Indianapolis Int’l Airport: Roving Robot Responds

It’s on wheels and looks like a thinking bot. However, the self-propelled wheelie is actually just a live face on a TV monitor who answers questions from inquiring passengers. The Indy info expert sits in a studio somewhere in IND airport and operates a two-way sight and sound system.

Of course, some day everything will be run by real robots. They’ll actually steer ships, drive cars and fly airplanes. For veteran seniors who’ve been there and done that, there’s hope that armies of brave bots will also fight our wars. www.indianapolisairport.com

Beverly Hills CA: August Is BOLD In The Famous City PDF Print E-mail

Luxurious locations including Rodeo Drive and the Beverly Hills Hotel welcome visitors with fireworks, music, restaurants, tours and Beverly Hills Open Later Days shopping throughout the month. Your travel4seniors.com editor has fond memories as a newspaper reporter there in the 1950s. My pay was $75 a week and I often drove by mansions on Sunset Boulevard that sold for enormous prices up to $50,000. Multiply by 20 for today's prices. For BOLD August schedules and other info, go to lovebeverlyhills.com/bhopenlate

No Guys Allowed: Women-Only Island Retreat In Finland PDF Print E-mail

Ladies: Have you had enough vacations full of those loud, gross, hairy, horny creatures who insist on taking charge of everything when you travel together? Your solution can be a vacation on SuperShe Island.

It’s a cool private bit of land off the Finnish coast in the Baltic Sea. Guests enjoy spas, saunas, nude bathing/sunning and other daily health activities, as well as special dining, nature studies and other women-only happenings. For schedules, prices and other info, go to supersheisland.com

HotelTonight App Lists European Bargains For August PDF Print E-mail

With hotel prices skyrocketing during the busy summer season, most advertised deals seem too good to be true. So, before you book one of the bargains, make sure the quoted low, low prices don’t get grossly inflated with taxes, extra fees and other sneaky add-ons. Consider some of HotelTongiht listed prices: Berlin $103, Madrid $81, Paris $112 and London $130. www.hoteltonight.com

Laguna Beach CA: Art Festival And Pageant Of The Masters PDF Print E-mail

For the past 85 years, the beautiful Pacific Coast town has produced the  event that feature live reenactments of famous paintings from art history. The Pageant performs nightly through September 1 at 8:30 p.m. at the Irvine Bowl, 650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach. For info on schedules and ticket prices, visit foapom.org.

Be Aware Of Airline Add-On Fees: The Spirit Is Willing, But… PDF Print E-mail

Savvy senior fliers know airline bargain ads are full of fibs. The typical blab may offer New York to Miami for just $199.99 round trip. Wow, gee, what a bargain, and the flight costs less than $200!

Of course, when you see the bill, the actual out-of-your-pocket and in-your-face ticket charge is more likely $250. Piled on will be taxes, carry-on bag fees, preferred seating and other charges that hike the real ticket cost, as well as the airline’s income.   

According to a report by USA Today, listed are the typical passenger add-on fees per ticket by some airlines: Spirit $51, WOW Air $49, Allegiant $49, Frontier $48, Jet2.com, $43, Qantas Airways: $43, United $39, AirAsia X $33, HK Express $33 and Wizz Air $31.


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