Senator Introduces Bill To Reveal Travel Add-Ons

We senior roamers are all too familiar with the rip-off practice. The ads tout hotel room rates at $99.99. Then, when you check out, the out-of-pocket price is actually up to $159.99. Of course, says the sneering-at-your-stupidity desk clerk, there’s the resort fee, wi-fi fee, turn-down fee, honor bar fee, state/city tax and several other add-ons you shoulda expected.

Maybe there will be some relief, or at least exposure to the rip-off tactics if Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill succeeds in getting a national bill passed. The proposed law is that all charges are stated up front when customers reserve rooms.

It may not lower the actual out-of-pocket cost, but at least you’ll know exactly what the room price is when booking. Now, if the good Senator can apply the law to airline add-ons and gas station signs, we senior travelers may benefit from something rare in the travel business: truth in advertising.

Flying Gets Tougher, But Still Best Way To Go PDF Print E-mail

Flying for we greying travelers is a mess of problems. Forget the slogans. United skies are not so friendly. American Airlines isn't something special in the air any more. Delta can no longer claim they love to fly and it shows. Continental will no longer move its tail for you.

However, whatever the problems, flying is still the best way to get around the country economically and quickly. And with the right info and attitude, you can make air journeys easier. So, next time you plan to fly, just grit your teeth, natural or store-bought, and join the rest of we oldsters in the air.

Santa Fe NM: Opera Offerings Throughout August PDF Print E-mail

The 60th annual Santa Fe Opera August programs include Don Giovanni, Girl of the Golden West, Romeo and Juliet, Capriccio and Vanessa. They’re accompanied by many other enjoyable events, including backstage tours, buffets, tailgate picnics, cooking classes and much more.

The Opera is an open-air theater with cover above all seating areas. Santa Fe evenings can be cool or rainy. Come prepared for whatever the weather happens during performances. For more info on prices, seating, schedules and special events, go to www.santafeopera.org

Hugo CO: Water System Tests Positive To Pot PDF Print E-mail

It has been three years since the Centennial State legalized marijuana. Along with younger advocates, ex-hippies now in their sunset years are flocking to Colorado. They want to enjoy the smoking and aromas of the formerly forbidden evil weed.

Recent news reports reveal that at Hugo, the small Rocky Mountain town’s water supply now contains THC, a natural substance found in marijuana. Some commentators have jokingly suggested that Hugo start up a new bottled water enterprise. Also, will you relive your own 1950s days and travel to Hugo for it’s tempting, tasty tetrahydrocannabinol treat?

Senior Health: Cool It During Summer Heat Waves PDF Print E-mail

With temperatures hitting the 100s in Southern California (Palm Springs 119º!!!), Nevada (Las Vegas 114º!!), Texas (San Antonio 101º!) and other hot summer travel destinations, senior wanderers should be careful.

Just the other day, a balding friend strolled for only ten noontime minutes along the boiling hot Las Vegas Strip. He’s now in the hospital with severe upper forehead skin burns. Seniors should pay heed to the Rudyard Kipling poem: mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun.

As a savvy senior, you already know how to protect yourself from intense summer heat. Wear a hat, carry an umbrella, use lots of lotion and, best of all, find a nice cool bar to sit and sip your piña colada.

Miami FL: Visiting Anolis Carolinensis Suns By The Pool PDF Print E-mail

From senior guest fotog PJJ, Easton PA: This friendly green Florida lizard showed up at a recent family weekend event at our Airbnb rental house.


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