New York NY: Fly Uber Copter From Manhattan To JFK

If you’re enrolled in the Uber Platinum or Diamond plans, and have the cash or business expense account, you can book it. That way you’ll avoid the slow two-hour ground traffic to and from the John F. Kennedy Airport.

Of course, it’ll cost a bit more than a cab ride, from $200 to $225 each way, and more during the busiest hours. The choppers are owned and operated by HeliFlite, based in Newark, N.J., each with a two-pilot crew. For more info, go to www.uber.com/blog/new-york-city/uber-copter

Gripe: Why Do Coach Airline Seats Keep Getting Smaller? PDF Print E-mail

Q: For business, I fly often and necessarily as cheap as possible. At six feet three inches tall, I’m getting more uncomfortable each time I travel by air. It’s because of greedy airline jam us into ever smaller spaces. How can I avoid it? PLJ, Memphis TN

A: Of course, it’s inconvenient painful and potentially dangerous for big passengers. If there must be a quick evacuation, there’s the danger of being unable to get out of your seat in a hurry. The best advice to find more reasonable fares to fly in larger spaces is to keep checking for special prices, such as midweek and red eye flights. Also, choose to cut back on other travel expenses and pay for the pricier seats when you fly.

Philly PA: Eat Where Hamilton, Franklin & Adams Dined PDF Print E-mail

More than six million people annually visit Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park in the downtown area. When eating there in two-centuries old City Tavern, they can "be in the room where it happened” as sung in the musical, "Hamilton."

Just a short walk from Independence Hall, where America’s Founding Fathers created a new nation, is the popular restaurant. Opened in 1773, it was where members of the First Continental Congress gathered to dine and drink. Few things have changed, except dinner in 1776 was $1. Today it’s $50. www.10best.com/interests/food-travel/dine-like-its-1776-historic-city-tavern-philadelphia

Q: How Can I Get A Quick Test For Corona Virus? PDF Print E-mail

I feel OK, but just returned from a flight from Singapore, and worried about being exposed to the disease. To ease my mind and protect my family from the possibility I’m infected, how can I get a test? FRL, Long Beach CA

A: One quick way is to to call NHS 111 as soon as possible. A medical consultant will determine if you need a test, and if so, advise where you can quickly go for one. The NHS now offers home testing and at local medical facilities for coronavirus in many cities.

Flying Here To There Or O’Hare? Check First With CheapOair! PDF Print E-mail

Why pay full list charge for your next trip when you can take advantage of lower-priced flights on CheapOair? It claims to lower charges on flights worldwide. The website updates continuously, so finding deals on CheapOair is continuous.

When planning your next flight schedule, be sure to check the fare with CheapOair before you buy your ticket. www.cheapoair.com/flights/booknow/cheap-flight-tickets

When Should You Wash Your Hands? Always! PDF Print E-mail

If you’re on the road, ocean or in the air this season, the worldwide Coronavirus scare must be on your mind. Along with all the other advice, always apply one of the most necessary rules. Wash!

Every time you touch anything dirty or potentially germy, wash your hands in soapy, hot water. Do this not only after you leave a public toilet. Just as important is before and after you eat and drink. When you grasp railings, stairways and passages, be sure you then wash your dirty hands. Any time your hands are visibly soiled, including after digging and hauling trash, clean up.

For the sake of others near you, if you have a cold or flu, wipe your face and hands with alcohol-based medicine after sneezing and blowing your nose. The same applies when dealing with young children and when you feed and pet animals.


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