Visitor’s Guide To North Korea Published

A French travel guru just issued info on how to enjoy a trip to one of the most dangerous destinations in the world. Your travel4seniors.com editor can attest to the reputation from experiences in the early 1950s as a member of a reactivated U.S. Navy Carrier Air Group during the Korean War.

They lethally hated Americans then and still do, as tragically proved recently when they imprisoned and tortured young student Otto Warmbier to death. Other jailed American travelers have suffered similar brutal treatment. Yet some, such as that clueless, bejeweled retired basketball pro, still go to North Korea despite U.S. State Department warnings to stay away.

Here’s a suggestion for seniors who insist on traveling to North Korea. When getting off your flight there, just turn around and kiss your butt goodbye.

Uruguay Warns Its Citizens Of Dangers Of Travel In The US PDF Print E-mail

According to the official notice from President Tabare Vazquez, the recent mass murders makes visiting the North American country very hazardous. The warning names Detroit, Baltimore and Albuquerque among the 20 most dangerous cities in the world.

The warning adds "in the face of growing violence, mostly for hate crimes, including racism and discrimination, which cost the lives of more than 250 people in the first seven months of this year.”

Philly PA: Reading Terminal Market Fantastic Fall Foods PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor grew up in the historic city. I fondly recall visits to the downtown train station market and enjoying its great food stalls, restaurants and more. One annual fall attraction for more than 125 years has been the freshly harvested foods brought in from nearby Pennsylvania Dutch farms.

If your autumn wanderings take you to downtown Philly, be sure to allow a delicious hour or two for the Reading Terminal Market. And don’t miss fasnachts, shoe-fly pie, schnitzel un knepp and spaetzle. readingterminalmarket.org

Always Ask: Is There A Senior Discount Off That Price? PDF Print E-mail

During your travels, as well as in your home town, seek out age-related deals. When arriving at a hotel, cruise ship, restaurant or any other place where you need to shell out money, seek senior savings.

No matter the original price quote, when checking in, always pop that important question. Your travel4seniors.com editor has often happily received positive answers to the question. Just recently in a Las Vegas hotel, because I asked at the check-in desk, we were upgraded from basic little room to a large suite at no extra cost.

It had two expansive rooms, with private spa pool, hot tub, balcony and fantastic views of the city and surrounding mountains. Las year, we had a similar upgrade suite experience on a cruise ship. And don’t forget, when it happens, always tip the kindly, senior-sensitive desk clerk.

Amsterdam Tries For Less Misbehaving Tourist Mess PDF Print E-mail

Of course, the Dutch capital’s hotels, restaurants, retail stores and hookers will continue to grab as much moolah as they can from visitors. However, the city fathers are trying to reduce crime, heavy traffic, wandering druggies, littered streets and noise.

They want to return the iconic city to its past genteel reputation. There will be more police on duty, added electronic camera locations and other updated security measures. So, if an Amsterdam visit is in your plans, behave yourself while there, and expect to be able to wander the day and night cleaner streets in total safety.

USA Today Says San Francisco Is The Safest City In The USA? PDF Print E-mail

Hey, have any of you USA Today newsies ever actually spent a day and/or night walking the streets there recently? The City by the Bay may not be quite as dangerous as Chicago, Oakland, Baltimore or New York.

However, with one of the nation’s highest homeless populations, it isn’t as safe for visitors as Lancaster PA, Bismarck ND nor Tucson AZ. Wandering these days along Lombard, Market, Castro and other iconic San Francisco streets is not only dangerous, but also very repulsive.

Many of the growing thousands of homeless live in makeshift tents, doorways, parks or out on the sidewalks. Some are mentally ill and/or drug addicts. Their ravings, trash, begging, unwashed bodies and human waste make walking in the areas extremely unpleasant.   

Recently, San Francisco police had eased the problems with the use of digital security efforts to get to crime scenes more quickly. However, it was stopped by city politicians as abuse of human rights. Of course, they didn’t consider the ever-increasing violence and abuse against tourists by growing thousands of homeless street people.


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