NYC Area Airport Security Easier For Seniors

TSA has eased the requirements for air travelers in New York area airports over age 75. No longer will they need to take off shoes, belts and jackets as they go through John F. Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark Liberty.

We can assume that if no elderly terrorists are detected at other U.S. airports, the new regulations will soon also apply throughout the country.

The Beverly Hills Hotel: Stars Stayed, Played & Strayed There PDF Print E-mail

When travels take you to the Los Angeles area, be sure to add this historic destination to your itinerary. Book a lunch or dinner at the hotel’s famed Polo Lounge, along with a stroll around the beautiful grounds and pool.

Opened 1912, the pink-painted palace is on Sunset Boulevard, and at first the typical nightly room rate was $25, a bit high for the time. Today, rates  start at $700 and up, way up. If scandal is your thing, consider some famous shack ups by famous stars. Elizabeth Taylor honeymooned six times in one of the hotel’s bungalows.

Bogart and Sinatra’s Rat Pack often gathered at the bar. Katharine Hepburn dipped into the pool after tennis without bothering to change to a swim suit. And the Beatles came to the hotel after a gig for a midnight swim in the pool. If you want to do the same, be sure to bring your camera or smartphone to record the historic visit.

I Don’t Get No Respect! Who Robs A 90-Year-Old Tourist? PDF Print E-mail

Remember comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s lament? It happened to your travel4seniors.com editor last year. A bunch of pre-teen guitarists surrounded me in a Barcelona park, and I paused to enjoy the song. Then one of them did the disrespectfully dirty deed, expertly removing my wallet from a back pocket.

They then wandered off, and it was about ten minutes later when I realized what had happened. Of course, I had ignored my own advice I’ve expressed for years. Simply keep your wallet in a buttoned or zipped front or side pocket. For women with handbags, carry them zipped, strapped and secure under a shoulder.

Philadelphia PA: Enjoy Dinner Where Patriots Wined And Dined PDF Print E-mail

At historic City Tavern, just a few blocks from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Order favorite dishes that Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and Adams enjoyed more than 200 years ago. They include Chesapeake crab cakes, pepper pot soup, roast turkey and all the rest. For more info, go to citytavern.com

USA Today: Half Of Americans Not Taking Vacations This Year PDF Print E-mail

Whatever the reasons, ever-rising travel costs, busy work schedules or just plain lack of interest, the travel industry isn’t happy about it. As a result, with summer almost half gone, savvy senior travelers can take advantage of the situation.

Get busy with your travel agent and/or scan online travel ads daily to find the perfect vacation for you at the lowest possible cost. This includes airline promotions that offer deals for red-eye and other bargain flights. Also, check for all-inclusive deals that include air, hotel, meals, booze and other travel packages. Some of the best deals are for September travel, with kids in school and younger adults back at their jobs. Retired seniors can roam the world then at off-season bargain prices.

Princess Cruises Offers Free Booze And Soft Drinks PDF Print E-mail

Certain cruise passengers will sail with complimentary drink privileges. The line's Sip & Sail promotion gives selected travelers who book a 2019 voyage by September 5, unlimited sipping while on board.

The offer is good on six- to 56-day Princess voyages around the globe during the summer of 2019, and extending to spring 2020. However, if you book a cheap cabin on lower decks, forget about the free booze. It’s only available for those onboard in ritzy balcony cabins, mini-suites or suites, including up to four travelers in each.


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