Whoooops! Different kind of greening of America

After decades of seeing sick and drunken customers’ faces turn green and then decorate their taxis with barf, Chicago cabbies have had enough. They’re asking the city to enact a law that future in-cab sickos must pay $50 for each throw-up incident.

If enacted, Chicago will be the first U.S. city to make sick boozers and bad-food eaters pay for their offensively messy offenses. We've nothing against hard-working hack drivers, but the Chicago ordinance should also require cabbies to take at least one bath a week and not drive to O’Hare Airport via Milwaukee.

Ahoy! Five Famous European Warship Museums PDF Print E-mail

Guest Senior Correspondent PDLeF, San Diego CA: I’m a retired Navy vet, and enjoy seagoing history. Here are my favorite European warship museums:

HMS Victory, Portsmouth UK: Commanded by the legendary Admiral Horatio Nelson, the HMS Victory was his flagship during the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar. Restored and still manned by a Royal Navy crew, she's berthed at the Portsmouth Naval Base on England's South Coast.

There are year-round programs aboard HMS Victory, allowing visitors to experience how British sailors lived and fought more than 200 years ago. With a tour group, I saw crew living quarters, armaments, the cabin where Admiral Nelson died and many other areas of the ship.

Tarrenz, Austria: Swim In A Bubbly Beer-Filled Pool PDF Print E-mail

How about a different way to celebrate Oktoberfest this season. Paddle away your troubles at the old Schloss Starkenberger brewery. Housed in a centuries-old castle, the company has built a pool in its basement for visitors to enjoy while sloshing among the suds.

Visitors are warned not to drink the pool beer because of potential contamination by swimmers. However, each bather is supplied with a mug of fresh bubbly brew to sip while enjoying the dip.

The brewery claims the beer has a healthful benefit on the skin, although it’s more likely to bring on a ruddy glow to noses. The charge for the two-hour experience is about $200.

Lancaster PA: Heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country PDF Print E-mail

Guest Senior Correspondent PLJ, Long Island NY: As our kids were growing up, we often took the two-hour drive to Lancaster County, the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

Now that we’re retired, we still love to visit, especially at autumn harvest time. Lancaster County offers beautiful scenery and views of the living history of the Amish people.

The Amish are a devout Christian community who came to America in the early 1700s from Germany and Austria. Even today, many still shun modern conveniences, wear traditional clothes and hats, and travel only in horse-drawn buggies.

London UK: Imperial War Museum Marks 100th Year PDF Print E-mail

If your travels take you to the British capital and you’ve always been interested in military history, spend a day at this splendid destination. Established in 1917, when World War I was still raging in Europe, the IWM has many fascinating relics of history.

Some exhibits include First World War Galleries, Extraordinary Heroes, Secret War, Second World War Families, Churchill War Rooms and The Holocaust Exhibition. For current special programs, hours, admission fees and other info, go to www.iwm.org.uk

Rick Steves Offers Sage Advice On Shopping In Europe PDF Print E-mail

As expected, the wise travel expert writes an excellent USA Today article on the subject. With annual holiday season approaching, many senior travelers will be looking for gifts to bring home from Europe to family members.

Rick lists the various European locales where tourist shopping can be most enjoyable. They include street markets, department stores and craftsmen shops. However, in our humble opinion, Rick should also have mentioned how the seasoned senior wanderer should react to pricing.

Simply do not accept the asking price. Especially in the open markets and street food and gift stalls, whatever the merchant tells you, offer a lower amount. Start by making it ridiculously low, so there’s room for negotiation. The result will often be a bargain that not only saves you money, but also creates a story you can brag about when you get home. www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/2017


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