All Road And Air Traffic Will Eventually Go Electric

According to some reports, the trend has already started and will happen totally within 25 years. Of course, some of we elder wanderers won’t be around to enjoy the reduced noise and end of gasoline-caused air pollution.

But thankfully, we’ll have the extreme pleasure of knowing travelers will no longer be robbed by Middle East oil emirs and their crooked American oil company pals.

The move away from oil dependency is already happening in England, India, France, Japan. China and other nations.

Dublin, Ireland: Wander Where The Whiffenpoofs Serenaded PDF Print E-mail

While in the Irish capital, enjoy a Saturday afternoon and evening with a stroll along Dublin's Cultural Quarter at Temple Bar. See the open air-market where displays include produce, cheese, and baked goods.

Be sure you linger at the stall selling hot cider with a shot of Irish whiskey. The Temple Bar also hosts free festivals, music, film screenings and much more! And you may just recall Bing and bar room buddies singing the old ballad:
To the tables down at Mory’s,
To the place where Louie dwells,
To the dear old Temple Bar we love so well;
Sing the Whiffenpoofs assembled
With their glasses raised on high…

Don’t Get Stranded For Being A Grouchy Senior Traveler PDF Print E-mail

In this age of everything going online for everyone to see, you can become an internet villain. Your name could be placed on a bad customer list, and the punishment could leave you on the street the next time you try to ride a Uber and/or book an Airbnb stay.

When you have a specific complaint about one of the share services, hotel, airline or other travel-related experience, don’t hurt yourself by posting it online. Make direct contact with officials of the service involved. Or let your travel agent know of your problem.

That way, it won’t be ignored, or worse get your name on a gripe lis. By going by the right channels, something effective should give you satisfaction. www.usatoday.com/story/travel/advice/2018/05/06/negative-travel-reviews-uber-and-airbnb-rate-you-back

Hollywood CA: Lady Godiva Almost Au Natural PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor's photo should be inspiration for seniors who visit the entertainment capital. With warm summer days arriving, it’s time to shed all the cold weather clothing and let (all or at least most of) your mind and body enjoy outdoor sightseeing.

Time Travel: I’m Ready To Go When It Becomes Possible PDF Print E-mail

Now that your travel4seniors.com editor is in my 90s, I often think about the possibilities of time travel. When and where would I choose if I could do it with the knowledge I have now? Let’s just a consider a few of the options:

Garden of Eden lunch with Adam and Eve, followed by apple pie dessert.
Enjoy a river cruise on the Nile with Cleo and Julie.
Cross the Alps with Hannibal while enjoying the elephant ride.
Sail with Chris Columbus and be the first to shout, “Land ho!”

Cross the Delaware with Washington, then to an Atlantic City casino.
With Lincoln at Gettysburg, followed by a fab Pennsylvania Dutch lunch.

Hey, senior wanderer: If you could go back and choose some exciting historical, what would you choose?

Dublin, Ireland: See Oscar The Famed Rock-Reclining Poet PDF Print E-mail

While touring the friendly town, pay your respects with a free visit to Dublin's favorite son, Oscar Wilde, in Merrion Square’s beautiful Iveagh Gardens. He’s facing across from his former home at 1 Merrion Square. Be sure to get there in daylight, because the park’s iron gates slam shut at dusk.


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