French Visitors To the U.S. Told To Keep It Cool

Tho we admired Charles Boyer and his amorous ways many years ago, recent instructions from Paris tell their citizens not to emulate him when they travel in America.

The advice includes being aware of drinking restrictions, slower driving speeds, stormy weather and “to adopt a reserved attitude toward those of the opposite sex.” Today, Monsieur Boyer would be restricted to just offering his platonic friendship to Hedy Lamarr.

Hollywood CA: Bike Line Along Santa Monica Blvd. PDF Print E-mail

Stay in line, obey all signals, and watch out for traffic. Especially street-crossing little old lady tourists and electric scooters speeding down the sidewalk.

Hamburg, Germany: Designing Skinnier Airline Sort-of Seats PDF Print E-mail

When paying for a flight of less than three hours, your travel4seniors.com editor usually buys the cheapest economy seat. Of course, over the years I’ve noted that they are no longer so cheap, and worse, seem to get smaller every time I fly.

Italian aircraft seat manufacturer Aviointeriors recently showed their latest models of near-standing seats, called Skyrider, in Hamburg at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019 (AIX). They’re described as something between a horse saddle and bicycle seat. So, on your next economy flight, don’t be surprised if you’re wedged in with half-sitting, half-standing 400-pound seat mates while hanging on to a subway strap.

Tombstone AZ: Enjoy Return To The Old Wild West PDF Print E-mail

The vintage town is preserved as it looked nearly two centuries ago. Your visit includes reenactment of the legendary gunfight at the O.K. Corral, booze and chow in the Bird Cage saloon and cowboy cemetery at Boot Hill. Tombstone is a scenic hour’s drive south of Tucson.

Q: Recently Retired, I’m Going On First Las Vegas Adventure PDF Print E-mail

I expect to spend a lot on the hotel room, entertainment, dining and, of course, gambling. Are there any discounts available for seniors, so I can stretch the limited resources from my pension and Social Security? LRO’G, Chicago IL

A: No senior discounts on gambling, so you may want to set a limit to your casino play. Since you’re not an pro, make small bets to extend the time, investing maybe $100 a day. The good news is that saving on senior discounts almost everywhere in Sin City could provide you with more gambling money.

Simply, when booking your room, then checking in, night-clubbing and dining, always research and on-site ask first for senior discounts. You’ll be happily surprised that just about all hotels, theaters and restaurants offer lower prices to seniors. Of course, the reason is that they know you’ll play it all back in the casino.

My Lofty View Of A Table Full Of Make-up Samplings PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor recently happened to be strolling by on a sidewalk above the scene at a market fair in Los Angeles when he pointed the camera lens downward to create this photogenic rectangle of the cosmetics cosmos.


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