SpaceX May Send Private Citizens To The Moon In 2018

Remember when Ralph Cramden often promised his wife, Alice, a trip to the moon? Ralph’s threat may soon become a reality. According to reports, the agency that conducts missions for NASA, plans to send two private citizens on a moon-circling voyage next year.

While the passengers’ names haven’t yet been revealed, we can assume they won’t be seniors. They’ll undergo strict tests and training for the trip, and will be required to build up their wallets as well as physiques. Rumors are that the price of the trip to the moon  will be at least $200,000 each.

During the voyage passengers may hear Sinatra’s voice:
It was just one of those nights,
Just one of those fabulous flights;
A trip to the moon on gossamer wings;
Just one of those things!

Veteran Flight Attendant Celebrates 60 Years In The Air PDF Print E-mail

As years go, 1957 was a relatively quiet one. No major wars nor natural disasters. Time Magazine Man of the Year was Nikita Khruschev, the average home cost $12,000, a bottle of soda was 10¢, a restaurant steak dinner $2.50, a gallon of gas was 25¢. President Truman visited newly-opened Disneyland and Elvis recorded All Shook Up.

Bette Nash started her job that year as a 20-year-old stewardess, now called flight attendant, on Eastern Airlines, today with all the company changes and merges, it’s American Airlines. So, if flying on one of your senior air journeys you encounter Bette, join travel4seniors.com in wishing her another 60 years of safe, enjoyable air journeys.

Road Scholar QM2 Voyage: Explore The Princess Diana Tragedy PDF Print E-mail

With the royal wedding of her son, Prince Harry, nearing, the beloved lady’s name once again makes world news headlines. The Road Scholar program honoring the late Princess includes voyage from New York on the world’s most majestic cruise ship and visits in historic England.

Program No. 22613RJ is scheduled for July 5 through 17, 2018, with prices starting at $4,995 per person, double occupancy. It includes 12 nights cabin accommodation, 33 meals, plus many exciting lectures and field trips in England. This is expected to be a very popular destination for eager senior travelers, so early booking is recommended.

Chicago IL Pedway: Next Time You’re Snowed In At The Loop PDF Print E-mail

You can get around as many as 40 blocks of downtown Chicago with the Pedestrian Walkway System. No matter the weather, stroll through five miles of the combined route of underground tunnels and overhead bridges.

There are many exits and entrances to shopping, bars, restaurants, museums, transportation stations, government offices and other mid-city tourist destinations. The experience is enhanced by contemporary design and lighting, as well as frequently changing displays of art and graphics.

Q&A: Discouraging News About Sick Cruise Passengers PDF Print E-mail

Q: I just retired, our nest is empty and we’re planning our first ocean cruise. But recently, we’ve been frightened by stories about hundreds of passengers getting sick. Should we change our plans and celebrate at a land resort? ALMcN, Ft. Worth TX

A: Your travel4seniors.com editor has sailed the seas for decades, including Navy duty and post-retirement as a civilian cruise passenger. In all those many years, I was only sick twice, and both times because of bad Navy food. Of course, you could fall ill on a cruise, with anything from seasickness, bad food or fellow passengers who come aboard already carrying the germs that may get to you.

Q&A: How Much Should We Tip Our Hotel Maid? PDF Print E-mail

Q: My husband and I travel frequently, and we always argue about tipping the hotel room maid. I say $10 for each night, and he argues for $2. What’s your idea of an appropriate tip? Mrs. ELL, Lexington KY

A: It depends on the hotel. If you’re paying $200 or more, a tip of $10 a night is appropriate. If it’s a b&b or other cheap stay, $2 is OK. Of course, if the hotel employee helps you in any way beyond the usual chores, some extra bucks should be tossed in.


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