Tour Italy in Style, Behind the Wheel of a Classic Car
If you've always wanted to tour Italy behind the wheel of a vintage Alfa Romeo, Lancia or Fiat, start saving  now for a 2009 trip (some prices exceed $10,000.) with the tour company Italy by Vintage Car. www.italybyvintagecar.com
Gatlinburg, TN: Scary Suspension Strolling Bridge Opens PDF Print E-mail

Just a few miles from Dollywood amusement park and about 40 miles southeast of Knoxville, the SkyBidge is now open for visitors. Touted as the longest pedestrian suspense bridge in the US, it spans nearly 700 feet, with the Great Smoky Mountains as a dramatic backdrop.

As a feature in the surrounding Skylift Park, the bridge has clear glass panels along the bottom of the walk for brave adventurers to see way down into the chasm. Costs range from 50¢ for a one-time crossing to $2.50 for an all-day pass.

Also available is a chairlift that goes up from Gatlinburg, across the bridge to the mountain top. Rides cost $15 for adults and $12 for kids. Incidentally, how many senior wanderers recall that this is the 50th anniversary of Bridge Over Troubled Water recorded by Simon and Garfunkel?

Q: How Can I Be Safe In A Hotel Elevator? PDF Print E-mail

Recently found myself alone late at night in a casino resort elevator on its way down to the lobby. Two drunks entered and proceeded to annoy me. Fortunately, I managed to jump off quickly in the busy lobby. Suggestions? Mary L, Lansdowne PA

A: If you feel threatened physically and/or vocally, hit the elevator emergency call button immediately. Also quickly grab your smartphone and dial 911. If the contact was potentially dangerous, report the incident to hotel security.

If, during a ride up, you feel uneasy about another person in the elevator, wait until he pushes a floor button. Then, after he exits, hit the correct button for your floor.

Have You Ever Seen A Two-Headed Biker? PDF Print E-mail

This optical dilusion by your travel4seniors.com editor was the result of pointing my camera’s telephoto lens at the Los Angeles downtown scene from 25 yards away. Maybe they’re HEADing to Dodger Stadium to see a double HEADer.

Venice, Italy: Behave Yourself Or It’ll Cost Molto Denaro PDF Print E-mail

This is the time of Venice Biennale, where all kinds of events will bring some of the highest tourist figures in recent times. With millions roaming the beautiful city, local officials are getting more strict about legality, cleanliness and safety.

First, there’s a new basic visitor transportation fee of about $12 per person, which rises as temperatures and summer visiting numbers rise. Also, if you leave trash, damage historical images or otherwise misbehave, it could cost you as much as $450. And if really bad, some time in a Venice hoosegow. For more info, go to www.labiennale.org/en/art/2019

AA Mechanics Union Slowdowns Cause Costly Delays PDF Print E-mail

If some of your recent American Airlines flights were delayed or cancelled since the beginning of the year, it could have been the guys on the flight line. While labor negotiations drag on, so do they in their slowdown strategy as summer travel season arrives.

Your travel4seniors.com editor is not anti-union. My working mom was a very vocal member of the ladies’ garment workers union for decades way back from the 1920s. However, similar to the AA worker’s slowdown, unhappy memories go back to later years when hometown Philly’s transport workers attempted to get higher wages. Almost annually, and always during the busiest Christmas shopping season, they slowed down or stopped their buses, streetcars and subway trains.

Negotiations for higher wages are traditional in our free society, and often a strike is considered necessary by unions. But as in the current AA slowdown, why is it necessary to use hurting innocent passengers as a bargaining tool?


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