Cape Canaveral FL: Visit Space Center Launch Pads

According to a USAToday report, the Kennedy Space Center has expanded its visitor program. To allow visitors to get a more detailed understanding of the facility, NASA will give close-up views of launch pads and other areas. Most have been the sites of highly-secret operations for the past half-century.  

One tour feature is to Launch Pad 39-A, famed for the lift-off site of the six Apollo missions to the moon and other space flights. At Launch Pad 39-B, visitors will see where similar missions originated, including shuttles, Saturn and Skylab operations.

Tickets for the NASA launch pad tours are $25 for adults and $19 for children 3-11. There is also a fee of $45 for entering the Kennedy Space Center. For more information, go to kennedyspacecenter.com

New York NY: Times Square: Avoid Many December Dangers There PDF Print E-mail

During holiday season and the traditional New Year’s Eve ceremony, this city landmark is more popular for wandering tourists. However, before you put it on your itinerary during a Manhattan visit this month, consider some not so nice facts about it.

During the day, Times Square is full of money-grabbing con artists and phony costumed characters. As you walk by, they hound you for money, especially if you pause for a moment to watch their scam routines. Or worse, if you dare to point a camera or smartphone at any of them without handing out money.

At night, Times Square can be dangerous, especially for physically vulnerable seniors. While NYC police do their best to make the area safe, they can’t be everywhere. Pickpockets, phone swiping, soliciting and other street crimes abound, especially if you wander into dimly lit areas.  

As for Times Square on New Year’s Eve to watch the midnight ball drop, concerns for elderly visitors are intensified. Besides the usual petty crimes, tight crowding and actions of celebrants make it dangerous to physically challenged seniors. So, if you'll be in Times Square during the holiday season and/or during New Year’s Eve activities, watch your step, as well as wallet, pocketbook, smartphone and personal safety.

Sorry, Reindeer. Santa Claus Now Rides His Scooter PDF Print E-mail

The camera of your trave4seniors.com editor caught this scene at the right time of year for Christmas-minded senior wanderers. Actually the bearded Santa look-alike was scooting along Santa Monica Boulevard in sunny Hollywood. He didn’t run into any snowy streets on the 75º California December day.

Christmas In Las Vegas Features Exciting Seasonal Displays PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to Las Vegas this month, you'll find the hotels all gussied up for the season. Be sure to bring your camera and creative ideas to the Bellagio. The resort’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens are great to visit at any time of the year, but at holiday season it’s an experience not to be missed. And it’s free!

There’s a giant Christmas tree and colorful decorations on the permanent collection of exotic plants and trees. The theme is Majestic Holiday Magic, hosted by Santa and the lifelike image of Queen Bellisima. She rules her castle, flanked by costumed guardsmen and many friendly animal figures.

When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do: Behave Yourself! PDF Print E-mail

With the year-end holidays upon us, many seniors are planning December flights to historic cities, including the Italian capital. The Vatican, Roman museums and other local areas will offer Christmas and other celebrations.

If Rome is in your plans, be aware of tourist rules and obey them. Unless you want to pay large fines or find yourself in a Roman prigione, here are a few suggestions. Don’t fight imaginary gladiators in the Colosseum, bathe in the Trevi Fountain, jump around on the Spanish Steps nor drop in at the Vatican for a visit with the Pope.

Welcome Holiday Gift For A Wandering Senior Gourmet PDF Print E-mail

Along with worldwide contemporary dining options, the website eatwith.com offers a unique way of offering some holiday cheer. As your friend or family member travels the world, you can provide one or more gourmet dining experiences to be enjoyed where and when the roaming happen.

For example, give a gift card of value starting at $75 for a favorite café in Paris, a beachside restaurant in Honolulu, a Chinese feast in Hong Kong, a family eatery in Venice or wherever travel is scheduled on the person’s itinerary. The gift is good for one year. For more info, go to www.eatwith.com/landings/gifts


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