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Food: Would cavemen enjoy in-flight meals?

On your next flight, would you enjoy a dinner of roast dinosaur? There are several scientific studies going on that examine the diet of Stone Age humans. The rumor is that cruise lines, airlines and hotel chains are interested in serving foods that include more natural and healthy ingredients.

Actually, just kidding about dinosaur on the menu. If you ever stayed awake in history class, you’d know those beasts were gone from the earth several million years before man arrived. However, the cavemen's simple diet, primarily of meats, is considered healthy for today’s humans by some nutrition experts. Just don’t try convincing a vegan of that.

Stone Age people were hunter-gathers who found food, primarily animals, within short distances of where they lived. They did eat some wild grasses and beans, but researchers claim vitamin-rich liver, kidneys and brains were their favorites. By the way, have those researchers considered that cavemen died at 30 of old age?

Memphis TN: Old Southern Charm Of Blues City PDF Print E-mail

Memphis is great for senior visitors, offering a mix of old Southern charm, antebellum mansions, historic sites, music history and fine dining. Average December daytime temperatures are in the mid-50s, and nights in mid-30s. Memphis International Airport is world headquarters of FedEx. Delta, American, Continental and US Airways also serve Memphis.

The venerable Peabody Hotel attracts families for the daily duck parade from the lobby at 11 am. It’s within easy walking distance to Beale Street, Rock N Soul Museum, National Civil Rights Museum and Convention Center. www.peabodymemphis.com

Miami Beach FL: Art Basel December Events PDF Print E-mail

If you’re lucky enough to escape the harsh winter invading much of the U.S. to visit the Miami area, consider this series of exciting events.

From Wednesday, December 3, through Saturday, December 6, it’s Art Basel Miami Beach, with daytime temperatures expected to be in the high 70s. Started in Switzerland in 1970 and now in 19 other cities, the Miami celebration this year is certain to be one of the world’s best.

Substitutes For Family Holiday Absence PDF Print E-mail

It’s the most important time of year for families to gather and enjoy being together. However, if you’re deployed, delayed or for some other reason you can’t be there, these tips may help to make the absent senior heart grow fonder.

Savor The Moments:
Use your SmartPhone to talk and wish each family member a happy holiday. It can help if you’ve already sent presents or purchased gift certificates to be handed out while you’re communicating.

Boo, Hoo, JetBlue To Take More $$$ Out Of You! PDF Print E-mail

Tearful customers may pose a question like the little boy’s to the baseball player back in the 1920s, “Say, it ain’t true, JetBlue!” Unfortunately, it’s true. The airline will squeeze more in fares, while at the same time squeeze passengers into less seating space in the JetBlue yonder.

JetBlue announced it will create three ticket classes in 2015, and only the top two will allow one free checked bag. Those in the cheap seats will  pay to check their bags, as well as fly in ever-decreasing seat sizes.

JetBlue expects that the new fare classes and bag fees will bring in more than $200 million annually in operating income, and the extra seats will raise another $100 million. Looks like JetBlue execs and investors will enjoy a very happy and prosperous holiday season and beyond.

Rome, Italy: Friendly Poliziotto By The Colosseum PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor snaps friendly Italian policemen. We just couldn’t help expecting the smiling middle one to suddenly yell out....”Heyyyy, Abbbbotttt!”

While in the Eternal City, he stayed in the fantastic five-star Hotel Eden Rome, proud member of the Dorchester Collection. www.dorchestercollection.com/rome/hotel-eden


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