Airline Onboard Toilet Fees?

Remember coin-operated toilets? When you had to pay a dime to use them? Some still exist around the world, according to a recent senior traveler report of encountering them in New York City, England, France, and of all places, the Vatican.

Actually, the U.S. Congress may soon vote on a bill that will make charging passengers for toilet breaks while in flight illegal. Several years ago, Ryanair considered a toilet use fee of a Euro, equal to a bit more than $1 per visit, but overwhelming public disapproval killed the plan.

Author Steven King Gives Advice On Choosing Hotel Rooms PDF Print E-mail

He travels a lot to lecture and promote his books, so King is an expert on those overnight stays in city hotels and roadside inns. For maximum peace and quiet, he recommends a room on the top floor far down the hall from the elevator.

It’s also the safest location, and especially in big city hotels, not often close to parties and convention noise. And before you fall asleep in your quiet, comfy room, lock your door. Then you'll be sure Kathy Bates won’t burst in, hit your leg with a sledgehammer and cause you “Misery”.

Titanic Liner Replica Being Constructed In China PDF Print E-mail

Of course, the new ship is never intended to make it to the ocean, because the building site is more than 700 miles away from the nearest water. It will serve as some kind of amusement park in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. That’s 850 miles from Hong Kong and 940 from Beijing. The finished project is expected to welcome its first visitors in about a year.

With this kind of tragic historic remembrance, would there be plans elsewhere to do similar disaster reproductions? There’s already a replica of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky. How about Napoleon’s Retreat From Moscow, Custer’s Last Stand, the L.A. Dodgers in the 2017 World Series and Hillary’s Presidential Campaign? For more info, go to  www.cnn.com/travel/article/china-titanic-sichuan

Senior Wanderers: Keep Passport Secure In Your Hotel Safe PDF Print E-mail

In almost all situations when in a big foreign city, once you’ve checked into your hotel, you can then start roaming the streets without your passport. Be sure to lock it and other important legal documents in your hotel room safe or at the front desk safe, and leave it there until you check out. The number one way to ruin any travel experience is to lose your passport. You don’t need it on the street, and no one will steal nor pickpocket it from the hotel safe.

Los Angeles CA: Sky-High InterContinental LA Downtown PDF Print E-mail

The tallest hotel west of the Mississippi River reaches up 1,100 feet, with 73 stories. The structure contains business, conference and retail for the first 30 stories, with guest rooms and suites from the 31st to the penthouse 70th floor.

Inside are five restaurants and Spire 73, the tallest 360-view sky bar in all of the Americas. Located at 9oo Wilshire Boulevard in the city’s financial district, rooms at the InterContinental are priced from about $220 a night. www.intercontinental.com/LosAngeles/OfficialSite

State Dept.: Stay Away From Playa del Carmen, Mexico PDF Print E-mail

Recent terror incidents and other violence has forced the banning of visits and using local transportation by U.S. employees and families to the Mexican resort town. The American Consular Agency there is closed until further notice.

If you have plans or younger relatives are considering visits during Spring Break, you’re urged to heed the warning. Other popular Mexican tourist destinations and resort cities have no current warnings against them. They include Mexico City, Cancun and Los Cabos.


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