Amsterdam Gets Tough On Dam Unruly Young Tourists

If you’ve toured the lively Dutch city lately, you can’t help noticing that the streets and bars are jammed with students and other young people. And they're not there to admire the windmills. With it’s attractions of legal weed and love for sale, this spring and summer will feature the expected roving crowds of young adults and, especially for senior travelers, some annoying behavior.

However, if you’re there this season, you may note a bit less noise and fuss. That’s because the Amsterdam city officials have placed fines on bad behavior. And the police will be quick to apply them on the spot. For instance, public drunks pay $90, trashing the street $160 and weeweeing in the river costs $139.

Amsterdam, Holland: Be Aware Of After-Dark Dangers PDF Print E-mail

In daylight, the Dutch capital is a vibrant, friendly, safe and attractive destination. Unfortunately, after the sun sets, like too many world cities today, danger roams the streets. With its famous Red Light district and infamous legal drug culture, night time Amsterdam can be hazardous to tourists.

If your senior travel plans include being in the city after dark, take sensible steps to protect yourself from potential danger. Go with at least one physically-fit companion, preferably with a tour group. Walk on well-lighted, busy sidewalks. If you hear or see a noisy group of people, especially an organized street demonstration, get to a safe place quickly.

Disagree With Cruise Critic’s Top 10 World Destinations PDF Print E-mail

The ocean travel expert lists it’s latest favorite ports of call. They are, in order of rank, Villefranche, France; Dubrovnik, Croatia; St. Petersburg, Russia; Avignon, France; Durnstein, Austria; Wurzburg, Germany; Budapest, Hungary and Quebec City, Canada. 

Of course, all are OK to visit, but why is Cruise Critic’s #10 the only one in America, and none in Asia? Consider such great cruise destinations as Honolulu, San Francisco, New York City and Miami? And many senior cruisers would also nominate Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Rules For Survival When Flying In The Cheapest Seats PDF Print E-mail

Stuffed in between two fat guys, bring an inflatable cushion. Don’t open your laptop on the little table. The guy in front will lean back and smoosh your kneecaps! Hope seatmates recently showered, didn't smoke cigars, eat beans nor garlic. If your smartphone doesn’t soothe you during the flight, cross arms, close eyes, sit quietly and murmur ummmm a thousand times.

Hot August Temperatures Set In Around The World PDF Print E-mail

If your summer travels take you to some areas where the thermometer is currently hitting the 90s and above, be aware and take care. Of course, the worst place to be is trekking across California’s Death Valley, where thermometers are busrting at 125 degrees F.

Lisbon, Portugal, may rise to 105. Others hitting the 90s and higher include Frankfort, Germany; Athens, Greece; Barcelona, Spain; Cairo, Egypt; Dallas, Texas; Dubai, UAR;  Zurich, Switzerland, Phoenix USA and Vienna, Austria.

Q: Is It Still Worthwhile To Use Travel Agents PDF Print E-mail

During my work career, I did a lot of business travel and always used an agency. Now, as a retiree and with all the available online resources, I’m considering doing all the research and booking myself. Opinion? LJMcC, PhilaPA

A: Of course, you may be able do it yourself. However, if you still travel frequently, remember how your hometown agent helped when you were stuck in the airport because an airline booted you off a flight. Or when you arrived at a hotel and your booked room wasn’t available. Agents are involved daily with the constantly-changing realities of travel, and are available by phone or email 24-7 to help when you need them.


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