Online Phone Travel Advisor May Be Wearing Stripes

Recent news revealed that some advice sites are staffed by prisoners. It could be as crooked as the dangers of responding to other phony sites in China, Russia and other foreign locations. Your best bet to book travel is with a live, legitimate expert in an agency near you. Also, when you decide to book online, the safest way is contact directly with the airline, hotel and other proven services. 

Imagine what happens when the jailbird agent asks you? OK, customer. Now that I’ve advised you, I need your credit card number to buy a ladder, civilian suit, 10 feet of rope and your soon-to-be emptied bank account ID.

Rio de Janeiro: Will Infamous Virus Affect Famed Carnival? PDF Print E-mail

Preparing for Carnival, to fill the city streets from February 21 to 26, more than a million visitors will celebrate the event. However, the "Marvelous City” must deal with the growing worldwide medical problem.

If your travel plans include the Brazilian event, take all personal precautions to avoid possible health issues. Be careful when mixing with crowds, take a mask and medical kit with you, and seek medical help if you begin suffering symptoms of the virus. Reuters news.trust.org/item

Q: I'm Worried! My Dad Invited Family To Tokyo Olympics PDF Print E-mail

Very wealthy, he’s also very generous, with summer trips over the years we took to England, Norway, Italy and France. We were all excited about Japan this year until the coronavirus epidemic is causing us to reconsider. What do you suggest? RLV, Houston TX

A: There is continuing bad news about the spread of the disease, especially in Asia, and unfortunately, including Japan. The problem could be solved quickly by convincing your dad to plan a family summer trip elsewhere.  Consider the Grand Canyon AZ, Honolulu HI, Malibu CA, Paris, France, Venice, Italy, or other location that hasn’t been hit with the deadly virus.   

The Summer Olympics in Tokyo are scheduled from July 24 through August 9, so you still have plenty of time to discuss all the options with grandpa. Maybe unfair to Japan, but necessary, one question could be the most important. Do you want your Tokyo-bound family, especially if it includes vulnerable children, to possibly be exposed to what could be an even worse epidemic by this summer?

RoadScholar: Stroll & Sight-See America’s Most Historic City PDF Print E-mail

Walk Philadephia’s cobblestone streets where our democracy was born, as you explore one of America’s most historic cities. Visit Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross House and much more.  Meanwhile, Billy Penn will look down on you from the top of historic City Hall.

The RoadScholor program No. 22406RJ features six days and five nights, starting at $1,299 per person, including hotel, meals, lectures and much more. Next on the schedule is from April 5 to 10, 2020. And be sure to enjoy imitating Rocky Balboa by running up the steps of the impressive Philadelphia Museum of Art, the alma mater (BFA ’51) of your travel4seniors.com editor. www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/22406/city-walks-exploring-philadelphia-s-neighborhoods

Plan National Park Visit: Buy An America The Beautiful Pass PDF Print E-mail

As winter warms into springtime, many senior travelers’ thoughts turn to those glorious destinations. Consider buying an America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Senior Pass. Visitors 62 and up can buy a lifetime pass for $80 or annual pass for $20.

The pass gives you and traveling companions lifetime entrance into more than 100 US National Parks that charge entry fees. It also provides access to more than 2,000 recreation sites managed by the federal government. The pass includes discounts on parking, camping sites, boat launching, guided tours and other park services. Buy a pass at any federal recreation site with entry fees. For more info: www.usparkpass.com

Windy Transatlantic Flight Sets Speed Record PDF Print E-mail

A British Airways plane just broke the record for the fastest-ever subsonic flight from New York to London. With the help of heavy tailwinds, it hit up to 800 mph, taking just four hours and 56 minutes to land at Heathrow Airport in London.

Some unusually strong storm winds of over 200 mph propelled the aircraft, according to meteorologists. Its top speed during the flight reached 825 mph, taking almost two hours off the scheduled time. Next time you fly, you can hope some friendly gusts will help you get there faster, or at least on time!


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