Retiree Prefers Final Days In Holiday Inn To Nursing Home

Unless we’re hit by a car, catch a fatal disease or drink/eat/smoke ourselves to death at a younger age, we all must face the inevitable decision. Unable to handle daily life, we or our family decide to stash us in a nursing home.

However, in these days of never-ending inflation, a semi-private old folks room there costs an average of $7,500 a month. Just 30 years ago when my mother needed that care, it was $450 a month. Prices have gone up just a teeny bit since then. So recently, when a Texas guy hit his golden years, he priced nursing home vs Holiday Inn living he had experienced in many years of travel. 

Every senior wanderer is familiar with Holiday Inns. Costs for similar accommodations at one are $1,900 a month, plus advantages of private room and bath. When you’re a Holiday Inn resident, there’s another plus. Instead of other old people coughing and rasping in next-door rooms, the motel wall offers more interesting sounds from amorous one-nighter younger customers.

Hawaiian Airlines Offers Non-Stop Flights From Boston PDF Print E-mail

The new service takes 10 hours from Honolulu to Boston, and 11.5 for the windy return trip. So, when you book it, be sure to bring aboard your smartphone loaded with recorded sight and/or sound to while away the long hours. For more info, go to www.hawaiianairlines.com

Bare Facts About Cap d’Agde Village Resort, France PDF Print E-mail

Boasting it’s the world’s largest nudist destination, the oceanside resort offers a first-time visitors group program during the week of May 21-June 7. The popular annual event may attract up to 50,000 participants.

The Cap d'Agde naturist village includes busy night life, ethnic restaurants, posh hotels and exciting beach events. For costs and other info, go to www.capdagdefrance.co.uk

Q: Should We Book A Hotel Or Bnb In London? PDF Print E-mail

Since retirement ten years ago, we’ve visited the British capital city almost annually. We always stay in a hotel, but room prices keep going up. We just got a quote that’s more than double what we paid just a few years ago. Ideas? MLL, Plainfield NJ

A: The average one-day price for a room in a London hotel is $200. The average private home room is $75. Look into the growing availability and perks of Airbnb rentals. Check out those in center city areas within short taxi or walking distance to Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and other landmarks. Also consider those near your favorite London parks, restaurants and theaters.

Paris, France: Rich Art Lover, Wanna Take Over The Louvre? PDF Print E-mail

Do you plan to spend April in Paris? Really, really spend? The deal involves taking over the world’s largest and most famous museum. The Louvre is visited by 10.2 million people per year, and now offers solo tours that give you the entire museum to yourself for a whole day.

You and your nosy cellphone can wander alone and capture the Mona Lisa, Napoleon’s home furnishings, famous statues and everything else. Of course, the word spend means you’ll need to pay about $35,000 for the day at the museum. Do we hear any senior travelers taking the appealing offer and heading for Paris?

Beijing, China: Toilet Paper Rationing In City Parks PDF Print E-mail

Authorities are all fussy about excess use of the sheets in public toilets, so they’ve installed technical spies and restrictions. Now the rolls are viewed by electronic controls to ration the sheets per user. After a certain number are pulled, they then shut off and allow no more.

Therefore, if your travels take you to Beijing public parks, and you’re required to use the rest room, be aware that there could be no paper to spare. Of course, when traveling you should always carry your own emergency roll.


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