Rome, Italy: Gladiator Theme Park Planned

After 2,000 or so years, gladiators may soon start hacking away at each other again in a Disney-like Circus Maximus. A theme park reported to be called Romaland is being planned for the Italian capital city.

The new tourist attraction is expected to contain many of the ancient features. In addition to gladiator fights, there will be chariot races, legionaires and other reminders of the glory that was Rome.

While all the theme activities haven’t yet been announced, we can assume that no Christians will be fed to the lions, nor fiddling emperors nor Vestal Virgins sacrificed at Romaland.

Deadwood SD: Where Wild Bill & Calamity Jane Whooped It Up PDF Print E-mail

If this season’s plans include visiting Mount Rushmore and/or Yellowstone, consider spending same time in the nearby legendary Western town of Deadwood. You can see close-up gunfight reenactments on the streets, as well as enjoy great food, dancing girls, booze and casino at the classic Bullock Hotel. For special events and other info, go to www.deadwood.com

San Diego CA: Enjoy Luxury At Historic Hotel del Coronado PDF Print E-mail

A scenic drive across the bay from San Diego, the 130-year-old beachfront resort is getting a total makeover. The classic architecture will be preserved, while the latest innovations in style and technical advances are introduced.

Also celebrated this year is the 60th anniversary of “Some Like It Hot”, the legendary movie starring Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. While the story is about a Miami Beach hotel, it was actually filmed at the Del Coronado. For upcoming events and other info, go to www.hoteldel.com

City Of Elegant White Poodle, Shapely Legs & High Heels PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor recently attended a tour company meeting on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. During a lunch break, my ever-ready camera captured this unposed glamor scene where the stars also come out during the day.

Picasso & Warhol Would Be Jealous Of This Abstract Art PDF Print E-mail

Actually it’s an unposed single photo, shot by your travel4seniors.com editor from across famed Santa Monica Boulevard (Route 66), just a few miles from Pacific Ocean beaches.

Time Out Index 2019 Names 48 Best Cities In The World PDF Print E-mail

The travel publication based the rankings on surveys of more than 34,000 experienced travelers considering diversity, art, culture, entertainment, food and other positive aspects.

The top 10 in Time Out Index rank order are New York, Melbourne, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, Berlin, Glasgow, Paris and Tokyo. Many senior wanderers may be concerned that favorite cities didn’t make the top ten. They include San Francisco (our #1), Boston, Washington DC, Singapore and Hong Kong. What’s your expert opinion?


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