Virgin Airlines: Lucky Flier Will Get Free Space Trip

Most frequent flier programs offer only free airline trips, hanging out in posh airport lounges and a few other goodies. Now, Virgin Airlines offers one its lucky frequent fliers a free trip into outer space.

Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic planners have been working on putting commercial flights into space for the past decade. The future seems to be getting closer, and they hope within the next few years to schedule space tours through Earth's atmosphere and beyond.

Until August 7, 2013, Virgin offers its top frequent flier the chance to upgrade to Galactic status. Whoever accumulates the most points by that date will win a free passage aboard the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo space vehicle, a $200,000 value. Some 500 eager passengers, including celebrities, have already bought tickets.

The second-place winner of the contest will get a free zero-gravity floating fun flight in a passenger jet. For more information, go to virgingalactic.com

Tombstone AZ: Be There For Gunfight At The O.K. Corral PDF Print E-mail

On October 25, 1881, a bunch of bad guys fought a gun duel with good guys in the town main street outside a horse stable and yard. The good guys included Sheriff Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. Killed or jailed were all the bad guys, called the Clanton gang.

In addition to regular gunfight reenactments and other celebrations, there are remainders of the old days, including the O.K. Corral, Boot Hill Cemetery, old saloons and other interesting sites. Tombstone, called the town too tough to die, is about an hour’s drive south of Tucson. For more info, go to TombstoneWeb.com

Senior Drivers: Be Prepared For Annual Gas Pump Robbery PDF Print E-mail

Remember the good old days when gas cost a buck a gallon? In advance of the upcoming holiday season, by early October the international cartel thieves were already setting the trap. Billionaire Saudi Arabian oil shrieks recently cried out that they can’t prevent the price of oil from going up to $100 a barrel. Oh, the humanity!

That means the already grossly inflated price of $5 a gallon of gas will go even higher in final months of the year. Just in time for your Thanksgiving drive to grandma’s and then Christmas shopping. Have pity and pay the outrageous robberies, because those heartbroken oil cartel billionaires and their U.S. stooges have crocodile tears streaming down their burkas! Or, better still, do less driving until the robbery prices go lower again.

Amsterdam Still Enjoyable, But Too Many Overactive Tourists PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4senior editor recently returned from a late summer visit to a favorite city. Beautiful Amsterdam, with its parks, classic buildings, museums, canals and shops is still there. However, senior visitors may too often find the Dutch city plagued by rowdy teens and young adults.

It can be disturbing to walk the streets at night through the noise, trash, human waste and drug parties. Some areas, such as the infamous red light district, attract many celebrating crowds of young people, and should be avoided by seniors who prefer clean sidewalks, peace and quiet.

Fortunately, in late autumn and early winter, the crowds are smaller and more mature, because the younger people are at school and work. If you go, make it from mid-October to early December. Of course, if you enjoy a walk through a winter city landscape, January and February in Amsterdam are nearly empty of tourists, and prices are at their lowest. And your camera will get you great snowy and selfie shots.

Are These Lovers Getting Their Kicks Along Route 66? PDF Print E-mail

The famous highway isn’t all country roads. In the last of it’s 2,500 miles from Chicago to the beach city of Santa Monica, it passes through busy urban streets. This scene is on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood. If the couple wants to hike to the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean, there are still about ten more miles to go.

Q: I’m A Lifelong Smoker And Have A Long Flight Scheduled PDF Print E-mail

I’m usually Ok to do without smoking with short hops of an hour or two, but now we’re planning to fly from Los Angeles to Hong Kong. It’s a 15-hour non-stop each way, my first ever, and I’m not sure how I can handle it. Any suggestions? MRL, Malibu CA

A: Remember the old days when smoking was allowed on flights? Several ideas. Ask the airline if vaping is permitted. If so, stock up some for the flights. If not,  bring candy that contains nicotine. Check the varieties and sources online. To make the flight hours pass, try a sleeping pill and/or order several wine and liquor drinks. Also, before flying, fill up your smartphone or laptop with soothing music and videos, such as Ella Fitzgerald classics, Gene Kelly dances and tuneful Elvis movies.


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