Rick Steves: Our Fave Travel Guru Disses Tourist Traps

Usually a most pleasant guy, in a USA Today Rick's critique listed places he calls tourist traps. He’s soon to hit age 60, so maybe it’s because Rick’s getting as grouchy as the rest of we wandering elders.

You may plan accordingly while pondering Rick’s opinions. Frankly, wherever we travel to any popular tourist site, it’s there to make bucks with entry fees, schlock for sale and snarky snacks. Here are several from Rick’s list, along with some travel4seniors.com input.

Torture Museums:
They’re there for shock and awe, with a year-round Halloween creepiness. Hey, Rick, tourists want to be scared by skeletons, grungy tombs and royal head-chopping blocks.

Blarney Stone, Ireland:
Not quite as creepy as the torture stuff, but it’s an old Irish tradition, and the upside down poses make great photos to send home to the folks.

Mamertine Prison, Italy: Old jails are popular in many countries, including some turned into hotels and cafés. Hey, Rick, in the U.S., who doesn’t want to see Al Capone’s old cell on Alcatraz?

Morocco: For a taste of Humphrey Bogart’s classic movie, it’s worth seeing the fake version of an earlier Rick’s gin joint. Who knows: maybe Ingrid will stop in and ask Sam to play As Time Goes By.


Exact Replica Of 1912 Titanic Is Scheduled To Sail In 2022 PDF Print E-mail

Eleven decades after the infamous disaster at sea, the new ship will launch with a two-week cruise from Dubai to the UK, then regular service between the UK and New York, the route of the original ship.

What hasn’t been announced yet is that will tickets be just one way? And will the new Titanic influence repeat replicas of other disasters, such as Little Big Horn, the Hindenburg Explosion, Johnstown Flood and Trump presidency?

Make Your Next Vacation A Fun Bicycle Adventure PDF Print E-mail

If your senior legs and heart are still pumping youthfully, consider an economical and healthful way to enjoy the views. For example, check out the Senior Cycling Wisconsin Trails. It goes from June 21 to 27, priced at $1690 per person.

From Madison, enjoy the fascinating state’s farms, forests, rivers and famed Wisconsin cheeses and other fresh farm foods. Go through the beautiful Driftless Region around Viroqua and explore the Root River and La Crosse. End with Devils Lake State Park. For complete info on this and other bike programs: seniorcycling.com/bike-tours/tour-schedule/wisconsin-trails-2019

Q: Do I Need Separate Health Insurance For China Tour? PDF Print E-mail

Until now I’ve only visited US destinations, and am worried about medical coverage on my Asian trip next month. I need daily doses of four prescription meds, and worry about suddenly getting sick in a foreign city and needing a doctor or refill prescription. Suggestions? Mrs. LRMcR, Waco TX

A: First, be sure the current plan includes China. Check with your insurance company about any needed supplemental coverage. Also, before you go, fill all prescription meds in the event you run out, adding a week or so extras in case you’re delayed.

To play it safe, don’t get subscriptions filled in foreign countries where regulations aren’t too strict on retailers’ products. And, when you bring foreign-made meds back with you, be sure to declare them upon arrival to U.S. Customs, with a copy of your prescription and doctor’s note.

Senior Gambler: Are Greedy Slot Machines Flooring You? PDF Print E-mail

Actually it’s a recent sneaky photo by your travel4seniors.com of a casino repairman busy at work. Security guards grabbed me a moment later. Fortunately, I was let go with a warning. So, you can take this warning.

Despite all the stories and publicity showing happy winners, your chances of winning in a casino, whether at the wheel, cards, craps table or slot machine, are just about nil. Of course, rarely a few gamblers will go home with money. But the real average is that for every dollar you gamble at a casino, the return averages about 60 to 70¢.

Therefore, when the winnings are inevitably gambled back into the games for several hours and days, the results are empty pockets. Of course, along with the gambling, casino hotels offer luxury rooms, endless buffets, free booze, popular entertainment and more glitzy temptations to get you there.

When you visit a glamorous casino, do it with the determination that you’re there to have fun, no matter what the odds stacked against you. And you’re willing to gamble away the inheritance money your ungrateful kids and grandkids are greedily anticipating.

Senior World Wanderers: Take Small Handy Translator PDF Print E-mail

As improvements continue, there are more of the little devices to consider. They may cost from $50 to $250. For example, a new Japanese instant translator is called MUAMA Enence. With fingers on the mini-keyboard you can quickly turn your English sentence into over 40 languages.

While planning your next world venture to Japan, China, France, Germany or just about any other foreign country, check online for ads of the latest and most convenient instant translator models to carry along.


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