U.S. State Dept.: Stay The Hell Out Of North Korea

Now officially in effect, U.S. citizens are banned from traveling to the avidly anti-American nation. Current U.S. travel passports are now invalid there, with few exceptions.

Certified journalists and some charitable organizations, such as the Red Cross, may still have permission to visit the country. There have been recent incidents, particularly the jailing and mistreatment of the American college student. The cruel act of sending him home to die should be warning enough for any sane senior traveler.

Be Aware Some Airlines Now Charge For Carry-On Bags PDF Print E-mail

As operating costs continue to rise in never-ending world inflation, passengers now are required to pay for formerly free services. So, when you book your next flight at an advertised bargain ticket cost, be aware that you’ll often pay additionally for both checked and carry-on bags.

With most bargain airlines, you may now only bring one small personal item for free, and it must fit under the seat in front of you. Otherwise, your flight price can go up another $25 to $50 per bag.

Las Vegas NV: Sorta Like Scene Right Outa Romeo And Juliet PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor snapped this tender midnight unposed moment in front of a Fremont Street café. Note the guy’s knees are dusty, possibly from kneeling. This may indicate that the next stop-and-kiss for the loving couple was to be at an all-night Vegas wedding chapel.

When In Rome, You’d Better Behave Yourself PDF Print E-mail

A favorite destination for tourists from all over the world, officials of the ancient city have had enough of visitor bad behavior. They’re now enforcing laws that if ignored can lead to heavy fines, and in severe cases, prison for offenders.

If upcoming travels take you to the Italian capital, follow the rules or face the consequences. Offenses such as eating in restricted places, messing with artifacts, jumping in fountains, loud noises and dropping trash could get you in trouble.

Fall For Manhattan: Consider Autumn In New York PDF Print E-mail

It’s the most economic and enjoyable time of year. Summer tourist crowds are gone from Manhattan, along with crisp weather, cheaper theater tix, with restaurant and hotel prices at the lowest time of the year. There are also many autumn harvest food events.

And as Frank Sinatra once crooned:
Autumn in New York,
You'll need no castle in Spain.
Lovers that bless the dark,
On benches in Central Park,
Greet autumn in New York.
It's good to live it again!

On second thought: Frank, are you kidding about sitting in Central Park after dark? How about updated lyrics: It isn’t beyond belief that you’ll be robbed by an evil thief.

US State Dept Warns Of Travel Danger Nations PDF Print E-mail

The long list includes 88 countries around the world, with some already familiar to senior wanderers as extremely hazardous for Americans. Of course, they name North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Libya. However, the list also contains popular, and usually peaceful destinations, including France, Italy, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

The top of the official list starts with the most violent, and urges Americans to just stay away. For most of the more popular countries, the advice is to practice ordinary daily caution. In summary, especially for physically-challenged senior travelers venturing abroad, be constantly aware of potential dangers.

For detailed info, go to www.usatoday.com/picture-gallery/travel/destinations/2019/07/17/travel-advisory-list-country-us-department-state


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