New York NY: Gotham Air Will Get You There!

When you drive your car or ride a taxi to and from busy JFK and Newark Airports, does the word forever apply? To go those 20 miles by road and tunnel, an hour in jammed, honking travel can seem like eternity.

Now, a Gotham Air chopper, partnered with Helicopter Flight Services, can make the trip in about six minutes. The experience also leaves you fresh to face the flight or day in New York.

As an introduction, the first flight is $99. Thereafter, fees range from $199 to $219, depending on the time of day. The service operates seven days a week, and in bad weather,  offer door to door car service. Taxi fare between airport and city, when tolls and tips are figured in, is about $60. For more info, go to prnewswire.com/news-releases/introducing-gotham-air

Animal-Loving Traveling Seniors Can Stay For Free! PDF Print E-mail

As hotel rates continue to jump from grossly overpriced to outright robbery,  many savvy seniors look for other options when they roam. There’s airbnb.com, where you can find private city and beachside homes that rent out to traveling families for $100 a night. They include several bedrooms, kitchens, pools and other comforts that would cost a family of four $600 nightly and more.

Along with Airbnb’s growing success, a similar service is now available, named TrustedHousesitters, It requires guest travelers to take care of the homeowner’s pets during their stay. There’s no charge by the homeowner, but it involves an annual, one-time membership fee. It’s $119 each for the homeowner and the visitor.  For $148, you can sign up as both homeowner and visitor.

Uber May Beat Taxi Fares At Many Major Airports PDF Print E-mail

According to SmarterTravel, the savings could be surprisingly good. For example, the average taxi fare from Heathrow to downtown London is $85 vs $39 on Uber. From Las Vegas it’s $43 vs $19, and Miami $39 vs $18. Almost makes you think of old times when rates were reasonable.

So, before you jump into a taxi when leaving home and after landing at the airport, plan ahead to contact Uber for an economic ride. And if you speak a bit of German, say billige Fahrt über alles. Despite what you may think, it actually means: Cheap taxi ride above all!

Las Vegas NV: Night Owl Noshing At The Hard Rock Hotel PDF Print E-mail

Your desert driving or late-arriving flight takes you to this rockin’ resort in the wee small hours, and you crave some eats. You’ll find a welcome sight at Mr. Lucky’s all-night eatery. Among the many delicious menu items, try the $7.77 special dinner of steak, shrimp and potatoes. Or steak and eggs for a modest $4.99. Then, with stomach satisfied, you can hit the casino tables or machines with renewed vigor as the sun rises on your lucky day.

For Creative Travel Photos, Try Composition & Juxtaposition PDF Print E-mail

On your next trip to a scenic area, whether crowded Times Square or lonely Sahara desert, get creative with your smartphone camera. Of course, when with family and friends, first take the usual selfie of everyone grinning in front of the White House, Kremlin and Eiffel Tower.

Then, to enrich your travels shoot some candid photos that show your artistic talent. Compose various elements, such as typical scenes you’ve always admired on other journeys. Capture the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, line up of boats in the Venice Canal, artists painting along the Seine River in Paris, tourists strolling the Great Wall of China.

Q&A: I’m Allergic To Dogs And Encounter Too Many In Airports PDF Print E-mail

Q: Recently I read an article on the Los Angeles Times website about the continuing increase of dogs in airports. They include traveling pets, service dogs and volunteer comfort dogs. Every time I fly these days, I’m surrounded by them, both in airports and aboard flights. My asthma gets so bad I can’t stop sneezing. What can I do about it? MMJ, Portland ME

A: Not much to change the situation. It seems increased crowding, tougher security and other contemporary airport situations encourage more presence of dogs for various reasons. The best way to address your allergy is to have a session with your family physician, and get an effective prescription to ease your allergy.

Take enough medications you can use while being confined at airports and aboard flights where dogs are present. If weather permits, spend as much airport waiting time outside in the fresh air. When your seat is being assigned, tell the online or live airline contact about your medical condition. Ask for seating, usually near the rear the plane, where there are no dogs during the flight.


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