Come, Josephine, In My Pilotless Flying Machine..

EHang, a Chinese tech developer may soon fly a passenger aircraft that is totally automated. So far, negotiations with the state of Nevada are ongoing for test flights near Las Vegas of what is called the EHang 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle.

Of course, before any scheduled passenger flights, every possible problem will be eliminated. Therefore, on future journeys, as you sit in your seat when the plane descends, you’ll hear the automatic pilot assure of a safe landing. “Please fasten your seat belts as the aircraft performs a (blonk) per (bloop) fect (blurp) land (blinch) ing (crunch) in Las Veg...(smooosh).

Senior Flyers: Beware Of Dirty Bins In Security Line PDF Print E-mail

Jammed in airport crowds, using busy public restrooms and sneezes in your face. It’s difficult to stay healthy during travels. One way to combat the negatives is to take some positive steps as you check in for your flight.

First, after using the restroom and wherever else with potential contamination, wash your hands and face. Also carry one or more disposable cloth or paper face masks and gloves. One potentially dangerous dirty encounter is with the moving plastic bins used for shoes and carry-on bags through screening lines.

Medical reports detect viruses in the bottom of plastic security screening trays. They’re full of dust, dirt and other infectious sources. Sensible precautions could save you from suffering everything from sniffles to pneumonia.

Grand Canyon, AZ: Be There For Centennial Celebrations PDF Print E-mail

The National Park was officially created on February 26, 1919, and special events are scheduled from that date throughout this year. There will be Earth Day in April, stargazing events in late June and a Native American heritage day in November.

There are many travel opportunities for transportation to the area. For visitors from Great Britain, American Airlines offers a new direct daily flight from Heathrow to Phoenix, Arizona. Private car, bus, train and other ground transportation travel the 220 miles north from Phoenix to the park.

In 1919, Grand Canyon had 44 thousand visitors. Today it welcomes five million annually. For scheduled events and other info, go to nps.gov/grca

Senior Winter Travelers Too Often Exposed To Flu Bugs PDF Print E-mail

Statistics show that older wanderers, especially those who haven’t taken preventive inoculations, are very vulnerable. Walking slowly through airports, restaurants, stores and other crowded places makes you easy targets for the bug. So, if you’re traveling at this time of year, take some preventive hints.

At least two weeks before leaving on a trip that will involve rubbing shoulders in crowds, get your flu shot. A good idea is also take the whole family for the medical check up and inoculation. In that way you won’t be carrying germs that will infect others along your travels.

When packing for your trip, add a medical kit for the possibility your flu shot won’t be effective enough. Include in the kit cough pills or syrup, cloth medical mask, wet one-use face wipes, aspirin and, if not flying, a bottle of sanitizing spray. For using public toilets, carry disposable paper toilet seat covers, and be sure to wash your hands and face frequently with soap.

Tucson AZ: Be A Ranch Dude Cowboy And/Or Girl PDF Print E-mail

Providing a taste of the Old West since 1868, Tanque Verde Ranch is the largest guest ranch resort in North America. Picturesquely located, it’s near the Rincon Mountains, Saguaro National Park and Coronado National Forest. For $250 a day you can enjoy riding and hiking in the nearby Arizona desert, as well as ranch dining, live entertainment, sunning and swimming.

Tucson temperatures in February average 70º daytime and 45º nights. In March, they warm to springtime 75º and 48º. Summer is busy family season, so seniors can avoid sharing the ranch with families and kids by booking winter visits. www.tanqueverderanch.com

Virgin’s Scarlet Lady: Luxury Adult-Only Cruises Next Year PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor had different meanings for the phrase virgin cruises way back in my U.S. Navy days. I was just 19 in 1944 when my troop ship, the USS Sibley, left ‘Frisco heading for WW2 in the Philippines. The bunks then were full of thousands of teen virgin Marines.

The new Virgin Scarlet Lady, the first luxury cruise ship of the popular airline’s fleet, will have a bit more roomy accommodations. She’s scheduled to sail on her first voyage in 2020 from Miami to Caribbean destinations. For more info, go to www.cnn.com/travel/article/virgin-voyages-scarlet-lady/index


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