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Las Vegas NV: Famed Bellagio Fountains Honored

Whenever we visit Las Vegas, we always make time for a special activity. It’s usually around midnight, and we stroll the sidewalk along the beautiful dancing fountains in front of the Bellagio Resort on the Strip.

As we admire the beautiful designs and colors of the enormous display, hidden speakers along the way play familiar music. Our favorite is Frank Sinatra singing, “Luck Be A Lady” from Broadway’s “Guys And Dolls”. The acoustics are so lifelike, we often stop and imagine Frank is right there singing just for us.

Travel website TripAdvisor apparently agrees with us about the Bellagio fountains. It recently named them the No. 1 landmark in the US. Scholars and historians could argue with the choice, because below the fountains on the list were such historic landmarks as Gettysburg National Military Park, the USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu and New York City’s Top of the Rock Observation Deck.

Next time you’re in Sin City, add a stroll along the fountains to your itinerary, preferably when Sinatra’s voice fills the night air. Unlike just about everything else in the expensive town, the experience is absolutely free.

Visit Lovely Autumn Virginia For Cider Week PDF Print E-mail

A fantastic series of tasty events at various locations in the Old Dominion state are scheduled from Friday, November 14 to Sunday, November 23, The theme is hard cider, that wonderfully traditional drink Virginians have enjoyed for at least 300 years.

Among the participating cities are Richmond, Keswick, Timberville, Delaplane, Abingdon, Charlottesville, Culpepper, Staunton, Dugspur, Harrisonburg, Greenwood, Roanoke, Luray and Washington DC.

Events include gourmet hard cider tastings, cider-making workshops, cider pairing dinners, music and other enjoyable happenings. For more info, go to  ciderweekva.com

Berlin, Germany: 25th Anniversary Of Wall Fall PDF Print E-mail

If you were a GI or family member stationed in Berlin during the Cold War era from 1961 to 1989, you’re familiar with the infamous Berlin Wall. It was an imposing symbol of the difference between the two sides, one under restrictive Russian Communist rule, while on the other a growing German democracy.

It wasn’t the rulers of Russia nor the United States that took down the wall. It was the German people themselves, who finally declared with sledgehammers and chisels that peace and freedom had united the nation.

If your travels take you to Berlin this season, you’ll see festive balloons floating above the lanes where the wall once stood. During the 25th anniversary weekend celebration, from Friday, November 7, through Sunday, November 9, the balloons will be released. For more information about the many festlich events, go to www.visitberlin.de

Suitsy For Fly Guys: Cutesy Or Nutsy? PDF Print E-mail

What at first sounds like a totally goofy travel idea may well be on the market soon. According to a recent Yahoo article, a genius has invented a single-piece business suit outfit for guys who want to look spiffy when they must go directly from airport arrival into a dress-up social or business affair.

The Suitsy all-in-one includes a coat, shirt and pants. Once in the airport, the traveler can do a Superman-like quick change in the lav (airport telephone booths rare these days). He doffs his frumpy in-flight clothes, dons a Suitsy with tie, and quickly emerges in business attire. He’s then ready for that important corporate or other suitable session.

The idea is still in development, but could be on sale soon, says San Francisco Suitzy originator Jesse Herzog. For more info, go to www.betabrand.com

Beverly Hills Hotel CA: Halloween PJ Dress-Ups? PDF Print E-mail

No ghosts or goblins intended. Nightwear, not nightmare, was the required costume travel4seniors.com editors wore at a recent evening reception for travel writers at the famed hotel. On arrival, free hotel logo pajamas and slippers were provided, and we happily wore them throughout the event. As the photo indicates as we left the hotel, we were allowed to keep and take ‘em home! Many, many thanks, BHH! www.dorchestercollection.com/BHH

San Francisco CA: Ignore Tour Guide Rant PDF Print E-mail

News sources reported a recent obscene outburst from a emotionally-challenged employee on her last day on the job. As she led her final group through the city’s popular Chinatown business section, she furiously spewed loud racial curses at the residents.

Your travel4seniors.com editor has visited the area, the world’s largest Chinese community outside Mainland China, many times over 70 years. Never once did we experience anything other than warm welcome, great food, terrific entertainment and unique shopping.

While Chinatown has retained its historic themes, the residents, including San Francisco’s current mayor, Ed Lee, have been loyal Americans since the early Asian settlers there more than 150 years ago. For your upcoming visit, get the latest info at www.sanfranciscochinatown.com


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