Southwest Introduces New Round-Trip Flights

The economy airline is always offering deals and updated schedules. For example, beginning Sunday, November 6, there are the following newly-introduced flights:

Baltimore MD to San Jose CA (1 daily)
Washington Reagan DC to Providence RI (2 daily)
Washington Dulles DC to Orlando FL (1 daily)
Kansas City MO to San Antonio TX (1 daily)
San Jose CA to Salt Lake City UT (2 daily)

For deals, prices, times and more info, go to www.southwest.com

Summer Travel Statistics Expanding At Record Rates PDF Print E-mail

’Tis the season when prices are highest, tourist numbers are heaviest and daytime heat is worstest. Current stats report all of this will make this season one of the most challenging in years.

How do savvy senior wanderers deal with it? Avoid the busiest locations in Rome, Paris, London, Tokyo and other destinations by postponing your visits until after Labor Day cools off the heat and crowds. That’s when younger adults and kids are gone and prices drop.

Fly during the week, preferably in night red eye schedules, when the planes are not stuffed with holiday traveling bothersome families. And when making your plans, keep pushing your cellphone and computer buttons daily until you find the best prices and schedules.

Quickie Tour Instead Of Dreary Hours In The Airport? PDF Print E-mail

Q: On our trip to Tokyo next month, our schedule includes a six-hour layover at Los Angeles. Are there short tours, such as to Hollywood and the beaches, available from and return to the airport? RLMcL, Newark NJ

A: Check the internet for companies that specialize in quick and layover tours to and from Los Angeles International Airport. Costs start at about $100 for a three-hour tour. Example: www.viator.com/tours/Los-Angeles/LAX-Layover-Tours-Hollywood-Beverly-Hills-Santa-Monica-and-more

Q: What About All The Rules On Checking Bags? PDF Print E-mail

Not too old to remember when checking a bag before flights cost $5. Now, every time I go the fee jumps from $20, $40 and up. How do I deal with it next time I fly? MCJ, Portland OR

A: It’ll get even more costly as airlines keep advertising low, low ticket specials, while seeking other ways to make money. Some now charge for carry-on small bags you once stuffed for free in the overhead or under your seat.

Of course, the best answer is travel light, take no bags, and stash everything into a coat you wear with lots of inside and outside pockets. You’ll not only save money, but also avoid the frustrating delays after the flight lands, and must wait while the baggage carousel goes round and round forever.

When planning future flights, first always get the latest info on bag rules and fees from your airline. That includes charges you can pay in advance online and other possible time- and money-saving options.

Rome, Italy: Behave Yourselves, Senior Tourists! PDF Print E-mail

The city government has enforced more strict rules this year to preserve the dignity and beauty of the ancient city. For such offenses as damaging art, leaving trash on the sidewalk, drunk in public and excessive noise, a tourist could be fined up to $500. Or if the deed is more drastic, some Roman hoosegow time.

The Trevi Fountain, one of the city’s favorite tourist spots and location of many films, often now attracts unruly visitors to wade in for selfies. Hmmmm, if a trio of tourists jumped in waist high Trevi water, would it inspire a film titled “Three Groins In The Fountain”?

Las Vegas: Soon Robot Bartenders To Serve Booze At Casinos PDF Print E-mail

Several top Sin City hotels plan to feature automatic non-human devices to offer customers a variety of boozes. Will they make traditional living, breathing bar workers obsolete? What’s next? Mechanical hookers strolling the Las Vegas Strip?


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