Europe River Cruises: 4 New Ships Offer More Luxury

The European river cruise line Viking just launched four new ships in Amsterdam. They will sail along the Rhine, Main and Danube.

Viking calls them Longships, because among the 250 cabins will be larger and more luxurious suites. Passengers who book them will be sailing in two-room apartments with extensive balconies for viewing the passing European scenery. Ancient Norse Viking sailing vessels that explored as far west as America were called longships.

For more information, consult your favorite online or hometown travel agency, or go to www.vikingrivercruises.com/OfficialSite

AA Mechanics Union Slowdowns Cause Costly Delays PDF Print E-mail

If some of your recent American Airlines flights were delayed or cancelled since the beginning of the year, it could have been the guys on the flight line. While labor negotiations drag on, so do they in their slowdown strategy as summer travel season arrives.

Your travel4seniors.com editor is not anti-union. My working mom was a very vocal member of the ladies’ garment workers union for decades way back from the 1920s. However, similar to the AA worker’s slowdown, unhappy memories go back to later years when hometown Philly’s transport workers attempted to get higher wages. Almost annually, and always during the busiest Christmas shopping season, they slowed down or stopped their buses, streetcars and subway trains.

Negotiations for higher wages are traditional in our free society, and often a strike is considered necessary by unions. But as in the current AA slowdown, why is it necessary to use hurting innocent passengers as a bargaining tool?

Senior Roadies: Be Prepared For Unclean Gas Station Johns PDF Print E-mail

Along with ever-rising gas prices, expect less sanitary inside and outhouse restrooms in your warm weather road trips. Bring supplies enough for everyone in your car that include disposable medicated wipes and paper seat covers. Also carry bar or bottled soap, deodorant spray and an extra roll of toilet paper.

Sofitel, NYC: Spend The Night With Cher Memories PDF Print E-mail

She just turned 74, and in every loyal senior fan's aging eyesight, Cher looks as glamorous as ever. The popular Manhattan hotel at 45 West 44th Street is honoring the singer with the luxurious Cher-themed suite. Prices are from $499 per night. Also, while you’re in the neighborhood, consider attending the Cher Show. It recently opened on Broadway at the Neil Simon Theater.

Tips For Memorial Day Senior Weekend Wanderers PDF Print E-mail

If you plan to take to the highways and/or commercial air on this busy holiday, be aware of the usual and/or unexpected problems. First, if you plan that long drive to grandma’s house, do it two or three days before the holiday. Roads will be less crowded, and just maybe gas station holiday weekend highway robbery prices won’t be posted yet.

For flights, get to the airport one or two hours early. When you check in before the mob scene, it’ll be less stressful. Also, in the hours before you leave home, keep reading your airline and highway websites for news about cancelations, delays, labor strikes and slowdowns that could negatively affect your schedule. Then, if necessary, quickly make other plans. Happy Memorial Day!

London UK: Snooze A Night In The Spice Girls Bus PDF Print E-mail

If your June travels take you to London, consider doing some 1990s nostalgia. The colorful, double-decker vehicle is available June 14 and 15 at the city’s Wembley Park. The Union Jack-painted bus is famously featured in the 1997 Spice Girls movie, Spice World.

The fee is £99, about $126. And, of course, be prepared to rock the bus while singing their hit songs. And bring along appropriate vintage 90s clothing as you would wear while attending one of their concerts.


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