USA Today Rates Best Food In World Airports, None in USA

Of course, the research was done thoroughly, and the listed eateries serve fine food. However, we beg to differ because not one on the list is a U.S. airport. Of course, the hurry-up atmosphere in and around most American terminals doesn’t always make for fine dining, but surely at least one should have made the top 15 list.

Here’s the USA Today world airport list in rank order: Tokyo Narita, Taiwan Taiyuan, China Hong Kong, Singapore Changi, Amsterdam Schipol, London Gatwick, Sydney Kingsford-Smith, Madrid Suarez, Germany Munich, London Heathrow, Germany Frankfurt, Toronto Pierson, Paris De Gaulle, Barcelona El Prat, Rome Da Vinci.

Ok, they’re fine places to dine, but what about San Francisco International, Baltimore-Washington International, Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles International, Long Beach CA  and Boston Logan? Check out the many xlnt restaurants at those American airports.

Hollywood CA: Stagger Through The Museum of Death PDF Print E-mail

It’s right on the busy tourist path of Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame. If you like such gruesome subjects, it features morgue photos and videos of famous dead people and infamous crime scenes.

When visiting, enjoy the exhibits, but except for special promotions, selfies nor other photos are permitted in the museum. Admission is $17, and for info on special events, visiting hours and other data, go to www.museumofdeath.net

Get Easy Access Electronic National Park Passes PDF Print E-mail

Hopefully, the government shutdown mess has passed. This season’s visits to America’s wonderlands should be trouble free. And even more accessible for tourists to get in electronically.

When you’ve made your plans, buy a pass online for $35, print it out and store it on your smartphone. At your arrival, Rangers will scan the pass and you’re on your way into the park. For detailed instructions and other info, go to YourPassNow.com

San Francisco CA: Enjoy Annual Chinese New Year Parade PDF Print E-mail

It all happens in the city’s venerable Chinatown on the evening of Wednesday, February 23. Featured will be the enormous golden dragon, Gum Lund, guided inside by nearly 200 parade participants. Get there early and see it free or buy $35 special close-up viewing seats.

The city’s many famed Chinese restaurants will have special fares for the celebration. And because this is the Year of the Pig, expect great dishes featuring pork, bacon and ham. For more info, go to chineseparade.com

Denver CO: Friendly CATS At The Airport Are Dogs PDF Print E-mail

Confusing? The letters actually mean Canine Airport Therapy Squad, and include friendly dogs that greet and snuggle with passengers in the busy waiting areas. Volunteers bring their well-trained dogs, including all from noble breeds to mutts, daily to help make the experience more comfortable. Rumors are that sometimes you’ll find a friendly cat among the canine therapists.

Fooled By Phony Airport Wall Socket Stickers? PDF Print E-mail

Some nasty jokesters paste realistic-looking paper stickers of fake power outlets near waiting areas at airports. Then they giggle and grin nearby as people try to plug in their chargers before boarding flights. The sticker photos are so realistic, there’s often a never-ending line of passengers waiting their turn to be fooled.

If it happens to you, look around for a grinning creep nearby. Don’t do what you’d prefer to with your plug, but do flash an electric grimace and a few choice cuss words at him.


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