Royal Caribbean: Join Volunteer Hikes At Sea

RCL offers passengers opportunities to contribute to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The organization sends kids with life-threatening medical conditions on free trips to Disneyland and other wonderfully wishful destinations.

On a day during many RCL cruises, volunteers can take An International Walk for Wishes. Participants pay $10 and up to hike around the ship's exercise deck for a specified period of time. It earns them a logo t-shirt and warm personal pride. Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines offer a variety of incentives to encourage passengers to contribute to worthy charities.

For more volunteer info, check with your cruise line or go to www.usatoday.com/experience/cruise/best-of-cruising/best-of-cruise-line-charities/13357099. For info about Make-A-Wish, go to www.wish.org

Road Scholar Remembrance Voyage Aboard Queen Mary 2 PDF Print E-mail

After four bloody years, the so-called Great War was concluded a century ago this year. It was called the war to end all wars, but in less than 20 years an even more devastating WW2 erupted. And with no lessons learned since then, the bloody world history continues.

The 2018 cruise and program are scheduled from August 2 through 17, and prices start at $5,295 per person.  Passengers spend the first night at the New York Marriott Downtown and gather there for the Welcome Dinner and orientation.

The cruise program includes many historic WW1 lectures and other presentations while crossing the Atlantic aboard the majestic QE2. They’re followed by on-site visits and experiences in England and France. Program No. 21430RJ. For more info, go to www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/21430/centenary-of-world-war-i-a-voyage-of-remembrance-on-queen-mary-2/itinerary

Denver Airport Adds Cat To Traveler Dog Therapy Crew PDF Print E-mail

It’s about time. While friendly dogs are doing great in soothing the nerves of anxious airport passengers, purring cats can also serve in the same capacity. The first feline joins Denver’s CATS: Canine Airport Therapy Squad.

Brown with black tiger stripes and white muzzle is Xeli, pronounced zellee. The soothing cat is available for stroking, hugging and sharing selfies with passengers and families of all ages.

Washington DC: Museum Of The Bible Goes Beyond Scriptures PDF Print E-mail

In addition to the expected exhibits featuring stories from the Holy Book, there are many other interesting sights and artwork. For example, a full-size replica of the Liberty Bell, glass-enclosed spaces with views of the U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument and other familiar city landmarks.

There’s also a glass-covered outdoor garden that displays living plant species mentioned in the Bible. Nearby is an interesting replica of an ancient Hebrew village from the time of Jesus, complete with the Christmas manger scene from Nazareth at the center.

Inside is a variety of modern theater stages, all with the latest in electronic presentations, from realistic projections to enormous TV screens that display Old and New Testament dramas. Admission is free, but expect to be asked for donations of $15 per adult and $10 per child. The address is 400 4th Street SW., near the National Mall. www.museumofthebible.org

Times Square NYC: How Do I Deal With Costumed Characters? PDF Print E-mail

Q: I recently took my two grandkids to Manhattan for a day at the theater. Everything went OK until we walked through Times Square. When the kids went over to the costumed characters to shoot some selfies, they heard nasty cursing and loud demands for money. I quickly pulled the kids away without paying anything. Was I right? AAL, Scranton PA

A: Of course, if you were offended by the language in front of the kids, you were right to leave. That scene happens often because all of the characters expect to be paid for posing for photos. Now that kids of all ages use smartphones frequently, on crowded days among the costumed characters many snap and leave without paying.

Humor? Don’t Mix Up Words When World Wandering PDF Print E-mail

In your travels this year, be sure to use proper and polite language when visiting world destinations. Be aware that people are always sensitive and quick to anger against blabby American tourists.

For example:
San Diego: During WW2, we Navy guys called it Dago. A no, no word today.
New York: Don’t call the ladies of the evening there Broadway broads.
London: While you dally, pick a dilly at the famed city square.
Rome: Learn to dance the latest Spanish Steps there.
Las Vegas: You’d be perfectly correct in calling it Lost Wages.
Paris: Altho Parisian girls are lovely, it’s not called the Eyeful Tower.
Jerusalem: You won’t find Noah’s big fish at the Whaling Wall.
Hollywood: Do not remove your clothing when doing the Sunset Strip.
South Korea: All the restaurants there serve Seoul food.
Thailand: Don’t even think of making lewd jokes about Bangkok.


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