Virgin Atlantic: Where Overnight Silence Is Golden

We recently flew Virgin Atlantic from JFK to London, and had an unusual and somewhat humorous problem. Because of advanced age and gradual loss of hearing, we often carry small, portable amplifier buds for our ears.

However on this overnight flight, the devices weren’t on when a flight attendant approached our seat. The lights were low and most other passengers were asleep. She leaned over and whispered something we couldn’t hear. In a loud voice, we responded with, “What did you say?”

Of course, it awakened everyone nearby, who shot dirty looks our way. She gave us a frown and said in a normal voice, “Virgin is training us in proper whispering. Would you like a cup of tea?”

Later we found out Virgin has hired voice coaches who instruct crew members on how to whisper when cabins are dark and passengers asleep.

New York NY: Where Newly-Arrived Immigrants Struggled PDF Print E-mail

Today’s news is full of stories of poor families crossing US borders. It brings back memories of similar hardships more than a century ago. The Tenement Museum on 103 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan tells the story.

It portrays the life of poverty, large families living in small ghetto rooms, racial prejudice and daily efforts to survive. The museum exhibits furniture, clothing and other authentic items of the era. Visitors are greeted by guides dressed as immigrants to explore the buildings and surrounding neighborhood where it all happened from the 1890s through the 1920s. For tickets and other info, go to www.tenement.org

Paris Cafe Brings Memories Of Mafia Godfather Corleone PDF Print E-mail

The Italian specialty ristorante recently opened near the Arc de Triomphe in touristy Paris. The menu features favorite Italian and Sicilian dishes, including caponata and pesto all trapanese. Corleone, an infamous town in Sicily, was featured in the Godfather films starring Marlon Brando.

So, senior goombah, when you’re in Paris, stop by for some tasty pronzo and cena, and buon appetito.

Senior travel, freezing winter weather, hypothermia PDF Print E-mail

The older you get, the more susceptible you are to physical skin and lung damage caused by cold. The freezing weather will bring on the problem at any time during extreme exposure to the elements. As people in many parts of America battle the worst icy weather in decades, if you’re experiencing them, take precautions.

When wind chill and temperatures dip below freezing, limit outside exposure as much as possible. Walk only with bundled up ears, face and hands. There will always be warmer times to stroll the Chicago lakeside, New York’s Broadway, Philly’s Independence Square and Boston Harbor.

Non-Stop Boston To Hawaii Flights To Be Very Lonnnggg PDF Print E-mail

Are you a wintry senior Beantowner dreaming of spending many hours in the air to get across the US, over the Pacific Ocean to sunny Honolulu? Starting April 4, there will be four flights a week from Logan Airport making the globe-circling journey.

It’ll be 51,000 miles by Hawaiian Airlines, and Boston passengers will be in the air 10 hours and 15 minutes. If you go, be sure to stash your Smartphone with lots of audio and video, along with a sleep mask for snoozing. For more info on schedules and prices, check with your travel agent and www.hawaiianairlines.com

Cruise With Royal Caribbean's Robot Bartenders PDF Print E-mail

They’re on duty aboard four of the line’s Of The Seas ships, Harmony, Quantum and Anthem. To meet them, find the Bionic Bar, where digital servers named Mix and Mingle will mix your requests. The robots, with 30 boozes and 21 mixers on hand, can produce two drinks a minute. But will they listen to that sad story about your broken romance?


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