Veteran Flight Attendant Celebrates 60 Years In The Air

As years go, 1957 was a relatively quiet one. No major wars nor natural disasters. Time Magazine Man of the Year was Nikita Khruschev, the average home cost $12,000, a bottle of soda was 10¢, a restaurant steak dinner $2.50, a gallon of gas was 25¢. President Truman visited newly-opened Disneyland and Elvis recorded All Shook Up.

Bette Nash started her job that year as a 20-year-old stewardess, now called flight attendant, on Eastern Airlines, today with all the company changes and merges, it’s American Airlines. So, if flying on one of your senior air journeys you encounter Bette, join travel4seniors.com in wishing her another 60 years of safe, enjoyable air journeys.

Speak Up! Don’t Just Accept Any Dinky Hotel Rooms PDF Print E-mail

Savvy senior travelers have an advantage over younger ones, and should always apply it. As you check in at the front desk, ask for any deals that apply to senior guests. Say you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, military reunion or other important event.

Or, with your craggy senior face and cheerful demeanor, make up a convincing reason for deserving a better and/or cheaper room. Keep your attitude friendly and polite, and if it isn’t the hotel’s busy season, you may be happily surprised with a balcony room and/or discount from the advertised price. And when you get that $500 hot tub suite for $50 a night, don’t forget to tip the friendly desk clerk $10 or so.

Washington DC: Hotel LINE DC Is A Former Church PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor enjoys visits to hotels that historically had other identities, such as former jails, palaces and millionaire mansions. The new LINE DC originally was a house of worship, and offers stunning views of nearby city architecture, including the Washington Monument.

Today it features 220 comfy guest rooms with vintage furnishings, six distinctive dining and drinking facilities, and contemporary internet and broadcast outlets. A Rake’s Bar offers products of local distillers and brewers. Other dining and drinking areas include The Cup We All Race 4,  Brothers and Sisters and Spoken English. www.thelinehotel.com/dc

Good Nooze: MSC Cruises Offer Unlimited Booze! PDF Print E-mail

Drinks on Us is a current promotion offered by the cruise line for voyages out of New York City to the Caribbean. They include bottled and draft beers, wines by the glass, various brands of vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, and sodas throughout the cruise. For details, go to www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Assets/MSC-18-095 Drinks On Us flyer_new.pdf

Q: My Spouse Insists I Tear Up My Driver’s License PDF Print E-mail

I just had my 80th birthday and starting plans for our annual road trip from home in Michigan. This year it would be driving to Arizona and the Grand Canyon. However, she says I’ve had it at the wheel. I’m fit, no accidents, go to the gym weekly and see clearly thru glasses. What’s your opinion? PLMcV, Detroit MI

A: If you still feel you can drive the long journey, prove it to your wife. Get a complete physical from your family doctor, and opinion on whether you should do the long road trip. If you get a medical OK, ask your wife to reconsider. If she still objects, for the sake of family harmony, don’t do the driving trip. Suggest a bus or airline package tour to the Grand Canyon.

San Luis Obispo, CA: Come Stay & Get A Hundred Bucks PDF Print E-mail

The city’s Chamber of Commerce will hand $100 to eligible winter travelers who visit through March 31. They can luxuriate on the Pacific Ocean beaches with average winter daily highs of low 70s and nights from mid-40s.

To get the dough, book a two-night stay at a local hotel on the city website, www.slocity.org. With your promotion confirmation number, show booking info and your hotel room key at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center. Then it’s hello a hundred, San Luis Obispo!


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