Royal Cribbean now sails from Baltimore

If you like to cruise and live in New York, Jersey, Philly or Washington DC, the new Royal Caribbean schedule out of Baltimore will make your cruise plans much easier.

No more expensive flights, airport parking and security hassles to Fort Lauderdale or Miami to board ships bound for the Caribbean. A relatively short drive of an hour or two from East Coast cities can get you to the dock in Baltimore, and you’ll be sailing away.

Royal Caribbean's enormous Enchantment of the Seas will be based in Baltimore for sailings year-round from the city. Cruises include five-night Bermuda and nine-night Eastern Caribbean roundtrip schedules. Later in the year, the ship will offer nine-night cruises to Canada and New England destinations and 12-night Southern Caribbean cruises.

The Bermuda cruises will feature a two-day call at Kings Wharf. The Eastern Caribbean itinerary will include calls in San Juan, Puerto Rico; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas; Samana, Dominican Republic; and Labadee, the cruise line's private beach destination on the northern coast of Haiti.

For more information on Royal Caribbean sailings out of Baltimore or other information, contact your favorite hometown or online travel agency, or go to www.royalcaribbean.com

Hong Kong Protesters Cause Airport Shutdown PDF Print E-mail

They’re mad as hell at those Commie bosses, so they disrupt one of the world’s busiest airports. Their actions will hurt many thousands of innocent travelers, but they’ll get lots of publicity. The current Hong Kong situation reminds me of childhood days in Philadelphia.

Many years ago at mid-December almost annually, city transportation workers demanded more pay. If they didn’t get it, they threatened to shut down the system during Christmas season. Of course, it didn’t affect their overpaid bosses, but they hurt city families and retailers. No buses, streetcars nor subways would be running at the busiest time of year.

Of course, all workers deserve fair pay and/or fair working conditions by their overpaid business and political bosses. But if they don’t get what they demand, is it right to deliberately hurt innocent people, such as thousands of Hong Kong airline passengers?

Need Room Now At Budget Price: Try HotelTonight.Com PDF Print E-mail

It happens often to wandering seniors. Your cruise sails tomorrow, but you’ve hit port a day early and need a place to sleep. Or you’ve arrived for your daughter’s family reunion, but all beds and sofas in the house are already full of relatives. You ponder: a hotel room will help me make it thru the night.

The answer is to go thru websites advertising last-minute hotel room availability in the area at a fair price. One is HotelTonight.com, offering choices of everything from shared hostel rooms to top-floor resort suites.

Q: Fond Atlantic City Memories, But Is It OK To Visit Now? PDF Print E-mail

All the news about rising street crime, bankruptcies and closing down of hotels and casinos in recent years have scared me away from AC. However, I recall as a kid how much fun it was in the 1940s and 50s. Steel Pier, Miss America, sunny beaches, the Boardwalk and salt water taffy. Do you think it’s ok to visit now with grandkids? RLB. Philadelphia PA

A: Despite the closing down of some casino hotels and other issues, Atlantic City is safe enough for savvy visitors. To be most secure for you and grandkids, do Boardwalk strolls and beach time during the day. Walk in well-lighted areas at night, and during day nor night, don’t wander into the residential areas beyond the Boardwalk.

Barcelona, Spain: OK To Swim Topless At City Pools & Beaches PDF Print E-mail

Hey, wandering dirty old men: If Barcelona is on your upcoming travel schedule, don’t be the last one into the pool! The city rules now allow women in local swim centers without bathing suit tops. The law also applies to the city’s beaches, which may cause even more serious eye-strain problems to older male tourist bathers.

England Goes Dark For Several Hours, But OK Now PDF Print E-mail

It could happen again on your next visit to Blighty, so be prepared. Trains suddenly stopped, homes went dark and auto traffic was dangerous with no stop and go lights.

Much of London and southern England lost power for several hours during the usual busy Friday. Later, UK Power Networks reported that the mess was "due to an issue on the national transmission.” So, senior tourist, take note in case it happens when you’re in London and any other world big city.

During your wanderings, always have a flashlight or smartphone with brightly lighted face. A small bottle of fresh water and snacks could help if the delays extend into several hours. And, especially when you’re in subways, buses, trains, stations and other crowded areas, be continuously alert to protect your belongings. The possibility of pickpockets and other crimes could happen.


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