More Scalpers On Broadway Than At Little Big Horn

If your travels take you to New York, and you want to enjoy the traditional theater experience, be aware. Tickets to Bruce Springsteen concerts and other popular Broadway shows are beyond insane prices. According to BloombergMarkets, some scalpers sell them for as high as $10,000.

No one, except maybe a grossly-overpaid NFL kneeler, politician or phony pro boxer, can afford to pay that price. This expensive ticket offers about 60 minutes of a scruffy, aging millionaire on stage howling and strumming his guitar. Included at no extra cost are probably some sincere protest lyrics about how evil rich people exploit the downtrodden poor.

To avoid the grossly inflated scalper prices online, get your tickets as far in advance as possible from legitimate theater sources. They’ll still be high-priced compared to what you paid a dozen or so years ago, but unlike General Custer, you may avoid being scalped.

Smart Senior: Keep SmartPhone Info Safe When Traveling PDF Print E-mail

Before and during wanderings, don’t broadcast your ongoing itinerary on social media. For example, you post daily schedule lists, sightseeing video and photos on Facebook to send to family and friends online.

The most vulnerable mistake is that your house is empty while you travel, and ready for thieves who daily search the internet for robbery opportunities. Wait until you return home to post vacation photos and travel experiences.

Airbnb Now Offers Private Luxury For Wealthy Wanderers PDF Print E-mail

As Max Bialistok once said in The Producers: If you got it, flaunt it! So, for a thousand bucks a night or more, you can briefly live like a king, queen, emperor, mafia boss, Trumpish business tycoon, pro athlete or movie star.

Consider a British royal castle, French oceanside Riviera retreat, California luxury estate or a private Pacific island mansion. Airbnb Luxe now offers more than 2,000 upscale destinations, with luxury locations in the Far East, America, Europe and other desirable world sites. For deals, photos and more info, go to  www.engadget.com/2019/06/25/airbnb-luxe-high-end-home-villa-rentals

Q: Is Last Minute Booking Best Way to Get Travel Bargains? PDF Print E-mail

We just returned from a cruise where we thought we got a good price because it was billed as last minute. However, when we checked with other passengers, we learned we had paid as much as 50% more than those who booked early. What’s the best way to get lowest travel prices? PNJ, New London CT

A: Cruise lines often offer lower prices if you book within a week of departure, so they won’t sail with empty cabins. However, you’ll learn that the advertised low prices didn’t include taxes, service fees and other add-on charges. Before you book a cruise, thoroughly research daily cruise advice and price deal sites on the internet and/or by dealing with your experienced local travel agent.

New York NY: Fly Uber Copter From Manhattan To JFK PDF Print E-mail

If you’re enrolled in the Uber Platinum or Diamond plans, and have the cash or business expense account, you can book it. That way you’ll avoid the slow two-hour ground traffic to and from the John F. Kennedy Airport.

Of course, it’ll cost a bit more than a cab ride, from $200 to $225 each way, and more during the busiest hours. The choppers are owned and operated by HeliFlite, based in Newark, N.J., each with a two-pilot crew. For more info, go to www.uber.com/blog/new-york-city/uber-copter

Los Angeles CA: The Autry Museum Of The American West PDF Print E-mail

While your travel4seniors.com was visiting, he shot this overhead lecture scene from the floor above. Named for Gene Autry, famous Western singer and movie star, the museum features classes, art, history and cultures.

In the city’s Griffith Park, the Autry displays many examples of cowboy and Native American art and traditions. Also movie memorabilia, historic firearms and paintings. There are regularly scheduled demonstrations, lectures for adults and children, including interactive workshops. For more info, go to theautry.org


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