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Mamounia Hotel reopens in Marrakech Morrocco

After a long restoration and makeover, one of the greatest hotels in the world has reopened.  We have been to Marrakech and spent time there, it's truly a life changing experience.   Here's a great article on the new changes from AP.

Airlines & Oil Cartels Will Be Hyper About Hyperloop PDF Print E-mail

A potential air tube transportation system may one day soon make the journey between Los Angeles and San Francisco in 35 minutes. Great for passengers for convenience and tickets may be as low as $30 each way.

It could be terrible news for never-ending-price-hiking airlines. Even more painful to oil companies is that Hyperloop will operate on economical solar power and compressed air. If cartel monopolies think the current drop in oil prices is crimping their regal lifestyle, the new power sources could have them sweating their burnooses off.

More good news for passengers, the system will operate from downtown stations, making it much more convenient than need to land travel from isolated airports. If interested in the Hyperloop project, go to JumpStartFund.com For additional info, go to losangeles.cbslocal.com/2014/12/17/la-to-san-fran

Embargo Gotta Go Into History: See You In C-U-B-A! PDF Print E-mail

Remember when Bing Crosby crooned the Irving Berlin song way back when? The travel ban will soon be a bad memory, and once more U.S. citizens may freely see native dancers, roam beaches, drink Cuba Libras and smoke famous Cuban cigars.

We at travel4seniors.com have long advocated opening the way for unrestricted travel between the two countries. The idea wasn’t original. The embargo has been melting away for years. Any U.S. citizen could and did go to Cuba by simply flying in from Canada, Mexico or other country.

Others formed so-called educational and cultural groups to get easy official permission to visit the island. And, of course, those with burning desire for Cuban cigars have been getting them through the mail or internet. For further info on visiting Cuba, keep checking with the U.S. State Department and your favorite travel agent.

Yahoo Unfairly Labels Ugly Americans On Cruises PDF Print E-mail

We rarely write editorials, but a recent Yahoo piece shook us up. The writer not only bashed Americans, but also singled out seasoned citizens we feature on travel4seniors.com as the worst offenders.

Of course, on just about every cruise, as there are in land resorts, there are boorish people. They complain, make unreasonable demands, get drunk, buy junk and thoroughly offend everyone else. However, the boorish travelers are from all parts of the globe.

In our many cruises and other world travels, we’ve observed that at least 99.99% of Americans behave themselves admirably. May we add that those senior American travelers spent hard-working decades in businesses, professions and the military? Whatever enjoyment they get from cruises is well earned, and if sometimes they show it with hearty laughter and funny clothing, tell it to the Marines. 

If you want to get even angrier, go to www.yahoo.com/travel/how-to-spot-an-american-on-a-cruise

Memphis TN: Visit Graceland On His 80th PDF Print E-mail

If you’re a fan of the one and only king of rock’n’roll, you may plan to join in on the celebrations of his landmark birthday on January 8, 2015 at Graceland.

The Presley shrine attracts more than 600,000 of visitors every year, and the birthday celebration will be a big event. You can expect superior entertainment, some of his favorite foods, as well as tours including his pink Cadillac, guitars, costumes, gold records and many other artifacts.

Now that Elvis is 80, maybe some of his most famous hits should have appropriate new titles, such as: Heartbreak Hospice, All Shook Up From Arthritis, Can’t Help Falling Down and Blue Suede Orthopedic Arch Support Shoes. For more info, go to www.graceland.com/events/birthday

4 Christmas Songs For Sentimental Sr Roamers PDF Print E-mail

During this holiday season, if you’re out on the highway alone or transporting a gang of friends or kids, consider caroling. Make it a capella or play the music on your car CD. Here are five senior faves and a bit of their history.

1939: Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Remember hearing this while bundled in the back of your family’s ‘37 Chevy sedan? Then joining in on Gene Autry’s twangy words?

1941: White Christmas. Bing Crosby first recorded this happy snowy tune just before Pearl Harbor got the US into WW2. If you’re of a certain age, you may also remember humming it while huddled in less tuneful snow three years later during the  Battle of Bulge.


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