Memphis TN: Steamboat revival a champagne smash!

The widow of Elvis, Priscilla Presley recently broke the traditional bubbly bottle to relaunch the American Queen steamboat. After nearly five years off the river, the Queen is expected to begin again regular passenger cruising of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

The 418-foot-long paddlewheeler is scheduled to carry up to 436 passengers. From Memphis, the Queen will typically make port visits in Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

For schedules, prices and other information on the American Queen, go to greatamericansteamboatcompany.com

Volunteer Sr Travelers:Sign Up For Meaningful Journeys PDF Print E-mail

Volunteering can give seniors interesting travel opportunities, while at the same time offer the satisfaction of helping others. Some programs pay travel expenses, some also provide free room and board. Others also pay basic wages or stipends.

Senior volunteers for overseas programs shouldn’t expect to live in penthouse luxury, nor laze away afternoons by the pool. More satisfying, they’ll help and share the unique everyday lifestyles of the people in areas where they’ll be working.

Lake Havasu City AZ: See Old London Bridge PDF Print E-mail

Have you ever wondered if anyone actually believed the old sales pitch, “Would you like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?” Well, if you travel to the little Arizona town of Lake Havasu City, you’ll see evidence that a similar bridge sale actually happened.

Back in 1962, British officials decided the old, original London Bridge across the Thames River was, as the song says, falling down. It had been built in 1831 to carry horse carriages, but the continuous flow of modern auto and truck traffic was gradually sending it block by block into the river.

Sr Travelers: Meet Your Fave Dummy at Madame Tussaud’s PDF Print E-mail

If on your next visit to Washington DC and happen to see President Barack Obama hanging out in front of a red sandstone building at 1025 F Street NW, don’t be surprised. But, on closer examination, you’ll discover he’s a dummy.

Despite what Republicans may call him, the figure is a real dummy. It’s a wax duplicate of the President set out there to induce people to cough up $25 each to enter the city’s Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

The original Madame Tussaud's has been in London since 1835. In addition to the Washington DC museum, which opened in 2007, there are branches in Amsterdam, Berlin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hollywood, New York City and Las Vegas.

New Replica Of Noah’s Ark May Visit USA Ports PDF Print E-mail

According to USA Today, a full-size copy of the Biblical vessel will sail this year from the building site in the Netherlands to a schedule of visits along the eastern coasts of Brazil and USA.

Built by ambitious carpenter Johan Hulbers and his crew, the vessel is named Johan’s Ark, and sponsored by the Ark of Noah Foundation. No announcement has been made yet about whether the vessel will carry passengers nor the original two-by-two quota of animal species.

However, to all seniors who may be interested in becoming passengers on the new ark, when you book your cruise, be very selective. You don’t want your cabin to be too close and downwind to the elephant, rhino, pig, horse and cattle quarters.

Burbank Ca: Memorable Warner Bros Studio Tour PDF Print E-mail

In 1923, Sam, Jack, Harry and Albert Warner opened a modest silent movie studio on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. It grew through the years and is now a giant entertainment complex just a few miles up the freeway in Burbank.

If your travels include the Los Angeles area, be sure to save a day to take the nostalgic Warner Brothers Studio Tour. There are various tour packages, and tickets cost from about $62 per adult and $52 for kids under 13.

The tours include actual visits to current movie and TV sets and sound stages, as well as buildings, costumes and artifacts that date back to the early days. Nostalgic seniors can fondly recall the roster of great Warner Brothers stars of the past, including Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn, Burt Lancaster and many, many others. For more info, wbstudiotour.com


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