Europe To USA Flights: No Laptops In Passenger Areas

There’s growing concern of potential terrorist explosives built into portable computers. To protect westbound flights, the Department of Homeland Security now requires that laptop-size computers must be inspected and checked with baggage.

This adds to the ban already in place for flights to the USA from airports in North Africa and the Middle East. Therefore, if you’re planning to use a computer when returning from European flights, bring along a smartphone with all the features necessary for work or play. Or if you’re really old-fashioned, a good book and/or several print magazines.

San Francisco Airport: Greet And Pet Wag Parade Animals PDF Print E-mail

Take a few pleasant moments from your busy schedule at SFO to mingle with some SPCA representatives. Most on the so-called Wag Parade will be friendly dogs, as well as a costumed pig named LiLou offering happy oinks for you. The animals roam the airport waiting areas on weekdays.

Singapore Changi Airport Goes Harry Potter For The Holidays PDF Print E-mail

One of the world’s most interesting and efficient airports adds storybook wizardry to entertain its visitors. The familiar theme brings the wonders to life, and children there from age 4 to 94 are enjoying it all. There’s Hogsmeade Village, Diagon Alley, Fantastic Beasts and lots more Potter to experience.  The theme decor  is on display from 10 am to 10 pm daily through February 2019.

Q&A: Is It OK To Take Doggy Bag Extras From My Vegas Buffet? PDF Print E-mail

Q: After my hotel buffet, I always take leftovers with me for a later casual lunch and/or late night snack. Last week, after I did it as usual, people at a nearby table said it was bad manners, and I had broken hotel rules. What’s the answer? JML, Oakland CA

A: They were right, and although not usually enforced, most Vegas hotels forbid doggy bagging. Actually, taking the leftovers as later meals is cheating the hotel out of another $25 or more you’d spend next time you'd dine there.

Save Time & Money On Holiday Flights: Carry All With You PDF Print E-mail

If you’re dragging heavy luggage into the airport, expect higher baggage fees this year on major airlines. For a family, it could add hundreds of dollars to your travel costs.

Pack light, take soft-sided carry-ons and wear jackets with many inside and outside pockets for stuffing in everything possible. Check-in areas before your flight will be crowded, and much worse after you land. Jammed in with everyone else waiting,  you’ll spend long minutes for your bags to come down the chute. Unless, of course, you have no checked bags!

Ouch! Seat-Squashed Passenger Sues British Airways PDF Print E-mail

According to The Guardian, the angry guy claims his seatmate weighed more than 300 pounds. Throughout the long flight, the unlucky passenger was so uncomfortable with overflowing blubber pressing him, he says it caused him physical injuries.

The legal charges haven’t been processed yet, but many senior flyers can sympathize with the squeezed victim. It’s a well-known fact that airlines continue to reduce passenger cheap seat areas to be able to load more paying customers aboard.

When it happens to you, there may be a solution. If nearby cheap seats aren’t filled just before take-off and aircraft doors are being closed, immediately ask the flight attendant to move you to another seat in the same section. Or smile politely and suggest a higher-class area at no extra charge.


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