AAA gives legendary Beverly Hills Hotel its Five Diamond Rating

Three Los Angeles area hotels, just a short half-hour (not during drive time) from each other were honored with the American Automobile Association’s Five Diamonds, its highest honors for excellence. In addition to the Beverly Hills are the Montage in Laguna Beach and the Four Seasons Westlake Village.

Others in the U.S. earning the honors for the first time are the Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach, Florida, the Four Seasons in St. Louis, Missouri, and the InterContinental Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why it took the AAA so long to recognize the posh Beverly Hills Hotel, which opened in 1912, is a mystery. The hotel has consistently kept up its extremely high quality, including lavishly decorous rooms, tropical landscaping and luxury bungalows surrounding its pool.

Hunting Season This Year Spares Grizzlies In Yellowstone PDF Print E-mail

Smoky and bear-loving humans can now breathe a sigh of relief. A federal judge has returned the national park grizzlies to the endangered species list in the states of Wyoming and Idaho.

So if you’re considering an autumn hunting trip to national parks in those states, enjoy the scenery but stay away from the Greater Yellowstone Grizzly Bear and family. For more info, www.cnn.com/travel/article/grizzly-bears-endangered-protection-hunting-season-trnd

October Is The Best Time To Visit Zion National Park PDF Print E-mail

Most summer tourists to the spectacular National Park are back home at jobs or schoolbooks. With the crisp autumn weather, seniors can enjoy a leisurely, less-crowded visit. There are soaring cliffs, magnificent waterfalls, deep valleys, endless meadows, giant sequoias, wildlife and never-ending scenery. For schedules, fees and other info, go to www.nps.gov

Just Retired, Our Kids Gave Us A Free Week In New York City PDF Print E-mail

Q: It’s very generous and cost a lot of money, but the trip scares us. We’ve always been small-town folk and need some advice. What do you recommend? LRK, Canadensis PA

A: NYC can be both enjoyable and scary. Keep checking websites about the current city scene, both positive and negative. Of course, the best warning for seniors is always to stay in well-lighted areas at night, including Broadway, Times Square and theater district. Also keep wallets in buttoned down or zipped front pockets, and purses strapped and held securely under an arm.

OK to point your camera and smartphone to record NYC adventures, but be aware especially at Times Square where costumed characters and musicians hang out. If you pose with any, they’ll expect $5 or more. Legally, you don’t have to pay, but they’re there to make quick bucks and will plead if you walk away. Don’t buy overpriced CDs, DVDs or other street peddler products. They may be blank, defective or contain bad copies. Whatever your concerns, relax and enjoy the fascinating city!

Noisy Boozing On Flights Could Cost Big Fines & Boot-Offs PDF Print E-mail

All senior flyers have experienced it. The disruptive guy in the next seat had too many Martinis in the airport bar. These days, the rowdy behavior is also happening when a large noisy group is on the same flight. It often occurs after holiday parties, family reunions, business conferences and college sports events.

If you’re traveling with a celebrating group, be sure all participants are aware of the cost of unruly and desructive behavior on flights. Not only could it result in big fines, you may also get kicked off the aircraft and headed for the hoosegow. www.theguardian.com/travel/2018/sep/19/partygoers-on-flights-warned-excessive-drinking-will-lead-to-hefty-fines

San Francisco CA: TV Reporters' Car Smashed And Grabbed PDF Print E-mail

With thousands of homeless wandering downtown, street dangers in the City By The Bay is now at a constant high level. The recent crime happened when reporters set cellphones, purses and other items in a parked car that were shown on video as they were stolen. The fast-working, window-smashing thieves were not caught.

When travels take you to San Francisco and any other large world city, always obey personal safety rules. Keep your parked car locked, preferably in a commercial garage. Carry wallets in buttoned or zipped pockets. Keep strapped handbags secured under elbows. Always be alert, and at night, walk only with at least one companion on well-lighted busy streets.


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