Los Angeles Introduces reLAXing Improvements

Over the years we’re in and out of Los Angeles International Airport more than any other in the world. We don’t visit LAX because we love it, but it’s just 25 minutes (except during rush hour) from home and necessary for almost all of our air travel plans.

In recent years LAX had been looking a bit shabby, but things are changing for the better. On a flight schedule several weeks ago, we noted the lighting is brighter, the waiting rooms larger and perked up with new seating facilities. The static old signs have been replaced by video-enhanced displays that make everything more inviting. The dingy little shops are being replaced by larger, contemporary retail areas.

There’s now the impressive-looking Great Hall, the Antonio Villaraigosa Pavilion, honoring the recent mayor of Los Angeles. Inside are upscale dining and retail enclaves, as well as indoor and outdoor VIP lounges.

LAX is also improving and enlarging boarding gates and aircraft entry bridges. Many domestic and foreign aircraft arriving at the airport today are larger models that offer more extensive, two-level seating. The new facilities will allow quicker passenger departing and arriving opportunities.

We frequent flyers appreciate the ongoing improvements at LAX, and look forward to enjoying them on future travels.

Glowing Online Travel Reviews: Truth Or Planted? PDF Print E-mail

Of course, some are legit opinions by actual customers who enjoyed the experiences. However, in today’s tough marketing battles, many hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise lines and other travel-related businesses create and post fake positive testimonials.

Las Vegas, where reality rarely happens, is an example of fake customer testimonials. Ongoing resort and hotel ads in many media should serve senior travelers as good examples of fake ads. Included in the exaggerations are vacation packages, hotel rooms, dining, entertainment and other features.

Rule of travel testimonials: Take it all with a grain of salt. Before you book one of the alleged fantastic offers, check with friends and relatives who have recently actually experienced the destinations.

Southwest Offers $99 Flights Between US Cities To Hawaii PDF Print E-mail

Before the pricey holiday and winter seasons happen, SW entices retired seniors and others with bargain tickets. Of course, seats are limited, and advertised prices may not include add-ons, taxes and other costs. If planning some Aloha time in the next few weeks, check with your travel agent and/or SW for best times and prices.

Scratch, scratch! Watch Out For Hotel Bedbugs! PDF Print E-mail

Awhile ago your travel4seniors.com editor woke up in a Las Vegas hotel room with the urgent need to scratch. It was bedbugs. A call to the front desk resulted in an offer to move to another room. Result: A quick shower, immediate check-out and refusal to pay for the room.

Don’t let it happen to you! When going into your hotel room, first thing to do is pull the covers off the bed and check closely for any suspicious spots, live and otherwise. If you see anything suspicious, go to the front desk, report it and check out. Preferably without paying. If bites become infected, see your doctor.

Soar As A Space Tourist If You Have The Nerve And Dough PDF Print E-mail

The Gateway Foundation hopes to create a commercial space station with passenger suites, orbiting the Earth. The California company is planning a cruise ship-style hotel floating among the stars.

The aim is to start test runs by 2025 and open for business in 2027. When space tourism happens, it will be only for the very daring and very rich. Concurrently, Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic also plans to launch sub-orbital space stations in the near future, costing $250,000 per person, per trip. Of course, it includes all meals and booze. And maybe some spectacular sightseeing. www.cnn.com/travel/article/space-hotel-designs-von-braun-station-scn

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Grabs More Tourist Money PDF Print E-mail

Will it be Double Dutch? Next time you visit this favorite foreign city of your travel4seniors.com editor, be aware. Politicians there will be taking more cash out of your travel pocket.

The charming city already has the highest hotel tax rates in Europe. And they will go higher. Of course, as in many world cities, that’s just the tip of the extra charges. So, when you see ads touting hotels for $99.99 a night, whether in the Dutch or other tourist city, that’s just the start of the real cost. With add-ons of local taxes, resort fees and other hits, consider your advertised room rate may be actually only about half of what you’ll really have to pay. www.cnn.com/travel/article/amsterdam-tourist-tax-increase


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