Overnight Luxury Bus Between Los Angeles And San Francisco

One-way fares on Cabin start at $85, and it takes about eight night hours. That’s city center to city center, and a comparable airline trip isn’t that much quicker nor cheaper.

Although the actual in-air flight time is only about two hours, consider getting to and from the airport, parking, security check-in and tarmac delays. The total flying journey takes about the same time as the bus ride. And without the private, stretched-out sleep comfort and California dawn window views. For schedules, ticket prices and other info, go to www.ridecabin.com

Hollywood CA: Enjoy Hotel Stay With Your Best Friend PDF Print E-mail

Dogs are welcome at the Kimpton Everly Hotel, just a short stroll from Hollywood Boulevard. The pet-friendly oasis offers rooftop dining with your pet. The Klimpton tops its pro-dog attitude with an in-residence canine host to greet and socialize with guests. For rates and other info, go to www.everlyhotelhollywood.com

Hollyweed CA: New Museum Of Weed And Cannabis Cafe PDF Print E-mail

Puff, puff! It seems the nation’s Movieland is aiming to become the legal marijuana capital of the nation. Weedmaps presents its Museum of Weed. The facility offers hands-on exhibits, art, planted samples, historical artifacts, political attitudes and much more

Located at 720 North Cahuenga Boulevard, the museum is just a short stroll from the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame. For fees and other info, go to: themuseumofweed.com.

Just a short distance away, the Cannabis Café in West Hollywood is scheduled to open soon. The menu includes dishes with examples of the cannabis plant. However, state law prohibits consumption of cannabis and alcohol on the same site, so no booze is served. For info, go to patch.com/california/westhollywood/west-hollywood-approves-nations-first-cannabis-cafe

Paris, France: Viewing Fire Damaged Notre Dame Cathedral PDF Print E-mail

Q: We’ll be in Paris later in the month and want to see all the famous sites, including Notre Dame. Of course, we know about the terrible fire, but even if we can’t go in, we’d like to visit the historic church. Mrs. PLB, Boston MA

A: You can wander on sidewalks near the cathedral, but the entire structure is surrounded by tall steel fences while extensive repairs are ongoing. It’s difficult to see much from close-up. If you want selfies and photos, the best way of viewing the entire cathedral is by going over to walkways on the other side of the River Seine. Sadly, it could take years for full restoration.

Amsterdam, Holland: Marry A Local For A Day PDF Print E-mail

Realistic, but totally fake wedding ceremonies are offered to make tourists feel more in touch with the city’s people, charms and history. The program includes being escorted around town with new faux mates, to explore local waterways, food, art, entertainment, night life and interesting sites.

Costs for the mock weddings and several hours of city touring are from about $100 a person. For more detailed info, go to untouristguide.com

Be Sure To Pack Tight When You Hit The Road PDF Print E-mail

Well, maybe not quite this tight. Your travel4seniors.com editor encountered this doggone scene while hiking near Santa Monica Pier on the Pacific Ocean beach.


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