QE2 to retire to Dubai, or maybe South Africa

QE2 to retire to Dubai, or maybe South Africa
No, no, not the real QE2, who’s still very active with her corgies in Buckingham Palace. Vacations To Go reports Cunard's legendary ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 was retired from service last fall, and originally scheduled to be permanently settled at a Dubai United Arab Emirates dockside.

As with the old Queen Mary 1 in Long Beach CA, she was to be fitted out as a floating luxury hotel. However, the Cunard executives who make such decisions may change their minds and dock the QE2 in Durban or Cape Town, South Africa, where she’ll be a floating hotel there. South Africa is scheduled to host the World Cup Football (soccer) event next year in Cape Town. Stay tuned to find out what will happen to the old girl. No, no, not THAT old girl.

Southwest Introduces New Round-Trip Flights PDF Print E-mail

The economy airline is always offering deals and updated schedules. For example, beginning Sunday, November 6, there are the following newly-introduced flights:

Baltimore MD to San Jose CA (1 daily)
Washington Reagan DC to Providence RI (2 daily)
Washington Dulles DC to Orlando FL (1 daily)
Kansas City MO to San Antonio TX (1 daily)
San Jose CA to Salt Lake City UT (2 daily)

For deals, prices, times and more info, go to www.southwest.com

Senior Travel Humor: Be A Panhandler In Manhattan PDF Print E-mail

(Hey, don’t take this story seriously. Consider it just travel4seniors.com editors’ way of conjuring up a Halloween TRICK OR TREAT!) Psst, do ya wanna have fun in Manhattan without spending a cent? And if done right, the venture could actually earn significant income. Now that you’ve aged, and time has whitened your hair and lined your face, it may be the moment to cash in on pitiful you.

You've heard all the experts advising dress for success. For this Big Apple begging enterprise, dress for failure. Go to a charity store for the most ragged, over-sized, baggy clothing you can get. Make your senior face, hair and other features look pitifully tattered and worn.

San Diego CA: Visit The Museum Of Contemporary Art PDF Print E-mail

This collection is not for every senior art lover, especially those who revere the traditional masters of past art history. When wandering the halls and rooms of the SDMCA, you won't see any works by Michelangelo, Da Vinci, David, Rembrandt, Whistler, Goya or others of the old schools.

The SDMCA's collection mostly contains art produced since 1950. It includes such popular artists as Johns, Duchamp, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Calder, Picasso, Chagall, Pollock, Rauschenberg and many newer painters, sculptors and photographers.

Tips On How To Be A Comfy In-Flight Senior Snoozer PDF Print E-mail

Guest Correspondent Maria DeM, Los Angeles CA: We often go red eye, flights that take off after 9 pm. It’s cheaper, better onboard seating is available, and airports are much less crowded. Also, road traffic to and from the airport is much lighter.

We find ways to sleep during flights. Our most frequent trips, about twice a month, are one-hour hops between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We also take six-hour flights cross country several times a year, and about once a year an eight-hour-plus journey to Europe, Asia or South America.

Airport Security Eyes Are Always Watching You PDF Print E-mail

Wandering, sitting, shopping or waiting in line, no matter where you are and what you're doing in most air terminals, you can be assured that at least one camera sees you. On a recent arrival to check in for a flight out of Las Vegas, we stopped just inside the terminal doors to get our bearings.

As we were taking out the necessary documents, we noticed a stack of three or four suitcases just a few feet away. At that instant, two airport cops and a big German Shepherd dog came rushing over. At first we thought they were after us, but they passed and swooped up the unattended bags. Dog and handlers were gone up the nearby escalator before we could say or do anything.


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