Norwegian Cruises: No Doggy Bagging Aboard!

Many senior travelers are accustomed to sneaking leftovers from restaurants back to their hotel rooms for free late-night snacks. It also happens on cruise ships for moonlight bites on deck or munchees in their cabins.

However, Norwegian has now forbidden doggy bagging on its ships. The reason is that uncontrolled food spoilage may be a contributing factor to seaborne illnesses that spread quickly among passengers and crew. Because we too frequently see news of such unfortunate happenings at sea, we can understand the Norwegian policy.

Los Angeles CA: ReLAX At New SW Eateries In LAX PDF Print E-mail

Southwest Airlines has improved passenger services and added new places to dine at Los Angeles International Airport’s busy Terminal One. They include Danny Trejo’s Tacos that feature many tasty Mexican dishes, another Cassell’s Hamburgers, and a coffee and natural foods branch of Urth Caffe and Bar.

Q: My Church Plans A Group Trip To Hanoi, Vietnam PDF Print E-mail

I served in the Navy and retired after 24 years, including duty aboard an aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War in the 1970s. I clearly remember our planes taking off on bombing raids to Hanoi. The upcoming trip sounds interesting, but I’m still troubled about going. What should I do? PLL, Quincy MA

A: Your travel4seniors.com editor, also ex-Navy, served in two earlier wars. As my answer, you can look back in history, which too often makes no sense. In WW2, the Japanese and Germans were deadly enemies, while Russia and China were our allies.

Only five years later, during the Korean War, the exact opposite was true. The Vietnam War has been over for 40 years, and today that country welcomes Americans. Now we have other enemies, so you may decide whether to ignore history and take that trip with your church friends.

Baltimore MD: Was This Poe’s Inspiration For “The Raven? PDF Print E-mail

On a gloomy evening during a visit to Edgar Allan Poe’s city, your travel4seniors.com editor’s camera captured this scene, and maybe the bird’s opinion: Question: Will the burned out street light bulb ever be replaced? Quoth the raven: nevermore.

Paris, France: Reconsider Your Holiday Travel Plans PDF Print E-mail

Growing riots in the city could make your stay in the French capital city a bit iffy as Christmas time approaches. It’s not quite as serious as Les Miserables, but your visits to the Arch of Triumph, the Eiffel Tower and other favorite tourist sites could be interrupted by angry crowds and police activity.

Keep in touch with ongoing news developments and your travel agency to decide if you’ll need to change your plans.

Airlines Offer Deep Discounts To Get Your Holiday Business PDF Print E-mail

As your friendly neighborhood retail store and other merchants want your money at this festive time of year, so do the airlines. If you’re planning flights from now and into 2019, before you buy your ticket, check out all the possible lower-price airline deals.

Keep daily contact with your favorite travel agency and airline websites to find the best deals. Some offers may be posted with just a day or two allowed for booking, and empty seats on bargain flights fill up fast.


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