TSA Cares for air travelers who need help

The Transportation Security Administration now has a toll-free help line to get travelers through security checkpoints. For more information, call the TSA Cares toll free number at 1-855-787-2227 between 9 am and 9 pm New York time Mondays through Fridays.

Before going to the airport, travelers with physical disabilities or serious medical condition and family members going with them can now call TSA Cares to talk with representatives. TSA advises that calls be made at least three days before flights, so that if help at the airport is needed, it can be scheduled.

Questions about check-in screening and special facilities in the airport and aboard flights will be answered. Also available on the TSA Cares phone line are qualified medical expects to answer questions relating to specific disabilities.

For The Ride Of Your Life Travel Swiss Sweepstakes PDF Print E-mail

The Switzerland Tourism Board offers an exciting prize to Americans and Canadians. It features two roundtrip economy tickets from North America to Switzerland on Swiss International Air Lines. Included are seven days in Switzerland and two-first class rail tickets to travel around the Alpine nation. Go to Myswitzerland.com/bikes, agree to rules and submit a registration form. Contest ends Monday, July 1.

Emirates Official Says Windowless Airplanes In The Future PDF Print E-mail

The airline’s claim is that they will be more fuel-efficient and safe from in-air glass breakage. Also, there will be fake windows that show continuous video screening of pleasant air and ground scenery.

Your travel4seniors.com editor has reservations about it. He enjoys watching the real take-off, in-air and landing scenery. Of course, if the fuel savings bring on lower ticket prices, he’s all for the fake windows.

Could This Gathering Be A Chorus Of Singing Artichokes? PDF Print E-mail

The delicious samples of cynara cardunculus var. scolymus are all lined up like a leafy choir at the famed Los Angeles Farmers Market. Cruise the many exotic food stands, novelty shops and enjoy sit-down dining.

If visiting on a Friday, indulge in the free evening music concerts, with jazz, soul, swing, Mexican and much more. It happens on the Market's West Patio from 7 to 9 pm.

Traverse City MI: Pick The National Cherry Festival To Enjoy PDF Print E-mail

This year’s event happens from June 30 thru July 7, at the World’s Cherry Capital by Lake Michigan. Little Georgie Washington and his axe won't be there, but among the many fun activities are delicious meals featuring the brilliant red fruit, a Cherry Farmers Market, contests, music and many other cherry-featured happenings around the city.  www.everfest.com/e/national-cherry-festival-traverse-city-mi

Q: Just Retired & Ready To Roam. When Is Best Time To Travel? PDF Print E-mail

We’re thankful for the new freedom, but our pension income is very limited. We want to see the world, so how do we pay for it wisely? Mrs. LVL, Dallas TX

A: Your search for bargain travel deals won’t be difficult in this era of instant info. First, decide on general plans, including destinations and events that interest you. Then, work with a trusted travel agent and/or scan the internet daily for best packages.

Time of year and day of the week are important, because prices vary greatly. For example, a flight during busy Labor Day weekend could cost $400 round trip, but two weeks later only $100. A weekend visit to a Florida beach city hotel during Spring Break could cost $1,500 for flight, hotel and meals. The same package to the much quieter, less crowded destination may be as low as $500. Lower if you fly midweek.


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