What’s Your Senior Bucket List If Doomsday Looms?

Famed physicist Stephen Hawking recently predicted what he calls Starmus. He says that not just Earth, but the entire universe will some day totally self-destruct. And it could happen at any time ...a big bang... followed by nothingness.

With that sad fate in mind, we asked some of our most active senior travelers to choose how they’d spend that final moment. Some responses may amaze and/or amuse you:

Q: I’m Afraid Of Being Kidnapped While Traveling Abroad PDF Print E-mail

The recent grabbing of an American tourist in Uganda could affect my future plans. I know they got her out safely, but rumors are that it cost a lot of ransom money. What do you suggest to avoid such things? Mrs. EVR, Wildwood NJ

A: Of course, these kidnappings are very isolated incidents. However, there are some basics that could help you keep safe. If your days of youthful wanderings are long past, apply the old saying that there’s safety in numbers. Travel with a group. Also, if you go alone, keep up on the news. Stay away from areas with violent political, economic and other troubles.

Los Angeles CA: The Grove Features Real And Metal Kids PDF Print E-mail

A favorite of tourists and locals, The Grove daily provides farm fresh foods, restaurants, entertainment events and much more. Started in 1934 as the Los Angeles Farmers Market, it offers these young visitors statuesque friends to enjoy.

USA Today & GasBuddy: When To Pump The Cheapest Gas PDF Print E-mail

First of all, there ain’t no such thing as cheap gas. Ask the oil-rich Saudis, their crooked American oil company pals and your unfriendly neighborhood gas station owner. They greedily started hiking prices in the 70s, and the never-ending inflation is still destroying our economy.

Before filling up, check advice about when and where to find the lowest-priced gas at the stations. Maybe if you do it right, you’ll save a few bucks. However, as long as the phony inflation continues, you’ll be paying way more than it should be. And, of course, plan the ultimate way to fight the greedy oil thieves. Make your next car electric or hybrid. www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/04/09/gas-prices-gasbuddy-best-day-to-fill-up

American Follows Southwest In Cancelling 737 Flights PDF Print E-mail

Be aware of schedule disruptions. If you’re booked to fly aboard those two airlines over the next months, be sure to keep in hour-by-hour contact with your travel agent and those airlines.

With research continuing with the Boeing 737 because of two devastating crashes, hundreds of the aircraft will be out of service until safety solutions are established. For more info, go to www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/2019/04/07/american-airlines-cancel-90-daily-flights-into-june-boeing-737-max-8-grounding

Senior Tourist Confused About Helping Handicapped Travelers PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m 66, newly retired and blessed with good health. On a recent cruise, there were some very elderly people aboard in wheelchairs. When I asked to assist several around the ship, they got very angry with me. What are the rules when you try to show simple kindness? Mrs. PJL, Denver CO

A: Understand that many handicapped people insist on being as independent as possible. Right or wrong, some resent offers of help as demeaning. Of course, it’s very kind of you to offer, and you should keep doing it. However, be prepared for rejection, and then back politely away.


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