Time Travel: Will It Ever Be Possible For Our Bucket List?

USA Today.com recently did a report agreeing with Albert Einstein’s theory that some day people will be able to enjoy new ways to go places.

Of course, there are many questions. For example, if we can go back in time, will we be able to change the past so it will affect the future? Then, if we could travel to the future, would we’d still be alive and at the same age as we are today? Additionally, if we can return to early Vegas visits, could we attend a 1970s live Elvis concert, including dinner and drinks, for $25?

It all led us to ponder what choices we’d make if we were given the opportunity to take a one-time journey into the past or future. Here are some ideas for the ultimate bucket list, and we welcome senior readers to come up with their own:

Visit ancient Athens to discuss philosophy with Socrates...
On the scaffolding with Michelangelo as he paints the ceiling of Rome’s Sistine Chapel...
Sit in with the guys in Philly as they consider Tom Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence...
Go ashore at San Salvador with Chris Columbus and his crew as they discover the New World...
In the audience at Gettysburg when Abe Lincoln gives his short address...
On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when Martin Luther King gives his memorable speech...
And just one more my wife insists I include: into the future to see the first woman President of the United States sworn in on January 20,  2017!!!

New York NY: Famed 21 Club Boasts Fantastic History PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor recently had the great pleasure of guest dining and wining at what patrons simply call The 21. The club originally operated as a notorious speakeasy during the prohibition 1920s. Then it evolved in the 1930s as the posh hangout for America’s famous actors, musicians, authors, business tycoons, politicians and a few gangsters.

The club’s extensive wine cellar still has vintage private bottles from some of the most famous patrons. They include Presidents Nixon and Ford, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Mae West and Aristotle Onassis.  

In addition to the excellent food and wine, the club’s walls are filled with great art, featuring works of Frederic Remington, McClelland Barclay, James Montgomery Flagg and many others. It’s also famous for its display of cartoons by Walt Disney, Ham Fisher, Peter Arno and others.

For the current menu, wine list, upcoming events and more info about Club 21, go to www.21club.com

Next Time You Fly Take A Moment To Thank A Hero PDF Print E-mail

They’re responsible for checking luggage, security in the airport and in passenger areas of your aircraft. You see the K-9 teams constantly hard at work to protect you.

So, if it’s OK with the handler to allow a brief pause, offer some words of appreciation and/or some friendly pats on the faithful furry head.

TripAdvisor Lists Its Top American Museums....Not! PDF Print E-mail

The travel site recently named ten in the US. However, they failed to name the absolute best. Inexcusably omitted from the list is the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Those named in the report were the Metropolitan, New York NY, WW2 Museum, New Orleans LA, Art Institute, Chicago IL, 9/11 Museum, New York NY,  USS Midway, San Diego CA, Smithsonian, Washington DC, Getty Center, Los Angeles CA, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art, both in New York NY, and Kennedy Space Center, Titusville FL.

OK, so they’re all great museums. However, not that I’m prejudiced, I just happen to be a graduate of the Philadelphia Museum College of Art, BFA ‘51. Of course, that was years before Rocky ran up the steps and did his victory dance.

Denali National Park, Alaska, Celebrates 100th Birthday PDF Print E-mail

There may be just days left to celebrate the anniversary, because winter weather is acomin’ in for this famous Alaska destination. In fact, even late September days and nights often feature freezing temperatures, rain and sleet. Of course, the magnificent, four-mile-high mountain areas are always topped with snow.

However, if you’re brave enough to expose your senior self to the autumn elements, book your visit now. Just make sure you bring heavy clothing, cap, gloves and footwear with you.

San Diego CA: October Freebees For Your Grandkids PDF Print E-mail

If your autumn plans include visiting San Diego with some of your youngest family members, the beautiful seaside city offers many financial incentives. During October, San Diego’s famed Zoo Safari Park, Legoland, Seaworld and other attractions give free or reduced price admissions to kids.

Also look for flight, event tickets and hotel package deals that may make your grandparent-hosted journey an even more economical one. For prices, accommodations and other info, go to www.sandiego.org/promotions/kids-free.aspx


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