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SeatGuru Names Top 5 US Airports To Be Stranded

SeatGuru®, a comprehensive resource for airline information, picks its top five domestic airports to be stranded, when travelers experience flight delays. SeatGuru founder Matt Daimler says, "We've picked these airports because of their amenities and attractions designed to help travelers relax and be entertained and pampered during any unfortunate, extended layovers." Here are his choices:

Beverly Hills Hotel: Dad-Son Party Time In PJs! PDF Print E-mail

My travel writer son and I had a very entertaining evening recently at the prestigious Beverly Hills Hotel. We were invited, along with a group of other travel writers, to a reception at the iconic hotel on glamorous Sunset Boulevard.

Participants donned hotel logo pajamas and sandals, all provided as we arrived. After joining similarly-clad guests and hosts, we were offered a new menu of delicious food items called A Taste Of Dorchester Collection.

I started with the McCarthy salad, individually prepared just for me by the hotel chef as I selected fresh chicken, bacon, beet root, tomato, avocado and cheddar cheese. My next choice was Coworth Park Fish And Chips, named for a London neighborhood and popular snack. It was delicious pieces of whitefish fried in beer-flavored batter, and served with crisp French fries.

Sacramento CA: DMV Issues Self-Driving Car Permits PDF Print E-mail

Still experimental, the era of driverless cars draws ever closer. And for many seasoned citizens, whose eyes, ears and reflexes are fading, it can’t happen soon enough.

Computer-driven cars are currently being tested in several states, so far all required to have human drivers aboard for emergency take-overs when necessary. California now allows Google, Mercedes and Volkswagen to test their driverless cars on its freeways and roads.

Air France: Pilot Strike Continues In 2nd Week PDF Print E-mail

In our French-themed school in Philly, many decades ago, we frequently stood and sang La Marseillaise (marcy-aise). The national anthem began: Allons enfants de la patrie, Le jour de gloire est arrivé! Translate: Arise, children of the Fatherland. The day of glory has arrived!

Unfortunately, Air France passengers will not arise to the skies, but must stand down for more days without glory. Let all senior travelers who fly Air France join us in the hope that the désaccord will be settled rapidement. Questions: www.airfrance.us

Twilight Zone: Can This Actually Happen? PDF Print E-mail

Remember the 1963 episode, Nightmare At 20,000 Feet? Passenger Bill Shatner kept seeing a monster outside his window pulling off pieces of the wing. Was it real or an illusion? Just maybe, after all the decades since, it won’t be uncommon to look out the window from your cramped seat, and see a little automated whirlybird drone approaching too close for comfort.

The Federal Aviation Administration, reacting to incidents of drones endangering commercial aircraft, is working up new rules to promote safety as the number and sophistication of drones continue to grow. So, on your next flight, all you need to do is sit back, relax and hope your journey will be droneless.

For recent news on the subject, go to nypost.com/2014/09/18/drones-came-close-to-two-planes-near-la-guardia-in-july

Juiz de Fora, Brazil: Jackass Jurisdiction Rules PDF Print E-mail

In the town of 500,000 citizens just 80 miles north of the capital city of Rio de Janeiro, there’s a strict law. It ... er... covers situations when people enter with horses and burros. The visiting critters are required to wear diapers.

We’ve known many human jackasses in politics, uniform and business, and full-time diapers would be appropriate for many of them.  Senior traveler: if horseback or burroback trails take you to that town, just be sure you ride in packin’ linen. www.pjf.mg.gov.br


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