Uber: Consider Its New Driver Destinations Service

The private-car-for-hire company is now testing in busy San Francisco an economic availability for passengers to jump into a Uber car that’s already on a scheduled trip. You text or flag down the orange-lighted Uber car, and it drops you off at your destination along the way.

Some reports on Uber have been negative, including complaints from traditional taxi companies. However, we just had a very positive Uber experience. When a family member was recently confined in a big city hospital about five miles from our home, in addition to the cost of gas while using our own car, hospital garage parking fees were $25.

Taking a taxi to the hospital was $25 each way, plus tip. Hailing a Uber ride was $5 each way. Additionally, Uber informed us that the tip was factored into that price.

Wales: Railroad Station In Alphabet Soup Named Town PDF Print E-mail

Actually the full name is much longer, but when your travel4seniors.com editor and spouse visited, it seems they must have run out of sign paint. We enjoyed our visit, including lunch at a local café and hike along Anglesey Island scenery.

Tho Called Airport Comfort Dogs, They Have Canine Teeth PDF Print E-mail

They do their jobs well, offering friendly noses and paws to tense passengers in busy airports. However, as with all dogs and humans, a sudden loud noise can startle them into a violent panic attack.

It happened recently in a major airport, when a comfort dog was frightened by aircraft engine backfire. He instinctively clamped his teeth down on a nearby hand at exactly the wrong moment, causing a deep wound requiring a dozen stitches.

So, during your travels and in your neighborhood, when you put a hand out to pet a strange dog, be careful, You may be rewarded with a sudden bite, even if it comes from a formerly friendly canine face.

Stinky Fliers: No Booze, Beans, Smokes Or Onions Before Flights PDF Print E-mail

Airline economy seats are getting smaller all the time, and passengers are jammed ever tighter together. Therefore, if you’re addicted to those products, have some consideration for anyone next to you forced to endure their resulting, revolting odors for endless hours.

This involves spending at least a day before flights ridding your body, breath and clothing of the offensive smells. And in the case of eating just before flying, try to avoid food that causes breath and bodily function eruptions. On behalf of the passenger in the next seat, we thank you.

Q: Rent E-Scooters To Get Around Manhattan? PDF Print E-mail

We’re in our 60s and physically fit. We ride e-scooters in our home town, and would like to use them when we visit New York City. We know the hazards and always wear helmets, but wonder if it’s safe enough there. Mrs. EKL, Princeton NJ

A: First check with current NYC safety rules. E-scooters are having speed and accident problems in some cities, causing tight restrictions, and in some cases are totally banned. Senior visitors with sharp reflexes, clear eyesight, along with proper use, protective clothing and good luck, e-scooters can be a very convenient way to get around busy Manhattan. However, before doing it, consider your age, agility and ability to peal through the Big Apple.

San Francisco CA: Cost You $5 To Drive Crooked Street PDF Print E-mail

Lombard Street has been a busy tourist attraction for decades. However, residents complain about the constant heavy flow of noisy cars blocking traffic in front of their homes. The new fee is expected to ease the congestion. What’s next? You’ll be charged $5 to drive past the crooked White House?


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