New RCL Oasis of the Seas will be a floating buffet table

Jay Leno used to say often as a lead-in to a joke about overweight people, “As if we’re not fat enough already .....” Royal Caribbean's answer may be, “On our new ship, it will be impossible to eat too much.” RCL’s brand new Oasis of the Seas, the largest passenger liner in history, is undergoing trials, and is expected to take its first passenger cruise in December to Caribbean ports.

New Orleans Celebrates 300th Birthday All This Year PDF Print E-mail

And she’s just as beautiful today as she was way back when some French explorers came ashore and founded Bourbon Street and much more. If your travel plans include visiting the iconic city, keep checking out the many scheduled food, music, tours and other events. www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/2018/07/25/new-orleans-tricentennial

Don’t Get Faked Out By A Phony Private Home Rental PDF Print E-mail

With Airbnb and other legit short-term home rental agencies getting more popular, it’s inevitable that greedy imitators are now in the business. Often they’re mom and pop homes where the owners want to make some quick bucks from gullible tourists.

Some home rentals, as handled by established agencies, are very good. However, if you pay for the wrong one directly from the owner, you may find it below par in cleanliness. It could also be far away from beach, restaurants, clubs and other expected conveniences of a vacation hotel stay.

The best way to rent a private home is with Airbnb or other legitimate agency. By constantly checking with that resource, you’ll be informed of developments and updates with potential rentals. Beyond detailed descriptions of the home, you’ll get info about fees, convenience, location, history and other useful facts.

The Latest Poop On Posted Pool Signs PDF Print E-mail

Someone who learned English as a second or fifth language made this warning message for U.S. vacationers visiting a Mexican hotel swimming pool. Apparently, many Gringo stomachs are not accustomed to the more spicy Mexican dining delicacies.

China Warns Its Travelers About Violence In The USA PDF Print E-mail

You see Chinese tourists everywhere, Broadway, Hollywood, San Francisco, the Las Vegas Strip and many other tourist locations. According to The New York Times, the Chinese government is now officially warning its ocean-hopping citizens about dangers of traveling in the USA.

In addition to smoggy air, the report says gun violence kills as many people in America as car accidents. Also, muggings, robberies and burglaries happen frequently, and often to foreign visitors. The Chinese government warnings give advice about personal safety and ways to get police help. Now, about safety for American tourists in China….

Cheap Seat Senior Flyers: Be Aware Of Piled On $$$$ PDF Print E-mail

Airlines keep coming up with new names for seating, and they all relate to how they’re priced. Now, along with economy, there is basic economy. Considering economy is being squashed into a tiny middle seat with a 300-pound passenger on either side, basic economy must be even tighter. 

Actually, those cheapest passengers will be the last to board with no seat choice. They’ll have to stash carry-ons under them. One of the most unexpected is that if your bags are too big to fit, you’ll have to check them and pay another $25 to $50 to fly. Also, don’t be fooled by the budget airline ad that says you fly from hometown to destination for $99.99. With taxes and other add-ons, you’ll actually pay $159.99 plus plus.


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