Venice, Italy: Don’t Feed The $%#@ Piazza Pigeons!

When we were in the beautiful city on one of our enjoyable visits several years ago, we could see many tourists taking photos while their heads and shoulders were covered with flapping pigeons. There were vendors all around the crowded gathering place of Piazza San Marco selling little cups of feed for the tourists to use in attracting the birds.

Those typical Piazza scenes won’t be happening any more. The city fathers of Venice have determined that the messy birds leave too much of what pigeons always do throughout the Piazza, and on many people’s heads and clothing. The new law bans vendors from selling pigeon feed on the Piazza and forbids everyone from feeding the messy birds there.

Q: What To Do When You’re Booked Into A Dirty Hotel Room PDF Print E-mail

We woke up in our Vegas upscale hotel to find bedbugs in the sheets, and bloody bites on our legs.When we complained, the desk clerk offered to move us to another room down the hall. We quickly checked out and refused to pay our bill. Did we do right? Mrs. PKMcD, Chicago IL

A: Of course you were correct. Try to prevent it from happening again. Always travel with a small flashlight, and as soon as you check into your room, immediately pull back covers and sheets, and make a close check. If you see soiling or bugs, notify the front desk, check out and find another hotel. Also, report the situation to local health authorities.

La Guardia Airport NY: Here I Sit, Broken Hearted…. PDF Print E-mail

The newly-installed Jabbrboxes in the terminal resemble upscale versions of coin-operated street telephone booths and public toilets. Of course, in today’s grossly-inflated economy, customers can’t use them for just a nickel or dime.

They’re stations for people who want some private sitting space while waiting for flights. The booths, with see-thru front door glass, don’t include toilets, but do have video screens, Wi-Fi, USB charging, mood lighting and continuous audio flight info. Fees are $10 for 15 minutes, $15 for 30 minutes and $30 for an hour. Not so long ago at those prices, you could've booked a comfy hotel room for 24 hours.

Airbnb Growth: Good Or Bad For Travel Industry & Senior Customers? PDF Print E-mail

Many seniors have enjoyed their Airbnb experiences. Staying in private homes offers bargain prices, quiet locations, uncrowded pools and many other advantages. At first, the service didn’t have much effect on hotel, restaurants and other businesses in tourist locations.

However, now that Airbnbs have become so popular and competitive, some resort cities are putting restrictions on them. Before you book an Airbnb for your next destination, first check with the latest local laws and how they may affect your decision.

Asheville NC: Sip Suds To Celebrate Memorial Day Festivities PDF Print E-mail

Among many celebrations throughout the USA, one of the most welcoming is the Asheville Brewers Alliance’s Asheville Beer Week. It runs from Friday, May 25 thru Saturday, June 2, with the final event, the Beer City Festival. Along with the suds, there will be local foods, music, games and many other fun happenings. For events, prices and other info, go to avlbeerweek.com

Las Vegas Hotels: More Name Changes Than Zsa Zsa PDF Print E-mail

The late glamor queen married nine times. And, as with many Sin City hotels, it seemed every time she put on a new coat of paint, she took on a new name. The same keeps happening in Sin City. The latest change is the venerable downtown hotel Fitzgeralds, soon to be named the D Las Vegas.

Others have included The Sands to The Venetian, Monte Carlo to Park MGM, Aladdin to Planet Hollywood, San Remo to Hooters, Lady Luck to Downtown Grand, Barbary Coast to Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon. So, when making your next Vegas reservation, be sure to check it again while on your way. You may arrive at a newly-named destination.


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