Las Vegas NV: Hotels And Parking Fees Keep Rising

Forget the phony ads hawking $49.99 a night rooms. In the slightly-less luxury hotels just off the Strip, you may see that charge at the top of your bill. However, added to it will be resort fee, parking, local taxes and a few other add-ons. Expect to pay another 40 to 50% above advertised price quotes when you check out.

Of course, charges don’t include tips to bellhops and garage attendants. A few suggestions on avoiding some of those piled-on extra costs. Leave your car at home. Airline prices are often cheaper than gassing up and daily parking fees. Many Strip hotels are within walking distance of each other. There are also cheap buses, Uber and short taxi rides, all available at your hotel front door.

London, England: Check Out Bargain Airfares From The USA PDF Print E-mail

Now that all the celebrations of the royal marriage are over, you may be thinking of visiting a quieter and more affordable UK. When making your plans, search for price deals along with new and expanding air routes.

For example, consider Primera Air, now offering Boston to London and Birmingham for $99 each way. British Airways flies non-stop economy from Nashville for similar low fares. WOW and Norwegian Air offer flights from US cities for $69 each way.

Venice, Italy: See The Beautiful City Before It’s Too Late! PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor last visited Venice several years ago. It was an unhappy surprise one afternoon when the popular St. Mark’s Square was suddenly flooded with a foot of water from a tidal surge of the Venetian Canal.

There were raised wooden platforms along one side to allow some walking, but getting around was difficult. Aqua alta days are increasing, from ten in the 1990s to 60 last year. Therefore, if Venice is on your bucket list, book a visit or you may have to come prepared with a bucket.

Longfellow may have predicted the problem in his poem about Venice:
White swan of cities slumbering in thy nest…
White phantom city, whose untrodden streets
Are rivers, and whose pavements are the shifting
Shadows of the palaces and strips of sky.

If Henry VIII Could Text, Would His Love Life Have Improved? PDF Print E-mail

As history books tell, the English king traveled throughout Europe to meet potential wives. Tho he didn’t have today’s electronics, he succeeded six times, with three ending in divorce and two by execution. If you’re a single senior and want to meet people while traveling, check the internet frequently. Look for senior singles group trips, cruises and other journeys that fit your lifestyle. With the right contacts, you’re sure to have a royally great time!

My Almost Andy Warhol-ish View Of The Hollywood Hills PDF Print E-mail

A recent Warhol photo-to-silkscreen painting sold for $37 million. Would any rich art patron pay your travel4seniors.com editor at least a couple million for this almost-abstract photo? I recently pointed my camera north on Olive Street in West Hollywood, Santa Monica Blvd, to Sunset Blvd, Hollywood Blvd and the Hollywood Hills. Next time you travel here, make it a hike challenge and stroll heavenward thru lovely LaLaLand.

Get Off Your Ass And Roam The World PDF Print E-mail

Hey, seniors, now that you have the time, enjoy all the travel wishes you dreamed about before you could break away from work and family duties. Ride the canals of Venice, sail to Hong Kong, view the Grand Canyon and stroll the streets of Paris. Don’t just sit there and wait for the fast-approaching time when your body and mind can’t hack it anymore.


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