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Venice, Italy: Senior Travelers Be Aware Of Heavy Flooding PDF Print E-mail

St. Mark’s Square and much of the Grand Canal tourist areas are under water. It’s the worst flooding in more than 50 years. If you have schedules to visit Venice, check closely with your travel agent and continuing online and news developments.

While city officials say climate change is a cause of the flooding, business owners blame political corruption. There have been many delays in creating  a barrier protection system, which may have prevented the streets to become flooded. The continuing disaster could cost hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, repairs and lost tourist spending.

JetBlue Introduces New Cheap Seat Air Fares PDF Print E-mail

The airline announced that it now offers a new bare-bones fare class, Blue Basic. It doesn’t allow advanced seat selection nor to change or cancel a flight. You’ll board last and can only choose a seat during the check-in process, which begins 24 hours before the flight's departure.

Blue Basic passengers will have access to the airline's perks, including free Wi-Fi, snacks, drinks and seat-back television. You can bring carry-ons, and, as with most other classes of tickets, Blue Basic fliers must pay for checked baggage. The new low fares will vary by route, date and demand, so not all fares will be offered on all flights. www.jetblue.com

Pearl Harbor, Honolulu: USS Arizona Memorial Reopens PDF Print E-mail

After more than a year closed due to extensive repairs, the partially-submerged battleship will once again welcome visitors. A shocking moment in U.S. history was when Japanese aircraft sank the ship in the infamous sneak attack on December 7, 1941.

As we celebrate Veteran’s Day, along with all who served in our wars, we remember and respect the 1,177 Navy crewmen who were killed in the Pearl Harbor attack. For info on visiting the USS Arizona Memorial, go to www.hawaii.com/oahu/attractions/arizona-memorial

Air Taxis: Soon To Take Over Busy City Streets? PDF Print E-mail

A test flying taxi recently flew over Singapore's crowded waterfront, eventually expecting to lead to normal air service in traffic-choked Asian cities.The 18-prop German-made chopper may soon regularly carry passengers.

Volocopter has already successfully tested in Dubai, Helsinki, Germany and Las Vegas. Singapore may be among the first to get the regular daily service within two to four years. Fares are expected to be moderately higher than charged for earthbound taxis. However, the dangers of the new air taxis and delivery drones accidentally hitting other vehicles and people have yet to be considered by local officials and eager lawyers.

U.S. Suspends Flights To Some Cuba Destinations PDF Print E-mail

The ban affects all cities on the island except Havana. The intent is to force the Cuban government to allow its citizens more freedoms. The new restrictions begin December 12. Critics of the ban say it makes it difficult for Cuban-Americans to visit families in other areas of the nation.

JetBlue flights to Santa Clara in central Cuba and the eastern cities of Holguin and Camaguey have been cancelled. Also American Airlines flights to Camaguey, Holguin and Santa Clara, the beach resort of Varadero and the eastern city of Santiago. Flights to Havana will continue unless there is a change in U.S. policy.


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