CNN: Sea Princess Cruise Fearful Of Pirate Attacks

According to the news service report, the 2,000 passengers on the luxury liner were recently required to stop all activities throughout the ship from sunset to sun-up. The ban was because of potential attack on the ship by buccaneers.

The emergency action was just for 10 nights out of the 104-day round-the-world journey. The feared pirate danger areas are while the ship sailed in the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden and the Suez  Canal. So, if any passengers see the Jolly Roger hoisted, it’ll be yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, ye landlubbers!

Noisy Boozing On Flights Could Cost Big Fines & Boot-Offs PDF Print E-mail

All senior flyers have experienced it. The disruptive guy in the next seat had too many Martinis in the airport bar. These days, the rowdy behavior is also happening when a large noisy group is on the same flight. It often occurs after holiday parties, family reunions, business conferences and college sports events.

If you’re traveling with a celebrating group, be sure all participants are aware of the cost of unruly and desructive behavior on flights. Not only could it result in big fines, you may also get kicked off the aircraft and headed for the hoosegow. www.theguardian.com/travel/2018/sep/19/partygoers-on-flights-warned-excessive-drinking-will-lead-to-hefty-fines

San Francisco CA: TV Reporters' Car Smashed And Grabbed PDF Print E-mail

With thousands of homeless wandering downtown, street dangers in the City By The Bay is now at a constant high level. The recent crime happened when reporters set cellphones, purses and other items in a parked car that were shown on video as they were stolen. The fast-working, window-smashing thieves were not caught.

When travels take you to San Francisco and any other large world city, always obey personal safety rules. Keep your parked car locked, preferably in a commercial garage. Carry wallets in buttoned or zipped pockets. Keep strapped handbags secured under elbows. Always be alert, and at night, walk only with at least one companion on well-lighted busy streets.

Miami Airport Provides Therapy Dogs For Nervous Passengers PDF Print E-mail

They’re called MIA Volunteer K-9 Ambassadors, and human handlers lead them around to stop for friendly visits with people waiting for flights. Similar programs are operated in Los Angeles, Denver and other airports.

Before you reach out to pet an airport therapy dog or any other strange animal, your travel4seniors.com editor has a story to tell. I’ve had furry pets and many encounters with trained working dogs, and never had a problem … until last year’s Halloween night. While attending a street parade, I approached a woman who said her big canine was in training to be a therapy dog.

I petted him, not realizing he was highly stressed from the loud music and crowds. Suddenly he snapped his jaws on my hand, making a large, deep bite. It resulted in an ambulance ride to the hospital and a dozen stitches to close the wound. Conclusion: Whether in an airport or anywhere else, be aware that even the most domesticated and trained dogs are animals. When they’re suddenly nervous or frightened, the attack instinct can take over with painful results.

Road Scholar: Independent Paris: People, Places, Culture PDF Print E-mail

Join other senior adventurers in exploring and experiencing the fantastic French capital city. Walking tours, lectures and independent wanderings offer the real Paris and its people. Explore world-famous museums, theater, entertainment, street and restaurant foods, stores, markets and many other French delights.

Program 10034WTP includes nine days, eight nights and 10 Parisian restaurant meals. The next scheduled is from November 3 to 11, but is completely booked, and only wait-listed. The December 8 to 16 trip is available, plus later schedules. Prices start at $1,399 per person double occupancy. For more info, go to www.roadscholar.org/find-an-adventure/10034/independent-paris-people-places-culture/dates

Enjoy Two Rockin’ Festive Nights In The Nation’s Capital PDF Print E-mail

On September 29 and 30, no politics, accusations, molesting, campaigning, orations, fund-raising or other serious stuff. The only Republican or Democratic party activities are real fun parties at Art All Night in Washington DC. Featured will be all kinds of music, food and fun, as well as a groovin' speakeasy in Congress Heights.

Visitors can participate in music, art and street food in embassies around Dupont Circle. They’ll view murals and street parades in Shaw, and new film screenings and cocktails in North Capitol. And more music, food and creative events in Deanwood, Minnesota Ave, H Street and Tenleytown. All scheduled to happen on the nights of September 29 and 30, from 7 pm to 3 am. Entry is free. For more info, go to artallnightdc.com


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