Tokyo, Japan: Driverless Taxis Soon On The Streets?

In this advanced tech nation, where robot hotel bellhops lug luggage and humanoid clerks check you in, this shouldn’t be unexpected. According to official reports, visitors will be able to hail computerized cabs in the Japanese capital city by 2020.

Consider the possibilities. If you remember the 1976 movie, Taxi Driver, would you want a robotically insane Robert De Niro (Travis Bickle) driving you around town? Also, after settling into back seat, will the automatic taxi driver automatically run up the meter by taking the longest route to your hotel?

If there’s a major pro sports event or convention in town, will the automatic taxi driver automatically up the rate 500 percent? Will the mechanical taxi driver refuse to take anyone wearing a hoodie? Will the robot taxi driver be programmed to laugh hysterically as it aims at little old ladies in wheelchairs as they cross the street?

Will we too soon have to say sayonara to Tokyo’s human taxi drivers?

Philadelphia PA: 4 Top Restaurants for Soft-Shell Crabs PDF Print E-mail

When growing up, soft-shell crabs harvested fresh from the Atlantic Ocean off the Jersey and Maryland shores were special family favorites of your travel4seniors.com editor. Unlike the hard-shell variety that require scooping out the meat, the entire soft-shell crab is edible.

During the season from late May to early September, the blue crab species (Callinectes sapidus) annually shed their shells. Then, depending on the ethnicity and tastes of the chefs, they’re roasted, cooked or steamed into delicious lunch and dinner specialties.

Favorite restaurants in the area that serve soft-shell crabs:

Paris, France: Seniors Stay & Eat Cheap In Costly City PDF Print E-mail

Guest senior correspondent PJL, Athens GA: Sounds like a contradiction? Doing the most expensive, overpriced city in the world on a budget? Well, it can be done, and this senior couple did it. 

We started our Parisian cheapness campaign several springtimes ago by not booking into one of the ritzy, grossly-overpriced name-brand hotels. We selected an inexpensive little inn adjacent to the university buildings of the Sorbonne.

What To Do If Flight Delayed For Hours And Hours PDF Print E-mail

Just recently a flight scheduled to take off for Seattle from Mexico City, sat for 16 hours on the tarmac. When it finally did get into the air, because of thick fog, it landed in Portland at midnight.

Then, once the flight landed, the passengers were held aboard for another four hours. The airport claimed the flight was totally unexpected, and no customs agents there at that hour to check passengers from Mexico back into the U.S.

Senior Flyers: Choose To Snooze In The Air PDF Print E-mail

It may not be like a sunny day lolling on the warm sandy beach, but there are things you can do to make that flight comfy enough to drift off to dreamland. First, of course, if you’re flying economy, the problem is that seats there seem to be designed more for torture than comfort.

However, there are ways to relieve the situation. When you book, call as early as you can and ask for a window seat. It suffers no aisle traffic nor overweight seatmates climbing over you, and you can lean up against the bulkhead to snooze.

Jerome AZ: Leaning Ruins Of Old Arizona Ghost Town PDF Print E-mail

Once a thriving 19th Century Arizona mining community, history has long since abandoned Jerome. The remains of a few buildings still stand precariously, including this two-seat privy. If the town were built today, would a three-seater be required: male, female and transgender?


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