Airport Security: You Can Expect Full Body Groping

New requirements may include full-body exams. Senior flyers, after years of being forced to take off shoes, put everything on a moving belt and walk barefoot through an electronic doorway, must endure more.

If you look suspicious, even if a child or elderly and in a wheelchair, you must stand while the screener waves an electronic magic wand all over your body. Meanwhile, a nearby guard may be tossing every bit of clothing from your carry-on bag into the air, looking for forbidden-to-fly items.

Old Age Problems: Many Fun Ways To Fight Senility PDF Print E-mail

We who make it to our 90s are faced with more than just physical slowdown. The mind may creep slowly into confusion. Recently, a US biotech company, Biogen, offered the first drug with the ability to slow down the development of Alzheimer’s.

Biogen says the so-named Aducanumab will hit the market after it gets US Food and Drug Administration approval. The medication is intended to improve senior memory, orientation, and language. Consider other recommended ways the elderly can fight the aging problem.

Food: Fresh fruit, vegetables and fish are effective. And less consumption of fats, sugar and excessive alcohol use. After each meal, get up and be active to help digestion and mental health.

People Mix: Alzheimer’s often hits those who are always alone. Regular daily conversations simulate the brain. Get away from the TV and endless commercial repeats. Do puzzles and board games, learn a language and participate in music. Do it with other people for best results. Also, get out on the road. Travel frequently to local parks, museums and events, as well as cruise and fly to interesting parts of the US and world.

Physical and mental exercise is probably most effective in keeping mind and body functioning. Get up and get out every day, to connect with the world and enjoy sunshine and sunny people. Hiking on snowy winter streets can be just as much fun as summer strolls.

Know All The Rules On Flying With Animals PDF Print E-mail

Before you take faithful Rover or Tabby to sit with you on your next air journey, be sure to have all the required documents. They’re especially necessary if your companion is a medically-required or certified comfort animal.

Airline security is always on the look-out for people attempting to fly with animals in passenger seats. Recently, a passenger on Singapore Air tried to go aboard with four kittens hidden in his pants, but the meows gave him away. Often it could cost passengers with illegal pets fines and/or imprisonment. Importation of animals into Singapore without a license is illegal and carries a maximum penalty of a $10,000 fine, jail for up to a year, or both. Similar legal actions against offenders are in effect in other world airports.

In Some Cities, Selfies With Locals Are Not Permitted PDF Print E-mail

Just about every senior traveler today has a smartphone, and instinctively points it at everything in sight. Including grabbing colorfully-clad locals and monuments to be with them while shooting selfies.

The rules are simple. Before pointing your lens, be sure local laws allow you to shoot, including or excluding selfies. When you want to pose legally with a local, always first ask permission. And respect no for the answer. In some cities where selfies have been a problem, the practice may be totally forbidden, and violators could be arrested and fined. www.cnn.com/travel/article/kyoto-gion-photo-ban

Use The Airport Restroom Before Boarding Your Flight PDF Print E-mail

Get to the airport early enough so your innards will be ok when it’s time to board. On a short flight, you won’t have to visit the teeny airplane john. Also, during a longer flight, you won’t need to hop up and down in the aisle while six people wait in line ahead of you at the onboard toilet.

Beware Of Free Cruise Scams By Phone And/Or Internet PDF Print E-mail

The old adage about there’s no such thing as a free lunch applies to crooked travel offers. You get a message saying you have “won” or “been selected for” a free cruise. What it really involves are costs including piled on charges and taxes you must pay while aboard. Plus you must sit through a high-pressure timeshare pitch meeting of four to five hours.

If you accept the so-called free cruise, when you go aboard, you’ll find you’re on an creaky old ship heading for a dingy little island port. Meanwhile, the pitch is still pushed to upgrade and pay more as you sail for food, drinks, shore excursions and other costly features. Just ignore the original pitch and book your cruise through a trusted travel agent and/or upscale cruise line.


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