National Harbor MD: Will There Be an MGM Casino?

Other than what Congress does with our tax dollars, is the Washington DC area ready for gambling? It’s still very early in the approval stage, but MGM has proposed a casino resort development in the Maryland town of National Harbor. It’s just eight miles and across the Potomac River from the White House.

The Beltway location is very popular, and a year or so ago, Disney seriously proposed a theme park there. Although it never happened, the urge to develop the riverside area is still alive, and this MGM project is just as ambitious.

We thought and thought about it, and now suggest some not-too-sane ideas for appropriate features for that proposed gambling mecca facing Washington DC:

Capitol City One-Armed-Bandits: You bet U.S. Treasury money with Congress and never see it again.

Plush Pentagon Resort: Here you get to play with drones. Not the flying kind. You’ll frolic with real drones, the Pentagon’s armchair generals and admirals.

Smithsonian Casino: Visitors will see now extinct objects, such as an honest politician, vintage gas pump showing the price of $1.50 a gallon and an ancient airline ticket without the 50% add ons. The exhibit would include Barack Obama’s actual birth certificate, and Mitt Romney’s Book of Mormon. The one he carried door-to-door to convert heathens and independent voters.

Hillary’s Pillory: If you gamble against the Secretary of State running for President in 2016, you could end up in stocks. Not the wooden torture kind. Much worse, you’re forced to buy Wall Street stocks from Bernie Madoff.

Finally, visit the Clinton Oval Office and Bingo Palace on Halloween night. Write your own disturbing description for Bill’s trick or treat surprise.

Q&A: Travel Concerns About Sexual Discrimination PDF Print E-mail

Q: My partner and I are a gay couple, and we’ve traveled extensively throughout the world. Because we don’t hide our relationship, we frequently have booking problems in countries with strict sex laws, such as China and Russia.

Now we’re planning to join a group trip with some destinations in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt. How can we make this a trouble-free experience? PLJ, West Palm Beach FL

Greedy Restaurants And Hotels Use You As Spokesperson PDF Print E-mail

After a meal or overnight experience, many senior travelers are inundated with online requests to post favorable comments on social media websites. Of course, that’s OK if you do it voluntarily following an especially good experience. However, the beancounters who promote those businesses now consider the internet a fantastic free advertising tool.

As a recent customer, your happy comments encourage travelers to patronize that hotel or restaurant. Therefore, when you’re being pressured online to write favorable words on social media, realize you’re creating free advertising without any compensation. Of course, if you have a particularly bad experience … such as bugs in your bed or flies in your soup … feel free to blab it angrily on social media.

Gripe About Check In: Senior Temper Tantrum Freezes Airport PDF Print E-mail

The lesson for today, senior travelers, is to keep cool. Of course, flying these days can be insanely difficult, especially when in a crowded, confusing airport.

Recently at La Guardia, a 75-year-old passenger vented his anger at the extra charge for his bag by declaring it had a bomb in it. Of course, it was just the senior's thoughtless way of being sarcastic. However, his outburst caused a security alert and the airport went on terror attack mode.

The results were considerable flight delays and other confusion. Advice: No matter what the provocation when you’re at an airport, keep your temper and words in check.

Super Volcano Under Yellowstone Could Destroy The World PDF Print E-mail

Forget the fat little North Korean dictator, orange-wigged politician and other nutcase world leaders with their itchy fingers on nuclear bomb triggers. According to the National Geographic and other scientific reports, Old Faithful and other spouts are just tiny indications of the huge, rumbling disturbance far below underneath the area.

When they blow sky high, it’s good bye everything and everybody. What can an active senior do until that fearful moment arrives? How about some travel suggestions? Gamble away your life savings at Las Vegas, book a stateroom on a luxury cruise, rent the sky-high penthouse of the ritziest hotel in Manhattan.

Dump the entire Kardashian family into Old Faithful. Send an obscene tweet to Donald Trump, stand on your head at an NFL football game during the National Anthem. What would your final bucket list journey be before the big geyser hits?

For Happier Travels, Book Holiday Flights Now! PDF Print E-mail

First, you’ll find air ticket prices are considerably lower, often as much as 50% if made four weeks early! Also, choices of seating are more available.

For even better prices, be sure to avoid booking daytime flights scheduled during holiday weekends. And finally, after making plans early, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to do the booking when airline phone centers are not overwhelmed with harried customers trying to fly to grandma’s for Thanksgiving or Christmas.


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