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Las Vegas needs you(r money) now!

Times are toooo sloooowwww in the Nevada gambling mecca, and you’ll find bargains galore all around town. Hotels and casinos are giving away lots of coupon books and tickets. When you first check into your hotel, ask the front desk clerk for any current free or discount offers for meals, rides, entertainment, casino games and other goodies. Also check in-flight and in-room magazines for similar deals.

Marseille, France: Young Lovers At Train Station PDF Print E-mail

OK, we confess our travel4seniors.com wandering editor photo-eyeballed the train face a bit. Just remember you were young once, and now is le printemps pour amour en belle France.

WOW Airline Offers Cheap Transatlantic Flights PDF Print E-mail

Icelandic’s low-cost airline continues to cause repeats of it’s name from happily surprised seniors who want to fly to Europe at bargain rates. Sometimes prices have been as low as $99 (plus all the usual add-ons) to Iceland and $205 to England.

WOW Airbus Group NV A321 jets started services from Boston on March 27, and is scheduled to fly from Baltimore-Washington International Airport in early May. If you’re looking for wow-inducing bargain flights to Europe, keep in close touch with your favorite travel agent and/or wowair.com

Senior Roadies Vote For America’s Most Scenic Highways PDF Print E-mail

All boasting mucho fun miles behind the wheel, here are senior road warriors’ choices for this year’s most scenic drives in the USA:

Pacific Coast Highway 101:
The road goes all the way from Oregon to the Mexican border. A favorite is the 90 miles between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. The 17-mile drive north of Monterey is also spectacular coastline driving, and makes for a great reason to stop and visit the coastal town of Carmel and the Pebble Beach Golf Resort.

The Road to Hana: On the Hawaiian island of Maui, there’s is a magical road that snakes its way from Kahului to Hana. It crosses over 59 bridges, some above deep canyons, rushing waves and through lush rain forest.

The combination of the rain forest scenery, the cliffs, the mountains and the blue sea below, make this one of the most scenic drives in the world. This is a day-long drive, so be sure to fill your tank before leaving and bring snacks and rain gear.

Springtime Scam: Sign Petition & Make Donation PDF Print E-mail

It’s not a new trick, but seems to be happening more frequently this year. Scenario: You’re an obvious senior American tourist wandering in busy Paris, London, New York, Hollywood or other big city.

An eager, English-speaking teen approaches with a clipboard and politely asks you to sign a petition for some noble-sounding cause. It could be to help poor children, save an endangered species or protest against religious bigotry. As a concerned senior, you sign your name.

San Diego CA: Visit The Model Railroad Museum PDF Print E-mail

For traveling seniors who want to recall childhood days of enjoying their miniature railroads, this is the place to go.

The San Diego Model Railroad Museum is located in Balboa Park, on the lower floors of the Casa de Balboa. Celebrating its 100th birthday, the building was featured in the 1915 Pan Pacific celebration. That year, San Diego joined other cities marking the opening of the Panama Canal. The Model Railroad Museum was created in 1982.


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