Lug A Flying Ad And Your Luggage Fee Is Paid

Many seniors already walk around wearing t-shirts, hoodies, caps and other clothing with logos and names of their favorite teams printed on them. So this promotion sounds like a great, money-saving idea.

According to USAToday, Orion Travel Tech offers to reward airline passengers to travel with luggage featuring ads printed on the sides. After an annual fee of $19.99, each volunteer can get luggage charges paid for up to six round-trip flights a year. Considering that it can cost a couple $100 or more a flight to check bags, savings can be considerable. oriontraveltech.com

Five Fantastically Free Things To Do In London UK PDF Print E-mail

As with most big cities around the world, the English capital can be a very expensive place to visit. Hotels, restaurants, stores and clubs pound your pocket very sharply to take your pounds sterling. However, there are also interesting activities senior visitors can do that cost absolutely nothing except the time to enjoy them.

Consider just a few of the more famous ones. Wander through lovely Hyde Park to enjoy the scenery or the latest soapbox orator. Visit the historic Bank of England Museum, and see the story of the pound sterling. Tromp across Abbey Road in the footprints of the Beatles. Feed the pigeons on Trafalgar Square as Lord Nelson’s statue presides. And for the latest in history, art and decor, spend an afternoon at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Visitors Can Pet Friendly Baby Alligators At MSY Airport PDF Print E-mail

Airport travelers elsewhere are already happily encountering therapy dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and piglets. Now, at Louis Armstrong New Orleans terminal, other friendly animals have made their debut. So, if your schedule brings you to MSY, and there’s time to pet a friendly little critter, just don’t get your fingers too close to those mighty mississippiensis jaws.

The London Daily Sun Lists World’s Safest & Most Dangerous PDF Print E-mail

For most senior travelers, this British newspaper report isn’t news. The reputations for the worst are earned by scary daily news headlines, violent riots, sneaky rebels, religious fanaticism, poverty and all the other usual reasons. In the safe havens, living conditions and politics are under control, the economy is flourishing and seniors are welcomed as valuable guests.

Just for the record and your next travel plans, let’s look at the Sun’s lists. The baddest destinations are Mali, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. And the “goodest” are Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Luxembourg.

Happy Holiday Driving: Gas Prices Are Almost Reasonable PDF Print E-mail

It could have been caused by the stock market drop, over-production or Trump’s scared Saudi pals. According to the AAA, the national average price of gasoline dropped to $2.60 a gallon just before the holidays, down from $2.85 a month ago.

It’s much lower than last year at this time, when many crooked gas station owners gleefully posted prices up to nearly $5 a gallon. So, enjoy your holiday driving and the savings you’ll experience along the way!

Be Aware Of Those ƒ∑®†ß∂§ Resort And Other Sneaky Fees! PDF Print E-mail

Thrill to the attractive hotel ads for bargain rooms, where destinations like Las Vegas advertise at $30 a night. You book and stay several nights, and then at check-out time, your total bill is for $70 a night. In Sin City, they call it resort fees, but it’s add-on robbery.

Be aware, too often even in hectic holiday seasons, when airlines and hotels advertise many attractive bargain prices. Then, when you get the total bill, you actually pay another 25 to 50% for unadvertised extra fees and services.


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