Boutique Hotels = Smaller Rooms @ Larger Prices

The trend in hotels these days in NYC, London, Paris, Venice and other large cities is to appeal to tourists with tiny and tinier rooms. They’re promoted as all comfy and cute, but could be viewed as reminders of cramped Army troop train compartments. Or the Three Stooges sharing a boutique room.

Regular-sized hotel rooms are redesigned by cutting them into two or three smaller sleeping areas, and calling them boutique rooms. Of course, that means the hotel earns two or three times what they had been charging for the single, traditionally-sized room. 

It’s similar to what airlines do now to make more money by jamming more passengers into their formerly-comfortable seating areas. So, when you’re making reservations for big-city hotels, be sure you’re aware that when the word boutique appears, you’ll have to pay a hell of a lot more for a hell of a lot less.

Hey, Watch Out! Hollywood Boulevard Tour Bus Is Driverless! PDF Print E-mail

Maybe in the future of automation it will be a reality, but not quite yet. Your travel4seniors.com editor’s camera angle only makes it look like an empty front seat. Actually, the driver is leaning far back, and seems invisible as he takes tourists along the famous street.

Illuminus Boston: Creative Festival To Light Up The City PDF Print E-mail

If you’ll be visiting the historic city on the nights of November 2 and 3, from 6 to 11 pm, join in on Illuminus Boston. From historic downtown and in many neighborhoods, you’ll experience fantastic music, art, drama, science, history and other creative events. Admission is free, and so are the unending fun surprises. For information, go to illuminusboston.org

Airlines Offer Basic Economy Fares To Senior Bargain Seekers PDF Print E-mail

If you’re already putting together travel plans for 2019, consider flying with JetBlue and/or Alaska Airlines. Of course, the thrifty seats you buy will be a bit tight and you won’t be served a big steak in flight. However, you just may save lots of moolah on Transatlantic and other air journeys during their 2019 price promotions.

Before buying tickets on any airline, be sure to check current and upcoming online flight deals, including those specifically offered to seniors. If you have a reliable hometown travel agent, use that expert to seek out and take advantage of the best travel bargains in the air, at sea, on the beach and in the cities.

LAX Is Lax on MJ: Los Angeles Airport Now Allows Pot On Flights PDF Print E-mail

Bring your stash aboard in a carry-on bag, but understand that no one is allowed to vape or light up during the flight. However, if you’ve smoked enough before boarding, the high-flying journey will be a dreamy one.

Always be aware that while pot is legal in California, it isn’t in some other states and countries. So, if your destination airport has anti-marijuana laws, be prepared for how the restrictions will affect you after landing and/or when boarding a connecting flight.

AA Booze Price Hikes May Drive Passengers To Join Other AA PDF Print E-mail

Along with most never-ending higher pricing, American Airlines, such as checked bags, is making your time in the sky more expensive. As of the new rip-off, the already overpriced drinks aboard your AA flight will be even more costly, with beer and wine $8 and liquor $9. Hey, any senior out there remember when in-flight meals were free and beer was a buck a bottle? And on your next AA flight, even if you join Alcoholics Anonymous, don’t try to sneak a hidden bottle of cheap booze aboard!


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