Flight Of Fantasy: Virtual Reality Getting Closer

In-flight entertainment is advancing rapidly. From squinty tiny TV screens 10 rows in front of you to individual seat-back displays of everything from old sitcoms to new movies to breaking news.

Now, according to scientific predictions, virtual reality head-worn devices are soon to become a ... well ... reality. You’ll be able to strap on a magic helmet that takes you away from your cramped airline seat to a Hawaiian beach, Medieval battle game or front-row seat of a Broadway show. And, in the future, even that will be surpassed by making the experience a full three-dimensional immersion, where you’ll be IN the Broadway show.

Consider what the imaginative senior will be able to do, in flight and at home. Dance with Fred Astaire, romance Marilyn, rock with Elvis, run the bases with Jackie Robinson and storm San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt. For the more patriotic, join the wigged guys and sign the Declaration of Independence on a hot July day in Philly.

CNN Reports Bangkok Is Best City For Street Food Noshing PDF Print E-mail

When visiting a big city at noontime, your travel4seniors.com editor always heads for the the street food areas to get a fresh lunch. Some of the best carts with delicious foods are in America’s New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  However, many of the world’s top are far away in Asia.

With Bangkok leading the list, CNN also names Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bali, Ho Chi Minh City and Beijing. So, when your wanderings take you to Asia, be sure to stop by carts offering such delicacies as hoy tod nai mong and kuay tiew kai soi nam phung.

Snooze In Luxury On Grounded 747 Jet Now Swedish Hostel PDF Print E-mail

At Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, there’s an imposing passenger plane that no longer flies the skies. Furnished by Jumbo Stay, it offers luxury accommodations and many other comforts. Rates from about $160 a night include free parking, airport shuttle, private compartment for two, sun deck and terrace. 

For more info, go to www.booking.com/hotel/se/jumbo-hostel

Autumn Travels In California’s Beautiful Napa Valley PDF Print E-mail

How many wandering seniors remember the 1956 Broadway musical, Most Happy Fella? It was a hit then, and including a later movie, it has been revived many times throughout the country. The next line of the song is “in the whole Napa Valley”, sung by Tony after his successful grape harvest and courting of a local girl.

You can be most happy, too, if you visit the Napa Valley during the autumn grape harvest and many celebrations of the season, including grape stomping competitions. Sadly, the California wildfires earlier in the year made travel in nearby areas dangerous. However, everything is safe this autumn, and wineries offer many special events for those senior travelers who crave the fruit of the vine. For current info, go to www.visitnapavalley.com

Is It OK For Us To Set Up A Home-Swap Arrangement? PDF Print E-mail

Q: We retired last year, and with kids grown up and gone, we’re rattling around in our big, four-bedroom home. We also have a pool and putting green. We’re not ready to sell, and intend to do a lot of world traveling, but don’t want to pay sky-high hotel prices.

We’ve heard about home swapping, and would like to spend time in nice, quiet houses in England, Scotland, France, Italy, Germany etc. What do you think of the idea? Mrs. PFO’R, Atlanta GA

A: There are on-line agencies that offer home swap deals around the world. Get in touch with some, such as Intervac Home Exchange and HomeLink. For a fee they’ll set up contacts and give you info about homes, locations, local features, costs, security and other details.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM: Batty And Bottomless PDF Print E-mail

For a great autumn experience, join up in an exploration of an underground cave. Carlsbad Caverns descend to down a quarter of a mile, one of the deepest limestone caves in the U.S. The humorist Will Rogers named it “the Grand Canyon with a roof over it.”

Tours are available for every skill level, from expert spelunker to ranger escorted. Be sure to be at the entrance at sunset with your camera when thousands of Brazilian free-tailed bats fly out to seek delicious desert bugs. For more info, go to www.nps.gov/cave


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