Denver CO: Airport To City Via Quick Electric Train Ride

As with many other major cities, access to and from Denver’s airport is now available by a quick, clean, comfy electric train ride. The 40-minute trip costs $9, far less than the $60 or higher taxi or private car ride.

The electric train, the University of Colorado A Line,  is scheduled to run every 15 minutes from airport to downtown Denver, with several stops along the route. For even more traveler comfort, recently opened is the adjacent Westin Denver International Airport Hotel.

Long Beach CA: Queen Mary Lights Up For Holiday Parade PDF Print E-mail

The famous ocean liner that once carried presidents, kings and World War 2 troops to battle is part of the city’s annual celebration. Along with decorated hundreds of local boats and yachts, the impressive sea/shore celebration happens at 5:30 pm on Saturday, December 15. It’s all free, and if you’ll be in the port city, be sure to bring your camera/smartphone to capture the holiday festivities.

Winter Travel Crowds Bring Flu Dangers To Avoid PDF Print E-mail

Before you hit the road or sky, get a flu vaccine shot. With store and airport holiday crowds jammed together, your chances of mixing with sick people are highest of the year. Also take supplies of antibiotic medicines with you, as well as a kit with tissues, soap and other disposable heath products.

To avoid contamination, try to stay away from obviously ill coughers and sneezers. And always wash your hands before and after meals, as well as when using public restrooms. If you’re susceptible to catching colds or flu when in crowded travel situations, it’s a good idea to wear disposable medical face masks.

Delta Tightens Leash On Flying Canines & Felines PDF Print E-mail

Changes are in effect because of many incidents of passenger complaints and in-flight sanitary problems. Tougher rules now apply, including no pet puppies nor kittens allowed in passenger areas, and no emotional support animals on flights lasting over eight hours. So, take heed, Delta flyers. Know when to leave Fido and/or Fluffy at home.

Flying Nuns Accused Of Sinning $500,000 Into Sin City PDF Print E-mail

Two senior California nuns are in trouble for absconding with church money in large amounts over ten years of flights to Las Vegas. And the flashy town didn’t earn its evil nickname by holding religious services in its gaudy casinos. Hey, brother, is that a sister sitting at the next slot machine?

Obviously the nuns didn’t wear their habits at the casinos, but did have the bad habit of stealing and betting church money in Sin City. Charges are not yet reported, but you can bet there will be some fervent pleas offered heavenward. Of course, we traveling seniors will continue praying religiously as we invest our pension money at Las Vegas casinos.

Gas Fill-Ups During Holiday Road Trips May Be Cheaper PDF Print E-mail

Over the river  and thru the wood to grandmother’s house this season could cost less than in previous years. According to USA Today, average gas pump prices are falling. After skyrocketing into the $4 and $5 range for several years, it could hit a national average $2.40 this month.

The lowest rates are in Missouri, averaging $2 per gallon. Oklahoma and South Carolina were at $2.06. Of course, the state with the big highways and bigger costs of living, California gas is at $3.45 a gallon. Let’s just hope your grandmother’s house is in Missouri, Oklahoma or South Carolina.


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