Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Adds More Tourist Taxes

This year visitors to the popular Dutch capital must pay added moolah to stay in city hotels, Airbnb rentals and on camp grounds there. They’ll shell out about  $4 a night, added to an existing 7% tax.

The extra charges are happening in other world tourist-popular cities this year. On July 1, visitors to Venice, Italy, will also pay more, about $11 a night. Overnight visitors already pay a tourist tax. Entire countries have adopted extra charges as well. A year ago, Japan started applying a $10 "sayonara" tax to leave the country. It may increase dramatically during summer when the 2020 Olympics bring in many more thousands of tourists to Tokyo.

Canada-U.S. Border Closed For Non-Essential Travel PDF Print E-mail

President Trump: "We will be, by mutual consent, temporarily closing our northern border with Canada to non-essential traffic. Normal business will not be affected. Details to follow!”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau"I just spoke to President Trump again this morning and we have agreed that both Canada and the United States will temporarily restrict all non-essential travel across the Canada-U.S. border. Travelers won't be permitted to cross the border for recreation and tourism, but essential travel won't stop.”

“Our governments recognize that it is critical we preserve supply chains between both countries," Trudeau said. “They include the passage of food, fuel and medicines to reach people in both countries. Trucking won't be affected” It is reported that Justin’s wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, has coronavirus.

Coronavirus Is Serious Threat To U.S. Homeless People PDF Print E-mail

If you’re planning a journey to a large city, first consider the personal and medical dangers. One immediate concern is the spreading coronavirus disease. Exposed in many large cities are thousands of homeless people, living in cars, tents and on the sidewalks. Every day, newly-arrived poor bring with them new infections, ongoing illnesses and other contagious conditions.

For your own health concerns, don’t give them money nor otherwise physically touch them. Most effectively, if you want to help, make contributions to the Red Cross, Salvation Army or other legitimate organizations that offer daily aid to city street people.

California Coronavirus Closings Typical Of Many States PDF Print E-mail

The government shuttered all 5,000 bars and restaurants, affecting nearly $3 billion in business in the state. Some eateries and stores stay open, but only for small groups and to provide take-out business.

Seniors and others with chronic illnesses and weakened health conditions are urged to stay home. They will be provided with meals, medication and other needs by delivery. Younger relatives and friends should limit visits to seniors, including those in hospitals and senior residences. Wherever you are in the U.S., try to confine your contact with grandpa to smartphone and/ or internet.

Brave Wanderer, Check Out Desperate Travel Bargains PDF Print E-mail

To fight against the financial losses caused by the international scare due to coronavirus, many travel-related businesses are making drastic price cuts. First, because of lots of flights taking to the sky with empty seats, airlines are offering prices such as $99 each way from New York Kennedy to London Heathrow.

Also between Australia’s Melbourne and Los Angeles round  trip with United Airlines from $772 per person. Check out a bargain $118 a night at the four-star Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, 31% below the usual price. If you’re brave enough to take that vacation or business journey at bargain rates in this time of mass hysteria, go for it! www.wsj.com/articles/hotels-turn-to-layoffs-room-rate-cuts-as-business-staggers

Cruise Lines Cancel Sailings To And From U.S. Ports PDF Print E-mail

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Celebrity have halted all cruises to and from U.S. ports for 30 days. Viking and Princess and Disney announced similar suspensions last week.

For more info, individual cancellations and refunds, contact the cruise line website and/or your travel agent.


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