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Are You Planning To Invade Area 51 In Nevada? PDF Print E-mail

The government has denied permission for gathering of space-enthused celebrants at the actual Area 51, an official military base. Therefore, the so-called Alienstock (in tribute to Woodstock) Festival is scheduled to happen in tiny Rachel, Nevada, the closest town. It sits on State Route 375, nicknamed the Extraterrestrial Highway.

Alienstock will start on Friday, September 20 and end at noon Sunday, September 22. Scheduled are alien costumes, music, entertainment, food and drink stands. Admission is free, but attendees are urged to make volunteer contributions to continue Alienstock efforts at space exploration, world peace and harmony.

So far, there have been no predictions of appearances at the festival of actual extraterrestrial visitors nor spaced-out politicians.

Los Angeles Airport: Take City Tour From LAX To Relax PDF Print E-mail

Many senior travelers must wait hours at LAX for connecting flights across the Pacific to Asia. They have a choice to spend many hours trying to find a quiet spot in the busy airport or enjoy a tour.

If your layover at LAX will be five hours or more, consider lacitytours.com. The cost is about $100. It includes strolling the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica beach scenes and up the hills to the Hollywood sign. There’s also a visit and lunch stop at the city’s historic Farmers Market. For more info and booking, check the website.

Q: OK To Pin A Fake Helper Badge On My Traveling Dog? PDF Print E-mail

I know I’m supposed to register Millie as an official emotional support dog. For the past five years, she’s gone everywhere with me as a daily helper. Now we’re both invited on a sea cruise next month with my church group. We have to fly to the seaport, and I’m worried the airline will not let Millie on the flight with me. What should I do? PPK, Branson MO

A: Because lately there have been too many air passengers who fake all kinds of animals with them as legit companions, airlines are getting more strict. You’ll be able to take Millie, but make it legal. First, check with your doctor to get written proof of your needing help. Also there are all kinds of internet info on how to legally register Millie, including: www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/aug/12/fake-emotional-support-animals-service-dogs

Women Fliers: Watch Out For Upskirt Foto Freaks PDF Print E-mail

For some reason, in addition to the increase in nutcase mass shootings, there are more and more news stories of other drooling idiots. They creep and crouch around to sneak snarky foto snaps.

They target women in dresses in airports, aboard flights and in busy malls. If it happens to you or a companion, don’t endanger your safety by confronting or taking a photo of the offender. Immediately report the incident to security or police.

Hmmmm, so on a future visit to Scotland, should your travel4seniors.com editor be extra careful of where I point my camera?

Copenhagen, Denmark: Classic Hippie Commune At Christiana PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor always enjoys visiting the Danish capital. Great food, friendly people, lush parks and historic sights make the city one of the world’s happiest destinations. Senior visitors who want to relive some old memories there should spend a day in the hippie past.

Freetown Christiania is Copenhagen’s living reminder of the fads and indulgences of the 1970s. Wandering through what was once a Danish army camp, you’ll encounter hippie-dressed celebrants, brightly-painted houses, art workshops, galleries, intimate music cafés, organic dining and many other reminders of those years of freedom and excess.

Visitors can enjoy the vitality of the neighborhood, including guided tours that emphasize Christiana’s hippie history. For more info, go to www.visitcopenhagen.com/copenhagen/culture/alternative-christiania


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