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New TSA Pre-Check System Promises Quicker Check-Ins PDF Print E-mail

Yeah, sure. And next they’ll promise no intimate body searches, lower ticket prices, unlimited free booze, comfy seats and complimentary steak dinners in flights. And, of course, low airport hotel charges without the surprising $$$ add-ons when you check out. See details: www.usatoday.com/videos/travel/2019/08/15/airport-security-lines-get-shorter

USA Today Lists America’s Ten Top Airports PDF Print E-mail

From 10th to best: John Wayne, Burbank CA, Indianapolis IN, San Jose CA, San Francisco CA. Seattle Tacoma WA, Sacramento CA. Atlanta GA, Portland OR, Phoenix AZ and at the top: San Diego CA.

The list puts five of the best 10 in California, which may not agree with those of us who’ve been stuck for hours in super busy LAX and SFO. Of course, it all depends on repairs, strikes, schedules, security and good or bad luck. And just for the record, take-off and landing flights are rarely delayed by Arctic blizzards at tropically sunny California airports.

San Francisco CA: Fido & Fluffy Can Enjoy Hotel Luxury PDF Print E-mail

The historic Fairmont welcomes dogs, cats and other pet guests. For a $75 fee, they’ll enjoy mini-beds, water bowls, toys, tasty meals and other comforts.

During your visit, you and your pet may meet (but not eat) Lilou, a therapy pig who often stays at the hotel for special events. And for exercise, you and your four-footed friend can hike through a great city’s steep streets, parks, and maybe hop on a cable car ride.

Big Brother Taking Over: Airports Now Face Scanning PDF Print E-mail

Next time you walk through the airport doors, garage or sidewalk, you won’t see them. But dozens of electronic eyes will be following every move, especially as you’re finally lined up at security when boarding your flight. And as the technology gets more and more advanced, those all-seeing eyes will not only scan your face and figure.

They’ll also be able to use that new info instantly to merge with stored visual impulses and texts about you. First, of course, is the search of face and/or figure to seek a match of those of known criminals. There’s particular emphasis on images that may have a history of terrorism or members of terrorist organizations.

Those who fit any of the images will be detained for more detailed security examination, and possible arrest. So, senior wanderer, next time you go into an airport, always wear an innocent smile and carry only approved stuff on you and in your baggage.

Southwest To Offer Cheap Flights Between Hawaiian Islands PDF Print E-mail

The first of the newly posted schedules are set for upcoming months They include four daily flights from Hilo on Hawaii Island to the capital city of Honolulu on Oahu, and from Lihue on Kauai to Honolulu.

Some of the flights are listed as low as $29 each way. When making your plans, first check with your travel agent and/or Southwest Airlines for more info, ticket prices and schedule details.


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