UA Flight Attendant Grounded After 63 Years

No more coffee nor tea from this retiree, now that he’s 83! Ron Akana has finally hung up his United Airlines uniform for good. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser in his native state of Hawaii claims he holds the world record for long service as a flight attendant. 

Ron first got his United job in 1949 after he saw a newspaper want ad for an airline flight steward. He said he applied without knowing what that title meant back then. However, his excellent record over more than six decades proves he found out quickly, and proved to be one of the best ever in the air.

Chicago IL: Frank Sinatra Sang About The Great Town PDF Print E-mail

The lyrics sum up what admiring visitors love about the city. The 1964 musical movie starred the Rat Pack, called Robin and the Seven Hoods, sort of a modernized version of Robin Hood.

Each time I leave, Chicago is tuggin' my sleeve.
Chicago is the Wrigley Building;
Chicago is the Union Stockyard;
Chicago is one town that won't let you down:
It's my kind of town!

No matter what the shady reputation these days, senior visitors love Chicago. See the city with the Hop on Hop Off bus. Stroll Navy Pier Amusement Park. Ride a boat on Lake Michigan. Do some great shopping and fine dining along the Loop’s Magnificent Mile.

Joining the restaurant crawl in Lincoln Park on June 13. A ticket to Cravings on Clark gets you samples from 20 Chicago restaurants and discounts at shops on Clark Street and Diversey Parkway, beginning at HopCat.

Four Easy Riders On Two Cycles Get Ready To Rumble PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com caught this scene with my daily roaming camera. After a munchy snack shop stop, it’s time for the riders to hit the famed Highway 66 as it winds thru West Hollywood, California, on it’s way to the Pacific Ocean beaches just a dozen miles away.

Gotta Love Those Las Vegas All You Can Eat Buffets! PDF Print E-mail

Q: Choices are many and my spouse and I consider them Sin City’s most sinfully great attractions. So, is it OK to doggy bag our leftovers to snack later in our room, the casino and hotel pool? HLMcJ, Sacramento CA

A: Doggy bagging is a no-no at Vegas buffets. However, if you’re sneaky enough and have a handy bag you can quickly stash into a pocket or purse, go for it. Just don’t tell them we said you could. Actually, consider how buffet prices have skyrocketed in recent years. When we visited Vegas way, way back around 1999, average breakfast and lunch each were $5, and dinner $10. Now they’re $25, $45 and higher. So, enjoy your doggy bagging!

Disneyland Private Photoshoot: Get In Early & Snap Like A Pro PDF Print E-mail

Shell out $1,700 to buy a private photo shoot on site in Toontown or Cars Land. You can share the price when you bring seven other other snappers, and you'll get into the park an hour before opening. Your tour will include a pro photogger to show how to do it right. If Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and/or Pluto are there, you gotta pay extra to foto them.

OK, so you don’t wanna pay so much to foto Disney characters? Just haul your camera or smartphone to Hollywood Boulevard or New York’s Time Square. There will be many (illegally) costumed as Mickey and pals. You can shoot them for free, but it would be nice to offer a buck or two for the privilege.

Smoking On SW Flight Is The Way To Get To San Jose PDF Print E-mail

A Southwest Airlines jet from LA to San Francisco made an emergency landing in San Jose. A passenger was caught smoking in a john, causing the immediate order to land the flight. The offender was met by local police and hauled away to face charges.

Of course, all the other passengers had to scramble around the airport looking to complete their interrupted journeys. Let’s hope the nicotine addict was appropriately punished, and SW paid mucho dinero to the the passengers who suffered the delay that day in San Jose.


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