EatWith: New Idea For The Seasoned Traveler

We who’ve wandered the world for many decades are always game to try something new. We’ve bunked in airport sleeping lockers, scan GPS locators in our cars and try all kinds of electronic tricks with Smartphones that weren't yet invented in our early travel decades.

We’ve driven with uber.com chauffeurs, slept in underwater hotels and bed’n’breakfasted with airbnb.com families. Now comes EatWith, offering family dining just about anywhere you’ll travel in the world. Simply, with private arrangements, traveling seniors can sit down for a meal with real local families in their private homes.

Starting at about $25, they can enjoy everything from tortillas, chitlins, sushi, linguini, lo mein, sausages, tapas, calimari, ratatouille to whatever home cooking they choose. For more info, go to www.eatwith.com

Palm Desert CA: Welcome Spring At Desert Food & Wine Festival PDF Print E-mail

It takes place from Friday to Sunday, March 23-25 in the El Paseo Shopping District. The beautiful town is just 15 miles from Palm Springs and 122 miles from Los Angeles. Enjoy the specialties offered by 40 local restaurants, as well as 60 premium wines and champagnes. For tickets and info, go to www.palm-desert.org/Home/Components/Calendar/Event

Q: Always Stayed At Hotels, But Friends Urge Us To Try Airbnb PDF Print E-mail

We’re frequent retiree travelers, and go to see the world about four times a year. We’ve been to France, Italy, Hong Kong and U.S. hotels, but every time we go, room rates are jumping higher. Now we’re told that Airbnbs are not only much cheaper, but more comfy, quiet and private than hotels. What’s your opinion? JLB, Naples FL

A: Over the past decade, the era of Airbnb has spread throughout the world, and now with many competitors. It keeps growing as travelers who prefer private homes increase. Of course, they’re most economical for travel groups of four or more.

When first considering booking a private home, discuss it with friends and family who’ve experienced it. Check carefully online about location, outdoor/outdoor facilities, neighborhood and other amenities.

Homeless Or Profiting In Lucrative Begging Business PDF Print E-mail

The London Daily Mail recently ran an article about fake homeless beggars on city streets who actually make good incomes, often from tourists. Of course, many you see in in your travels are truly homeless for various reasons, including alcoholism, drugs and mental illnesses.

However, whether you’re a tourist or resident who often encounters the fake or real homeless, giving cash is not the best way to help. It will only keep the crooked ones in business, as well as increase the problems of the truly destitute addicts and those with mental illnesses.

If you feel concern for street people in your neighborhood or on your travels, most effectively help them by donating to legitimate charities, such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army. Those and other community organizations need your contributions so that the scourge of homelessness can be dealt with most effectively.

Don’t Allow Flu Nor Ah-Choo Spoil Your Springtime Travel Plans PDF Print E-mail

The news at this time of year is always full of warning about the usual ailments that come with the warming weather. Roaming seniors are very vulnerable to the ailments because they’re frequently in crowded airports, planes, trains, hotels, restaurants and other gathering places. Be sure you travel only when you feel well. If cold or flu symptoms begin, consider postponing or cancelling your plans

While traveling, follow simple health precautions. First, before you arrive at your destination, know how to quickly contact local health services there if the need happens. Be sure your med insurance is in effect wherever you are.

Before leaving home, prepare a travel health kit to carry with you. Include in it medicated tissues, pain and fever meds, hand soap, and an alcohol-based liquid sanitizer. As many savvy travelers do, consider wearing a medicated face mask whenever you’re in a busy, crowded area.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: De Kattenkabinet Is A Meowseum PDF Print E-mail

The fun museum is themed “an exploration of the cat’s role in art and culture through the centuries”. If you’re a cat lover and travel plans include the beautiful Dutch city, spend some hours here.

The feline theme is expressed in the museum exhibits through the works of many famed artists. They include Rembrandt, Picasso, Toulouse-Latrec and others. This small, canal-side building at Herengracht 497 houses the owner's family on the second floor, while the museum is on the ground level overlooking the water traffic. When you’re there admiring the exhibits, you may encounter some of the live cats that greet visitors. For ticket and other info, go to kattenkabinet.nl


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