Should There Be a Maximum Age Limit For U.S. Drivers?
With nothing better to do, lawmakers in some states want to force people to give up their drivers’ licenses at age 80. They claim those seniors all have diminished eyesight and their slowed-down reactions make them dangers on the road.

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We seniors often worry about the world situation

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Photographer and llama

Tips: How to make good connections at sea PDF Print E-mail

Romantic couple

Your cruise can result in exciting new experiences

Making lasting friendships on a cruise depends on what type of people connection you’re seeking. Will it be just to be friends, or something deeper and warmer? The easiest way to make friends on board is to take the initiative and start up conversations at the pool, spa, bingo game, exercises class, buffet line, the dress-up evening sit-down dinner or any other of the scores of events that bring passengers together.

Often the results of striking up spontaneous connections at sea can be very enjoyable. There’s something about the happy mood of a cruise that makes ordinarily solitary people want to gather together, meet and talk. It could be the warm feelings of sharing a unique sailing adventure together while surrounded by the vast sparkling waters of the ocean.

There are many ways to make people connections at sea. For example, if you’re a man, ask yourself: are you looking for a new pal, someone to share your enjoyment of golf, politics, Texas hold ‘em poker and/or major league baseball? When you're looking to meet new guys on the cruise, you could seek out those fellow shipboard travelers who have similar educations, careers, military and other backgrounds.


Tips: Ways to spend your tax refund cash PDF Print E-mail

Reno, Nevada

Visit the original gambling mecca of America
You’ve been lucky or clever! Somehow, by sharp pencil or sharper mind, you’ve managed to earn a Federal Income Tax refund from Uncle Sam. Now, when that big check comes in, the problem is what to do with it. Pay the rent, buy groceries, a new outfit? Not this year. Take the money and spend it on pure enjoyment. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Take a trip to Nevada. Prices for air and hotel have never been better. The scenery is beautiful this time of year, and the casinos in Reno, Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas are waiting to help you spend that refund.

2. Go on a cruise. All kinds of luxurious new ships and exotic ports of call can make spending your refund at sea lots of fun.

3. Visit the Big Apple. Many new and revived hit shows are all over Broadway. All the tourist features are waiting to welcome you: the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Greenwich Village and Fifth Avenue.

Don’t let that refund burn a hole in your pocket, and don’t spend it on unnecessary luxuries, such as food, clothing and rent. Enjoy a spree, courtesy of your generous Uncle Sam.

Destination: Latigo Dude Ranch, Colorado PDF Print E-mail

Horseback rider

Tenderbuttfoot at Latigo Dude Ranch, Colorado
Voted the best dude ranch in the US by many travel experts, the Latigo in Colorado offers great weekly summer programs from June 20 through August 21, and its special Roundup Week from September 19 to 25.

Latigo is located in the heart of the Rockies 130 miles west of Denver. If you fly into Denver, you can rent a car and leisurely see the beautiful Colorado mountain scenery on your way to the ranch, or ride a commercially-operated shuttle to the ranch location in the Kremmling area.


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