Hyperloop Will Zoom Los Angeles-San Francisco In 30 Minutes

Transportation’s future advances as new fast rail systems are developed by future-planning companies. Hyperloop Technologies will demonstrate its current train project this week in the desert near Las Vegas.

The system is called maglev, short for magnetic levitation, will use big vacuum tubes as train cars to whisk passengers at speeds up to 750 MPH. It’s the same speed as jet aircraft, but it will have many advantages over sky travel.  It doesn’t use petroleum products, won’t pollute the air and will pick up and deposit passengers conveniently at downtown terminals.

There are other US organizations, as well as in Asia and Europe, experimenting with similar projects. However, until practical technology evolves into actual reality, don’t expect to ride the first LA-SF magical magnetic train for at least another decade.

Psst! Wanna see some Los Angeles gangs? PDF Print E-mail

Bogart in bullet-riddled car

Visit LA's notorious gangland

If you’ve visited Los Angeles in previous travels, and are tired of movie star home tours, Betty Grable legs in cement and Walk of Stars sidewalk freaks, here’s an unusual experience that may appeal to you.

For a mere $65, on your next trip you can sign up for a tour of the ill-famed South Central area of Los Angeles, where the Crips, Bloods and other gangs still roam the streets. Of course, you’ll be protected on a bus with a guide most of the time, but you could have the thrill of seeing a drug deal go down, street hookers working or cops dragging a couple of tough guys off in handcuffs. What more fun would you want?

Hometown vs online travel agency: Which to use? PDF Print E-mail

Cruise ship

Q: We’ll soon be taking our first cruise, and before we decide, we’d like your opinion. How do we get the best deal, by booking through the internet or the travel agency in our hometown?

Submitted by Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Clarke

What to do when your flight is snowed in ... PDF Print E-mail

Sleeping dogs

Try to relax and have a cat dog nap

Airport gripe? Don't get mad, get the boss PDF Print E-mail

Angry man

Screening can make you feel like screaming

Because of recent terrorist scares, annoying airport security routines are getting to be even more of a pain. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been tempted to raise your hand against a pushy ATC airport security guard who gets too personal or tosses everything out of your carry-on bag. OK, that’s everyone in the class. Seriously, no matter how angry you get about your experience in that gauntlet of humiliation called airport screening, keep your cool.

Recently, an AirTran pilot was fined $100 for grabbing the hand of a security guard because he believed she was messing too much with the plastic tray full of his valuables just before it went through the x-ray. The incident happened at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport.

Top five inexpensive vacations for single women PDF Print E-mail

Las Vegas at night

Las Vegas nights and days offer bargain adventures for women

There are an almost unlimited number of attractive destinations throughout the world where mature women can seek out inexpensive vacations. An informed and frugal visitor can find bargains even at the most luxurious of them. It’s just a matter of taking advantage of the opportunities to enjoy it all without paying high prices. Here are some examples:

1. Las Vegas: Glittering and glamorous Sin City can be one of the most expensive vacation destinations of the world if you do what you’re expected to do. That’s gamble your life savings away in the casinos. However, a savvy woman can enjoy everything Vegas has to offer ... luxury rooms, gourmet dining, Broadway entertainment and great night clubs ... at bargain prices. For example, The Rio All-Suite Resort’s Sunday Champagne Brunch costs $30, and includes all-you-can-eat custom cooking of dishes from ten ethnic sources, dozens of desserts and endless champagne. Luxury two-room suites that would cost from $500 and up in New York, London or Paris go for as low as $45 a night. www.riolasvegas.com.


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