports a 50% rise this year for bad in-flight actions, including verbal abuse, sudden anger and actual injury-threatening scenarios.

Phila PA: See Our Most Patriotic Relic For Free PDF Print E-mail

Even in 2018, some of the most significant relics of American history won’t cost you money to admire.  At Philadelphia's Liberty Bell Center, you’ll get close to the famous ringer, with Independence Hall just a short walk away. While there, watch the 10-minute presentation about the Bell’s history, including how the famous crack happened.

London UK: Old Is New In Hip Hotel Near Victoria Station PDF Print E-mail

Away from the busy, crowded, snooty resorts is the Artist Residence in the city’s Pimlico area. It has ten snuggly bedrooms, and the decor inside will take you back to your earlier days.

Entrance is through a striped awning, and inside the halls and rooms are full of paintings, posters and 1920s furniture. Play ping pong in the basement and also enjoy cocktails, breakfast and Sunday brunch there. Rates from $200. artistsresidencelondon.co.uk

California Wildfires Could Affect Your Holiday Travel Plans PDF Print E-mail

With continuing heavy dry winds and low humidity, extensive damage is widespread. Fires affecting many parts of Southern California are likely to last several more weeks. If you plan to drive or fly to destinations in Ventura, San Diego and Los Angeles Counties, keep a daily online watch on conditions in case you’ll be required to change or cancel your schedules.

Seniors: Get Up, Get Out And Get In On All The Fun Of World Travel PDF Print E-mail

When we hit age 65, most of us are still in good enough shape to handle all the physical requirements of post-retirement travel. We can ride the camel in Egypt, bike along Monaco’s championship trails and swim with the dolphins in Acapulco.

However, the inevitable aging process slows us down in the next decade, and in the next and so on. Therefore, while you still can do it all and have the time, book that intercontinental flight to Singapore, go aboard a luxury liner to Spain and bask on the tropical beaches of Bermuda. The old saying is you only live once. Well, if you do it right, once is enough if you’ve spent those retirement years exploring the wonderful world around you.


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