Cayman Islands: Sunken Ship For Scuba Diving

The newest attraction for scuba-diving tourists in the Caymans is the former US Navy submarine rescue ship, the USS Kittawake.

After more than 40 years of service in war and peace, the old ship was deliberately sunk, finding a permanent resting place on the harbor floor as an artificial reef. In the crystal-clear water, divers can swim down the 15 feet to explore the ship’s exterior and interior.

There are five decks, bridge, crew’s quarters, mess hall and other  declassified structures still intact. The Kittawake is just a mile offshore from Grand Cayman's popular Seven Mile Beach and other tourist areas.

Q&A: Always Double Check Your Hotel Bill When Checking Out PDF Print E-mail

Q: In the rush to get to the airport, I paid the hotel bill, stuffed it in my handbag and ran out the door to the waiting taxi. However, after settling in my airline seat, I scanned the bill and found I’d been charged for several high-priced meals in the swanky hotel restaurant. I never ate there. What can I do about it now? Ms PRS, San Antonio TX

A: Of course, it would’ve been easier to correct the bill at check-out time. However, you can probably get it resolved by sending an explanatory note and copy of the bill to the hotel email address. You should receive a refund or credit for your next stay at the hotel.

Holiday Air Travel: Be Prepared For Most Crowded In History PDF Print E-mail

According to news reports, this holiday season will involve a record 51 million people coming in and out of U.S. airports. And it will seem that most of them are in line ahead of you at check-in.

Also, before you head for the airport, be sure you’re up on all in-force regulations about security, including what’s OK and what’s not allowed in your carry-ons. Therefore, when waiting for your flight to be called, the best attitude is to grin and bear it. Even if you have to bare something personal in the check-in security line.

Hotel Room No No: If Not Needed, Don’t Open Mini Bar PDF Print E-mail

Curiosity killed the cat, so just peeking into the mini bar could automatically show up as catastrophic room charges. Even if you don’t take anything, the employee who daily checks the little boxes could miscount and add charges.

When you check out, carefully read your hotel's itemized bill, and if you see wrong mini bar charges, dispute them. Most front desk clerks will cancel the charges.

Q&A: Is It OK To Stay Beyond Hotel Check-Out Time? PDF Print E-mail

Q: Sometimes we need to use our hotel room into the afternoon before we leave. Is it OK to stay an extra hour or two for last minute shopping, packing and other needs? Will we have to pay extra for the time? LLM, Providence RI

A: You're expected to be gone by check-out time. However, if you need it and call the front desk at least an hour in advance of the deadline, you’ll probably get another hour or so in the room at no extra cost. Always remember that a busy hotel needs the required schedule to clean and prepare rooms for arriving guests. Your cooperation is expected.

Las Vegas NV: Hotel Room Costs Vs Airbnb Rental PDF Print E-mail

Experienced senior travelers to Sin City never had access to these new places to stay until a few years ago. In case you’re not familiar with them, Airbnbs are privately owned homes, condos and other residences that are available nightly to travelers, with many available in resort, beach and big city locations.

Now that they’ve progressed from some homeowner’s extra room to hostels to luxury penthouses throughout the world, travelers find them not only conveniently attractive, but usually much cheaper than hotel rooms. For traveling families and other group trips, an Airbnb rental can be a great bargain.


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