RoadScholar: Holland & Belgium Spring Adventure

Sail on a luxurious riverboat offering beautiful views, exciting port visits, while being surrounded by tulips and endless fields of spring flowers. Program No. 22609RJ is for 11 days, April 10-20, 2017.

Prices start at $3,695 per person for the program, with round-trip airfare from $1,075. You’ll spend nine nights in your upscale river cruise cabin, enjoy 24 meals, expert field trips, lectures and much, much more. For full info, go to www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/22609/springtime-delight-holland-and-belgium-in-bloom/dates

Buenos Aires, Argentina: February Sunshine & Carnival PDF Print E-mail

While much of the world is shivering in winter temperatures, visitors to this cosmopolitan oasis enjoy day and night wanderings in the warm 70s and 80s. Expect beautiful scenery, interesting shops and a great variety of dining.

At night the milongas (tango halls) and other colorful entertainment light up the sky for locals and tourist rovers. The annual Carnaval Porteño is held during the four February weekends before Catholic Lent starts. All events are free of charge, but outdoor programs may be canceled if there is heavy rain. For more info, go to: www.batravelguide.com/2019/01/carnaval-porteno-buenos-aires-carnival

Tourists Make Poo Poo On Peru’s Machu Picchu PDF Print E-mail

Six tourists have been arrested after they allegedly damaged stonework and defecated among the ruins at Machu Picchu. The ancient Incan hilltop city is one of South America’s most renowned tourist attractions. Authorities claim that some tourists, from Chile, Brazil, France and Argentina, sneaked into the ruins to deliberately cause the trouble.

Machu Picchu is a Unesco World Heritage site destination, and visited by more than a million tourists annually. When you're planning to visit, check online for least busy times, transportation, costs and other info. www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jan/15/tourists-to-be-deported-over-alleged-damage-defecation-at-machu-picchu

Hey, Smoker. All On You Stinks, Including Your Attitude PDF Print E-mail

I recently took a non-stop flight from JFK airport in New York to LAX Los Angeles. It was a red eye. and because there was no smoking allowed, I settled down flat in my expensive first class section seat to a pleasant all-snooze, five-hour overnight flight.

No such luck. The rumpled passenger in the nearest seat to me was obviously a heavy smoker. As with most tobacco addicts, his clothing, skin, breath, hair and everything else had the heavily obnoxious odor. I didn't get much sleep on that flight.

Advice to tobacco addict travelers: Before you fly or use other public transportation, shower, wash your hair and wear clean clothes. And if you have to wait in the airport for your flight, don’t smoke before boarding. In other words, be considerate of those who are not addicted to the stinky habit.

Amsterdam, Holland: Visit And Sample Tasty Fockink Booze PDF Print E-mail

I know I can get in Dutch for using that distorted f-word. However, if your travels take you to the capital city of the Netherlands, be sure to add the Wynand Fockink distillery on your fantastic visit schedule.

The popular destination has been producing excellent beers, liqueurs, wines and other drinking products for nearly three and a half centuries. For Fockink prices, hours and other info, go to wynand-fockink.nl

Air New Zealand: Drink In-Flight Coffee, Then Eat The Cup PDF Print E-mail

The Kiwi airline has introduced an unusual new sipping system that will not only be enjoyed by passengers, but also help the environment. The new edible, biodegradable coffee cup reduces waste while adding tasty, chewable munchies.

Airline officials say they’re continuously looking for more eco-friendly options. How about passengers dining on delicious flight tickets, tasty earphones, stewed seatbelts or marshmallow pillows?


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