Flying For Seniors Gets Tougher, But Still The Best Way To Go

Flying for we grey-haired travelers is getting tougher every day. Forget the slogans. The skies United flies are no longer friendly. American Airlines isn't something special in the air any more. Delta can no longer claim they love to fly and it shows. These days, Continental won’t move its tail for you.

USA Today Lists Best Museums In Each U.S. State PDF Print E-mail

Of course, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is up there as the top in Pennsylvania. To your travel4seniors.com editor, it’s the very best! Somewhere in a desk drawer is my 1951 bachelor of fine arts diploma from the Philadelphia Museum College of Art, now the University of the Arts. 

If your travels take you to Philly, be sure to plan at least a couple of hours to visit the beautiful destination. Tickets are $20 adults; $18 seniors (65+); $14 students and youth (13-18); free for kids 12 and under. There are nearly a million visitors annually, so choose a less-crowded week day. For permanent and special exhibits, events and more info, go to philamuseum.org

Holland: Don’t Tiptoe, Stomp Or Selfie Thru The Tulips PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor was there just a couple of years ago at exactly the right time. The experience of a lifetime was seeing endless fields of tulips on the bus trip from Amsterdam, and then to the magnificent displays at colorful Keukenhof Gardens.

If you’ll be there this year, pay heed to the desperate plea to tourists to obey the local laws. Tulip farmers are being overwhelmed by uncaring people who illegally go into the fields with cameras, with too many thoughtlessly killing large swatches of the blossoms. In addition to spoiling the views of more thoughtful tourists, it also costs the farmers considerable lost income.

So, if your upcoming travels include touring the tulip fields of Holland, please be sensible and courteous. The beautiful flowers will be more enjoyable if you don't stomp them into the ground.

Los Angeles CA: World’s Best Cinco De Mayo Celebrations PDF Print E-mail

The talented and proud residents of the Mexican community welcome locals and visitors to the annual fiesta. It includes musical events, food extravaganzas, sports contests, colorful costumes, parades, fairs and much more during this annual celebration. It all happens on the weekend of May 4 to 6.

For example, enjoy Friday night with live music and dancing at the center of the local Mexican community, Plaza Kiosko. Then, through the weekend, join in on the mariachis, Folklorico dancers and piñatas. If you’re with youngsters, check for special kid events at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument on Olvera Street. For more info, go to www.tripsavvy.com/cinco-de-mayo-in-la

Gas Prices Go Higher After Presidential Oil Restrictions PDF Print E-mail

As if the greedy foreign oil sheiks and their American oil company thieves need reasons to hike prices. Trump recently placed restrictions and penalties on buying Iranian crude oil. Facing more of the usual robbery at gas station pumps, ’tis the season when the most Americans get on the road and in the air for spring and summer travel.

Of course, the gas price rise will also empty travelers’ wallets in booking flights, hotels and just about everything else in our constantly inflating economy. Is there anything senior flyers and roadies can do about this year’s rising thievery? Not a hell of a lot, except maybe cancel some overpriced trips and camp out in the back yard.

When planning, daily check the internet for best prices, including where gas is cheapest along your driving route. Consider ride sharing, as well as joining group cruises, bus and train trips. And when your old gas guzzler needs to be replaced, trade it in for an all-electric car.

Is Your Airbnb Host Peeking At And/Or Listening To You? PDF Print E-mail

There have been reports of the dirty deed happening. A hidden camera could spy to prevent you from swiping stuff from the honor bar and/or sheets, towels and blankets. And when you undress or take a shower, will you feel like a naked Lady Godiva with sneaky eyes and ears following your every bare move?

For ideas on how you can protect your nakedness and other private activities at the Airbnb you rent, go to www.fastcompany.com/90331449/how-to-find-hidden-cameras-in-your-airbnb-and-anywhere-else


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