Air India Provides Female-Only Seating Rows

Opinion: It must have been inspired by recent news items about male passengers making male passes at female seatmates. Of course, we endorse the protected seating for all airlines where women may fear being groped by horny male strangers.

But, as long as there’s a female-only section, it’s only fair that there also be male-only seating. There guys will be able to relax, take off their shoes and unbuckle their belts. They’ll be free to pick their noses, rub their toes and vigorously scratch the more intimate parts of their bodies.

They’ll also be permitted to loudly discuss politics, women, sports and booze while using all the four-letter words they choose. And after dining on the airline meal, the guys won’t be restricted from belching and emitting loud noises from other areas of their bodies.

And... uh ... about the flight seating of transgenders ...

We Rented An Airbnb And It Went All Wrong! PDF Print E-mail

Q: When we arrived late at night, we found the previous family still there for one more night. We had to wait in our car for several hours until they moved out. What should we do about the inconvenience? PLJ, Morestown NJ?

A: As with hotels, restaurants and other travel bookings, sometimes you don’t get what you’ve paid for with a private rental. The fair solution is to ask for a specific discount of one night’s price. www.usatoday.com/story/travel/hotels/2019/12/29/airbnb-rental-problems-and-how-solve-them-reviews-cancellations

Long Airport Wait? Get Some Good Exercise PDF Print E-mail

Your connecting flight is late. Or your arrival was too early and family car pick-up won’t be for another hour. Or you got to the airport hours early for your outgoing flight, you’re all checked in and boarding isn’t for another 90 minutes. Or your flight was cancelled and the next one won’t  happen for two more hours. Don’t just sit there and mope.

Get some exercise before spending hours in flight jammed into your narrow cheap seat. Walk and or jog through the airport and safe open areas outside. If you have a suitcase and/or much carry stuff, use a push cart while exercising.

Think of it as resistance training. Airports usually have lockers, so if you're facing a big delay, stash your bags for a little vigorous activity. Whatever ways you keep delayed mind and body working in the airport, it will help with physical health and mental ease.

New York NY: Enjoy Rooftop Igloo At 230 Fifth Avenue PDF Print E-mail

At that location is one of the city's most enjoyable Manhattan viewing sites for sky-high dining and drinking enjoyment. During cold, snowy and rainy weather, it features 17 private igloos, each accommodating up to 12 people. There's a pre-paid reservation option for $60 per person every night, and $40 for weekend brunch.

Order Apple Pie Cider, the rooftop winter specialty of the rooftop, made with vodka, apple cider, whipped cream and cinnamon. In a salute to environmental cleanliness, it’s served in a paper coffee cup. www.230-fifth.com/reservations

Phila. PA: With Elections Soon, Be Inspired By Liberty Bell PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to Philly, spend an interesting few hours in the downtown Independence Square area. Visit the Liberty Bell, an inspiration for more than three centuries of American history.

The famed inscription, “Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof” is the basis for our ongoing democracy and freedom. Its meaning is evident as we decide this year who will be our next president.…Bernie, Donald, Micheal, Joe, Pete, Liz, Tom or whoever.

Viking River Cruises Voted Best By Readers' Choice Awards PDF Print E-mail

Since it’s first river schedules in 1997, the line sails major rivers in Europe, Russia, China, Southeast Asia and Egypt. It offers a fleet of 60 luxury river cruise ships, with added schedules and new ships on future plans.

Viking Longships cruises include staterooms and roomy suites with large private sun decks. verandas. Passengers enjoy a full-service restaurant, bar and lounge, library and sun deck. The ships feature outdoor, expansive scenery for diners on the Aquavit Terrace.

The all-inclusive cruises include outside staterooms, Wi-Fi, wine and beer with meals, shore excursions in every port and Viking’s signature Culture Curriculum program. For for more info and booking, go to www.vikingcruises.com


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