Nagasaki, Japan: New Hotel Totally Run By Robots

The non-human hotel staff future is here!  The world’s first automated, robot-run hotel replaces human workers with sexy-looking plastic lady receptionists. A talking fake dinosaur greets incoming guests in many languages and provides other info.

At the Henn-na (Strange) Hotel, guests check in, check out, get rooms cleaned and luggage lugged by a fleet of efficient robots. They don’t need keys, and feel secure as they are given room and other services by their facial ID recognition.

The hotel is entirely powered by solar energy, including lighting and air-conditioning. Conveniently, the property is part of the Dutch theme park, Huis Ten Bosch, in the Sasebo area of Nagasaki. So far, there have been no announced plans for introducing inflatable maids.

Amsterdam Is Best Foreign City For English Speakers PDF Print E-mail

This is where you plan your next overseas venture to where you don’t need to struggle about making yourself understood. The English Proficiency Index names 20 cities around the world where English is a strong second language, and Amsterdam tops the list.

As many senior travelers have already discovered, the largest and most modern capital city in the Netherlands welcomes visitors. It offers beautiful parks, historic buildings, museums, sightseeing canal voyages, windmills, great food, special events and many other attractions. And if your visit happens during the holidays, be sure to enjoy Sinter Klaas appearances.

Holiday Present For Your Fave Traveling Bookworm PDF Print E-mail

Including the newest smartphones, there are many electronic ways to take well-stocked miniature reading devices on flights and other journeys. One is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite ($130), and it can be loaded for visually endless independent reading. Get one for your favorite pal or relative, as well as another for yourself. And if you and your electronic reader are caught in a rainstorm, heavy snowfall or hotel bathtub, the little wonder is waterproof.

Delta Raises Price Of Airline Booze By A Buck PDF Print E-mail

Not that nickel-and-dime increases in all areas of the flight biz is anything new. However, for frugal senior flyers, this latest of the never-ending airline cost jumps to about $10 a drink can be avoided. The easiest way to do it is no booze in flight.

Also, when allowed by airline check-in, bring a small bottle of beer, wine or other spirits on your flight. Unless you’re a heavy drinker, you’ll save $10 or $20. That money could be invested in a good meal when you get to your destination.

Las Vegas NV: New Super Store Biggest Seller Of Marijuana PDF Print E-mail

Sin City now can boast it lives up to its nefarious name. An enormous new pot sales and cultivation location now can get brains and lungs of Vegas visitors high enough to gamble away family fortunes while feeling no pain.

It’s a retail outlet called Planet 13 located in the suburb of Paradise, and the 40,000 square foot complex is open 24 hours daily. Along with displays of many varieties of marijuana products, some grown on the property, Planet 13 offers many varieties of art, history and regular entertainment. For more info, go to www.planet13holdings.com

Santa Barbara CA: Courthouse Rooftop Tour Offers Vistas PDF Print E-mail

If you roamings include the beautiful California coastal city, be sure to bask in 360º views of the city, sunny beaches and surrounding ocean. When you take the rooftop tour, you’ll be hosted by local volunteers who offer historical, architectural and other current information. While up there day or night, you may also witness one of the frequent weddings, anniversary celebrations or colorful holiday events.


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