Uber Announces Intro Of Driverless Transportation

Didn’t we see the prototype of a brainless cabbie in the 1976 Robert De Niro movie, Taxi Driver? Uber recently announced it’s experimenting with a Ford Fusion Hybrid driverless car in Pittsburgh.

The ride-sharing, cabbie-shunning company that would have driven Travis Bickle even more insane is encouraged. Its prototype car is operating successfully on mean city streets. Of course, unlike Bickle’s troubled brain, the driverless car is equipped with sensors, radar, laser scanners and high-resolution cameras.

However, don’t expect to ride-share a Uber car very soon. The company says it’s still experimenting. The driverless car operating in current testing actually has an alert human guy by the wheel ready to take over just in case. Stay tuned for further developments.

Like The Wicked Witch: Airline Johns Are Shrinking PDF Print E-mail

When you’re aboard a newer jet on your next long flight and need the bathroom, you may be in for a surprise squeeze. Especially if you’re a bit taller and/or a tad overweight. Going in and attempting to close the door behind you will take some gyrations.

The cramped closet is the airline’s saving space in the little compartment so it will have more room outside the door for added passenger seats. Of course, that means stashing more bodies to squeeze in more airline money.

Venice, Italy: Hey, Tired Tourist, Keep Your Butt Moving! PDF Print E-mail

Already grossly expensive, the city’s officials have come up with another idea for fleecing visitors. No matter how elderly and exhausted you may be, know that illegal sitting in some restricted historic sites could cost you a hefty $500 fine.

Your travel4seniors.com editor has visited Venice several times over the past decades. It’s still a charming and beautiful destination today, but as with other popular tourist attractions, prices have skyrocketed. Cost of dining, hotels, gondola rides, walking tours and other features are much more expensive.

Actually, for many reasons, October and November are the best times to visit Venice. The weather is cooler, noisy summer crowds at San Marco Square and the Bridge of Sighs have gone back to work and school. Food, gondola, hotel and tour prices are down to almost reasonable. For current info, go to www.italyguides.it

New York NY: New Museum Of Illusions Welcomes Visitors PDF Print E-mail

If you think the strange politics in Washington are not disillusioning enough, plan a visit to see even more crazy happenings in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. Located at 77 8th Avenue, the museum offers 70+ exhibits. They include science, mathematics, biology, optical tricks, psychology and other fun activities. Great for kids age 5 to 95, for ticket prices and other info, go to www.museumofillusions.com

How To Fight Latest Round Of Gas Pump Robbery PDF Print E-mail

They did it back in the 70s to start the roaring inflation that painfully continues today. Now the Middle East bedsheet bandits, international oil cartels and your unfriendly neighborhood gas station owners are doing it to you again.

Despite the reality that wells in the US and around the world are pumping more oil than ever before, the crooked cartels are once again pumping up the prices. While you’re forced to pay $5 a gallon for a product that should cost less than half of that inflated thievery, there are ways to fight back. 

If just a short distance from home, use public transport, hike and bike to the local store. Get together and share car journeys with neighbors. Make your next car all or part electric. Check GasBuddy and other daily websites on where to find cheapest prices locally and at travel destinations.

When gassing up, let the station owner know your anger and determination to fight back. Also, with the next election time approaching, tell current political candidates to address the international thievery. Their priority should be to know that grossly inflated gas prices are one of the most important issues hurting our economy.

Airlines Attempt To Squeeze Cabin Seats Even Tighter PDF Print E-mail

More jammed in butts bring added bucks, so the plans go on and on, while passengers get less and less space. The FAA is being urged by consumer organizations to set fair regulations for seating, especially in the economy section. Obviously, too many airlines today are more interested in profits than providing safe, comfortable journeys. On your next flight in the cheap seats, be prepared for more squeezing and less breathing.


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