United: This Time A CATastrophic PURRformance

Just when the harried airline thought all the unfriendly skies incidents were over, a new passenger dumping happened. It occurred aboard a United aircraft in Baltimore before take-off to Chicago.

When she was scheduled to go aboard, the woman told the desk clerk that she was seriously allergic to cats. Once aboard, she noted a cat with another passenger seated several rows away. The distraught woman asked an attendant to be seated far away.

Her complaint angered the attendant, and suddenly the passenger was escorted off the flight by two TSA agents. Later, there were explanations, excuses and United did get the woman on another flight. However, this latest incident of bad publicity makes it appear that United did the nasty deed on PURRPUSS.

Q: Are Costumed Street Performers Legal In Las Vegas? PDF Print E-mail

We’ve been going to Sin City for many years, but on our last visit we saw many more people now doing sidewalk music and costumes. They’re all over the Strip and downtown Fremont Street. What are the city laws, and is it OK to tip them? RLO’D, Memphis TN

A: There are laws they must obey, but so far the street characters are legal. As in NYC’s Times Square and on Hollywood Boulevard, in Las Vegas they earn tips with costumes and by performing on busy tourist areas. Today, most travelers have cellphones and selfie sticks, and the performers make money by posing for photos and videos. If your camera shoots them, give a tip of from $1 to $5, maybe higher if you're with them more than a few moments. If they bother you, just walk past quickly without taking any photos.

How To Be A Safe Senior Traveler In Mexico PDF Print E-mail

While some US cities are not the friendliest destinations, the recent rise in gang crimes in Mexico urban areas is becoming a major problem, especially for older tourists. Unfortunately, they are the easiest victims. Professional robbers and quick-grabbing kid gangs roam the streets and parks of many Mexican cities.

When you’re sightseeing, day and night, always be aware of your surroundings. Keep wallets in buttoned or zipped pockets. Hold handbags with straps, and when walking, tightly under an arm. Attach a case and wrist strap to your smartphone, and keep it wrapped around a hand when texting and shooting photos.

Use only registered taxis from airports and on city rides. Always ask hotel desk employees about the safest tourist sites, restaurants, entertainment and other nearby local features. When dining, especially outside, don’t leave personal items, drinks or food unattended when taking bathroom breaks. Nights are most dangerous, so stay on well-lighted streets and walk with at least one physically-fit companion.

Santorini, Greece: Fat Tourists Banned From Donkey Rides PDF Print E-mail

One of the island’s most popular tourist activities is riding the little burros through the beautiful scenery. However, fat visitors have been too much of a burden for the fragile animals. Now if visitors weigh 220 pounds or more, they’ll have to walk. Santorini citizens are determined to save their asses.

USA Today Names The D Las Vegas Best Casino In Sin City PDF Print E-mail

Located downtown on historic Fremont Street, the hotel opened in 1980 as the Sundance, and later named Fitzgerald’s. It has been the D since 2012.  Entering from the street, first-floor visitors experience contemporary table games and the latest in slot machines.

For seniors with fond old Vegas memories, the second floor casino has historic decor, vintage slots and traditional horse racing sports book. There’s also a keno lounge and free entertainment by The D’s talented dancing dealers and cocktail waitresses. For more info, go to www.thed.com

London UK: Tower of London Is World’s Spookiest Destination PDF Print E-mail

Of course, there are haunted old houses, ghostly images, murder locations and other scary places to visit in the scary season. However, if your travels take you to the British capital city at Halloween or any other time, be sure to spend a few horrific hours at the Tower.

It’s the most infamously haunted location in England. Many royals and enemies of royals were imprisoned and died there. The most notable were the two young princes, Edward V and his brother Richard, who were murdered there. If you hope for a ghostly encounter with any former prisoners, sign up for a Twilight Tower tour. For hours, tickets and other info, go to www.hrp.org.uk/tower-of-london


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