Dubai, UAE: Hotel Planned To Be Taj Mahal II

The popular resort city of Dubai, with its oil rich income and getting richer as gas prices soar, is planning an ambitious construction. Scheduled to open in 2014 is The Taj.

The plan is to make the resort complex a replica of the Taj Mahal, the world-famous monument in Agra, India. That palace was built in the 17th Century by a mourning emperor in memory of his late young wife. Plans are to make the new Taj at least four times the size of the original, with its flagship structure a five-star resort.

According to recent reports, the Taj will be part of a thousand-yard complex, called the Falconcity of Wonders Project. In addition to the resort hotel, there are to be upscale shops, athletic facilities, restaurants and condos.

The planners also say the site will include replicas of the Eiffel Tower, Great Pyramid, Tower of Pisa, a segment of the Great Wall of China and Italy’s Venice Harbor. They haven’t yet mentioned the Colossus of Rhodes, Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Battle of Waterloo. Just kidding.

For more information, go to falconcity.com

Alert: How To Help Street Thieves Pick Your Pockets PDF Print E-mail

When traveling in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, there’s always the danger of a street crook getting away with your wallet or pocketbook. Of  course, tight zippers and buttons can prevent it.

However, you also need to protect your senior tourist money from more sophisticated robbers roaming foreign streets and stations today. Dressed in what look like official uniforms, they choose likely victims by pretending to be doing official duties. They approach and politely ask to check your purse or wallet for proper identification and possible illegal or false money.

You cooperate and, after a few moments, you’re thanked and handed back the inspected item. You don’t notice the missing money until later, when you can’t do anything about the robbery. Never automatically give your purse or wallet when asked on the street or public transportation. If the uniformed intruders demand them, reply strongly that you'll do it only with them at an official police station.

Yelp Yaps About Best 100 Restaurants In The USA PDF Print E-mail

The website clams its team of data scientists voted the top rankings based on customer ratings, foodie rantings and gourmand reviews. Hmmmm. Is it a coincidence that both the first and last on the list have Middle Eastern menus?

The 100 are too many to display here, so let’s just do two. No. 100 is Falafel Cafe in Birmingham AL, and  No. 1 Shawarma Guys in San Diego CA: And, of course, on any day you show up at one of those, you may be served the best or worst meal in America. However, note customer review snips.

Shawarma Guys: The falafels were very crispy on the outside and had a nice flavor.  Not dry at all.  The shawarma plate was delicious and the beef was very soft and tender.  It's what you'd expect from wagyu.  What stood out was the tabouli, hummus, and pita, which were all very flavorful.

Falafel Cafe: This place has the best Middle Eastern foods. Fantastic shawarma and rice snd the best falafel in town. Very reasonable prices, clean and well run. I highly recommend this for lunch or dinner. I'll be back very soon. If you get a regular pita sandwich or plate, make sure you get some falafel on the side. It’s great.

Q: Flying To China Soon. How Can We Avoid Sickness? PDF Print E-mail

Q: With all the virus problems in the news, should we postpone our Asian trip? MJ, San Francisco CA

A: It is getting serious. Keep checking the internet for breaking travel info before you decide. Also, when you fly anywhere these days, take intelligent precautions against catching flu, colds and worse.

For example, when you do go, try to book a window seat with an overhead fresh air duct. Also, if next to a cougher or sneezer, quickly ask the flight attendant to move you to an empty seat next to healthy passengers. And, of course, pack a pocket with face masks and disposable medicated wet wipes.

Boston MA: Sentence Yourself To The Historic Liberty Hotel PDF Print E-mail

Formerly the Charles Street Jail, book some days and nights at the Starwood Luxury Collection Hotel. Built in 1851, the former imposing prison is now a first-class hotel and a national historic landmark. Instead of guys in striped uniforms, those confined inside these days are welcomed guests in regal surroundings, accommodations and dining.

The nearly 300 rooms and suites display the city skyline and Charles River through vintage wrought-iron window bars. Exteriors, interiors and raised catwalks where guards once strolled still entice guests to wander and sight-see the former stone buttresses. thelibertyhotel.com

Viking Dropped The Word Cruise From Its Official Name PDF Print E-mail

cruisefredlgSo next time I want to cruise the ocean blue on that line, I’ll have to call it big ship sailing, ocean journey, sea excursion or water passage. Citing a desire to focus on destinations, as well as a reflection of its growth into different types of sailings, Viking has also dropped the word “cruise” from its official name.Viking founder and chairman Tor Hagen tucked the announcement into an event Jan. 15 in Los Angeles. After the remote christening of the line’s latest ocean ship, Viking Jupiter, and the long-anticipated [reveal of its expedition line], Hagen said that the company’s website URL had been changed from vikingcruises.com to viking.com.


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