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No More Ladies And Gentlemen, Welcome Aboard! PDF Print E-mail

Maybe now as you arrive at your airline seat, you’ll hear: “Hey, stupid! Get your big old butt settled in so we can take off!” Seriously, low-cost carrier EasyJet crews now greet boarding passengers with gender-neutral language.

The British airline is training them to use more contemporary greetings than the traditional "ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard.” Other airlines, including American and United, are also encouraging flight and airport crews to make their customer greeting language more individualized. Example: Have a safe, enjoyable flight, Mr. And Mrs. Jones.

Carnival Cruise Line Bans Carnal Clothing On Cruisers PDF Print E-mail

Showing too much skin in an eenie-weenie bikini at the ship’s pool has always been a no-no on the cruise line. Now, because of the creative variety of t-shirts available, passengers are also forbidden those with offensive words and/or graphics. So, you obscene ¥†ƒ∂†, on your next ¥†ƒç∫µ Carnival cruise be sure to wear modestly designed µ∫÷ shirts.

Delta Air Lines Crews Itching For New Uniforms PDF Print E-mail

Hundreds of Delta Air Lines people are suing Lands' End clothing suppliers. They claim "Employees wearing the uniforms allege they suffered from vocal cord dysfunction, breathing difficulties, skin blisters and rashes, blurred vision, nosebleeds, ringing ears, migraine headaches and fatigue.” Wow, how could they fly airplanes while in such itchy distress?

The Delta complaints go back since May of 2018. Personal note: I and other Navy guys itched in heavy wool blue uniforms in WW2. When I complained, they sent me to some very hot Pacific campaigns while wearing non-itchy Navy whites.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Adds More Tourist Taxes PDF Print E-mail

This year visitors to the popular Dutch capital must pay added moolah to stay in city hotels, Airbnb rentals and on camp grounds there. They’ll shell out about  $4 a night, added to an existing 7% tax.

The extra charges are happening in other world tourist-popular cities this year. On July 1, visitors to Venice, Italy, will also pay more, about $11 a night. Overnight visitors already pay a tourist tax. Entire countries have adopted extra charges as well. A year ago, Japan started applying a $10 "sayonara" tax to leave the country. It may increase dramatically during summer when the 2020 Olympics bring in many more thousands of tourists to Tokyo.

The National Park Service Offers Freebee Days In 2020 PDF Print E-mail

Entrance fees are not charged at select 110 park sites on five days in 2020. Fees of from $5 to $35 are in effect on other days thru the year.

The 2020 fee-free days at those impressive sites are: Jan. 20: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, April 18: First day of National Park Week, Aug. 25: National Park Service birthday,  Sept. 26: National Public Lands Day, and Nov. 11: Veterans Day.


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