Nagasaki, Japan: New Hotel Totally Run By Robots

The non-human hotel staff future is here!  The world’s first automated, robot-run hotel replaces human workers with sexy-looking plastic lady receptionists. A talking fake dinosaur greets incoming guests in many languages and provides other info.

At the Henn-na (Strange) Hotel, guests check in, check out, get rooms cleaned and luggage lugged by a fleet of efficient robots. They don’t need keys, and feel secure as they are given room and other services by their facial ID recognition.

The hotel is entirely powered by solar energy, including lighting and air-conditioning. Conveniently, the property is part of the Dutch theme park, Huis Ten Bosch, in the Sasebo area of Nagasaki. So far, there have been no announced plans for introducing inflatable maids.

Travel + Leisure: Japan This Year’s Top Travel Destination PDF Print E-mail

What a coincidence! A bit of history. Your travel4seniors.com editor was just celebrating my 20th birthday way back in August 1945. My Navy troop ship was in Cavite, The Philippines, scheduled to travel to Japan. Our passenger list included 1,500 Marines who were armed and prepared to land in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Now, several generations later, Japan is named by T+L the best nation to visit in the world. Of course, much has happened since that time to change history. Actually, most senior travelers who’ve been to Japan since WW2 will agree the friendly nation is a great place to visit.

Think of cherry blossoms, fantastic ocean and mountain views, colorful celebrations, delicious foods, hot baths and much more. And don’t forget, senior tourist on your way to Japan: If you were a Marine way back then in WW2, be sure to leave your M1 Garand at home.

Northern California Suffers Worst Air Pollution In It’s History PDF Print E-mail

Travel can be hazardous in Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose and other areas near the enormous forest fires. They continue to burn and cause thick smoke in the skies. For seniors, especially those with breathing and other lung problems, the pollution may cause serious medical problems.

Until the fires are completely out and for weeks after while the air is clearing, reconsider your travel plans to the hazardous areas. Also, if you live there or must visit for the holidays, take all necessary precautions. Stay indoors as much as possible. When you need to go out, travel in closed, air-conditioned vehicles. When walking in smoky areas, wear a medicated face mask.

Miami FL: Haul Your Bare Butt Over To Haulover Beach PDF Print E-mail

With winter already taking over in much of the Eastern USA, and you plan to visit Miami to get away from it all, consider a nudist experience. The clothing optional state park in Miami boasts one of the most popular public nude beaches in the U.S.

The nude beach area was recently updated with new bathrooms and shower stalls. There are food trucks, as well as beach chairs and cabanas to rent. The nearest beachfront upscale hotel is the Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbor, about a 15-minute walk to Haulover.

Many Chain Eateries Offer Discounts To Senior Diners PDF Print E-mail

Whether in your hometown or on the road during this busy holiday season, you’ll need to stop for a bite or two. When you get the bill at a fancy or fast-food restaurant, always ask the key question: Is there a discount for seniors?

Here are just a few that may respond with some money-saving answers: Subway, Friendly’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Whataburger, A&W, KFC, McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme, Sizzler and Country Kitchen.

Las Vegas NV: Lo Mejor De Los Burritos Mexicanos PDF Print E-mail

Take some time from grooving and gambling away your family fortune to enjoy a South of the Border feast at Pink Taco in the Hard Rock Hotel. Order the Ultimate Burrito, deliciously stuffed with over three pounds of pulled chicken, pork, beef, refried beans, rice, queso, guacamole, crema, pico de gallo and lettuce. Cost: $24, but unless you’re a cerdo, it’ll feed at least three family members, your dog and cat.


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