Don't drag your golf clubs along, have a new set waiting with this new rental service

Here's a great solution to travelling with that heavy bag of clubs. This great new company will deliver a fresh new set to your hotel, no hassles. They offer service in the golf heavens of Arizona and Florida, with more locations coming in the future.

JFK Terminal Offers Luxury Lounges To Flying Pets PDF Print E-mail

As airports get more jammed and airline seats squeezed narrower, someone came up with a brilliant idea. “Hey, forget those griping humans. Let’s make travel more comfy for animals!” 

When planning to fly with your favorite pet, check with all airports on your route about pet facilities both on the ground and in the air. Then, though you may be pushed, searched and squeezed, at least you’ll know Fido or Fluffy gets the top travel treatment.

Hollywood CA: Do The Dearly Departed Tour PDF Print E-mail

Do Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Mae West, Elvis and other departed stars still haunt their old digs? If your October travels take you to Los Angeles during this ghostly time of year, get into the spirit of it all.

Book the two-hour-plus program that includes visiting spooky Hollywood and Beverly Hills homes and other locations where ghosts of the past may still linger. Make sure your camera and smartphone are live in case you are confronted by some of the ungrateful dead.

The exciting tour features sound, sight and film episodes of famous suicides, murders and other mayhem from Tinsel Town history. It also includes a visit to the eerie Dearly Departed Museum in West Hollywood. For schedules, costs and other info, go to dearlydepartedtours.com

Road Scholar: Philadelphia’s Wide World Of Art PDF Print E-mail

This exciting program includes The Philadelphia Museum Of Art, the Barnes Foundation, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Rodin Museum and much more.

The senior, small group adventure hosted by an art expert is for five days and nights, with the all-inclusive price starting at $995. The final three scheduled in 2017 are from October 15-19 (booked solid, wait list only), October 22-26 and November 9-13. Check also for 2018 schedules. Program 4B 2L SD

For more info, go to www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/20707/a-world-of-art-barnes-foundation-philadelphia-museum-pafa-rodin-and-more

All Road And Air Traffic Will Eventually Go Electric PDF Print E-mail

According to some reports, the trend has already started and will happen totally within 25 years. Of course, some of we elder wanderers won’t be around to enjoy the reduced noise and end of gasoline-caused air pollution.

But thankfully, we’ll have the extreme pleasure of knowing travelers will no longer be robbed by Middle East oil emirs and their crooked American oil company pals.

The move away from oil dependency is already happening in England, India, France, Japan. China and other nations.

Portland ME: Hey, Chris, You Ain’t Relevant No More PDF Print E-mail

If your October senior wanderings take you to the Pine Tree State, be aware of an update. Our destructive politically-correct insanity continues. We tear down statues of the formerly famous, and rewrite the past. Now, another icon gets tossed into the dustbin of history.

At school, we’re told Columbus was the first to sail the ocean blue to the New World in 1492. However, centuries later, those feathered braves and bravesses who greeted him onshore are taking over his day.

The fair Maine city of Portland has changed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. That’s not so shocking to this elderly scholar, but even today I could never pronounce nor spell that snotty word. Hey, Mainers, couldn’t you just call it Native Peoples’ Pow Wow?


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