Chicago Taxis: If Ya Can’t Beat ‘Em, Do As They Do

If future travels take you to the Windy City, and you need to ride a taxi on a weekend night, be prepared to pay higher fares. Mayor Emanuel has allowed taxis to do as Uber and Lift hail-a-private-car drivers do, pump up the price during evening theater, dining and other busy times.

It’s called price surging due to supply and demand, or maybe just a polite term for highway robbery.

Don’t Buy Overpriced Stuff At Airport Shops PDF Print E-mail

Before leaving home, make sure to take items that you’ll need during flights, cruises and hotel stays. Don’t forget electronics, clothing, toiletries, head phones, packaged food, aspirins, neck pillow, sleep mask, small plastic water bottle, cookies or other usual travel necessities. Days before you begin your journey, get all of the required items at local stores to pack with your luggage. If you need to buy any of them at airport shops, you’ll pay two or three times the usual retail store price.

No More Plastic Shampoo Bottles At Holiday Inns PDF Print E-mail

The hotel chain has announced a new policy to help lower pollution that plagues many oceans. Tons of plastic and other dangerous trash are dumped daily into the water, endangering whales and other sea life.

Other hotel and restaurant chains are also eliminating the small plastic bottles and using large refillable containers in bathrooms and kitchens. Question: Are the business beancounters doing it to save ocean bottoms or to save corporate bottom lines?

Emotional Support Dogs: Rules For Street, Airport & Flight PDF Print E-mail

Of course, they have the well-earned reputation of being man’s best friend. Dogs help the blind, kids and elderly, do home security and dozens of other positive chores. However, they are animals, and in certain situations even the most docile dog can literally bite the hand that feeds him.

Recently a flight attendant was severely bitten by a passenger’s service dog. She was helping a handicapped man into a seat, and by separating the dog from its master for just a moment, the attendant inadvertently caused the dog to panic and attack.

Your travel4seniors.com editor had a similar incident. One evening several months ago, I passed a woman walking a dog that was wearing a bright costume after being in a Halloween street parade. I put my hand out to pat the dog’s paper hat. I immediately suffered a severe bite that required a dozen stitches in the hospital emergency room.

The basic mistake the flight attendant and I made was not realizing how nervous and upset the dogs were. They had been taken from quiet homes to very busy, confusing, noisy environments. Further, the traveling dog was placed on a crowded, loud, shaking airplane when it struck out in panic.

Bottom line: When traveling in parades, airports or aircraft, don’t reach suddenly to pet a strange canine. Even those well-trained, docile comfort dogs can suddenly panic and instinctively attack.

Q: Should We Visit Hong Kong This Autumn? PDF Print E-mail

Since our retirement a decade ago, we’ve done a lot of traveling. France, Hawaii, Las Vegas and our favorite annual trip, Hong Kong. However, according to recent news, there’s a big street riot there almost every day and night. And they may to be getting more violent. What’s your opinion? LFMcN, Houston TX

A: Hong Kong has long been considered one of the world’s safest for visitors. However, since the mainland China government took over the city, there have been more and more street demonstrations. Visiting these days isn’t extra dangerous, except if you find yourself in the middle of a protest demonstration or march with police on the scene.

So, when you plan to venture out to eat, drink or shop, stay away from riot locations. Before you wander, ask hotel employees for up-to-date info on disturbance areas and when to avoid them.

Hollywood CA: Musso & Frank Grill Celebrates 100th Birthday PDF Print E-mail

Near the classic locale of Hollywood and Vine, the historic eatery is a century old. From Charlie Chaplin to Frank Sinatra to Johnny Depp, it still attracts show biz stars who enjoy the food and nostalgia.

The restaurant is featured in the current Quentin Tarantino film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. The setting is 1969, halfway through its history. From early reports, the movie’s $90 million budget will be greatly surpassed by eager movie fans buying tickets at theaters around the world.

The Musso & Frank unique international and American classics menu is still one of the best in Hollywood, although the prices have risen a bit since 1969. Maybe even more since 1919. If your travels take you to the popular tourist neighborhood, plan to have lunch or dinner at tables and booths where once dined Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Al Pacino, George Clooney and the Rolling Stones.


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