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Outrigger offers extra perks for Hawaii travelers
Two beachfront Outrigger hotels in Waikiki, Hawaii, have enhanced their bundle of free amenities and services, offering even more value to their guests.
Seville, Spain: Solo Senior Travel Guide PDF Print E-mail

Seville is a magnificent city in southern Spain often overlooked and underrated as a destination. Seniors looking for companionship among other travelers can find kindred souls in Seville.

Tapas are small appetizers served in bars, usually spicy and salty, both hot and cold, to encourage more drinking. The Seville tapas crawl involves spending an evening roaming from bar to bar, sampling tapas at each destination. Perez Galdos Street is filled with tapas bars, while Alameda is the dance club area.

Route 66: Vintage Landmarks on America's Highway PDF Print E-mail

Remember the long-ago popular tune, and lyrics that declare that Route 66 "winds from Chicago to L.A?" Not exactly correct. Route 66 continues past Los Angeles for another dozen miles to the coastal city of Santa Monica. There's an official Route 66 sign just a few feet from the Santa Monica Pier, beach and the Pacific Ocean. It correctly reads: "End of the Trail."

Consider some stops along the way where to “get your kicks on Route 66”. From the song’s lyrics, they include familiar towns of Flagstaff, Winona, Kingman, Barstow and San Bernardino.

Flagstaff AZ: Visit the Galaxy Diner (931 W. Route 66, Flagstaff) With bright red and white plastic decor and a juke box playing Big Band music, you’d almost expect to see young 1940s couples jitterbugging. The Galaxy features Saturday night dancing, some of the music is from the Big Band era.

Flagstaff is surrounded by beautiful Ponderosa Pine forests and the San Francisco Peaks. It's a favorite stop for tourists on their way 80 miles north to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Five Excellent Centuries-Old U.S. Restaurants PDF Print E-mail

A restaurant doesn't have to be a century old to be popular. However, continuing to serve great food through those years usually means it has built a loyal following of discriminating fans and generations of their families. These are favorite century old restaurants to visit in your travels:

City Tavern, Philadelphia PA (1773): Near Independence Square, City Tavern (138 S. Second St.) has been part of Philly history since before there was the U.S. It was where delegates John Adams, Ben Franklin and other patriots gathered to write the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Favorites include West Indies pepperpot soup, a delicious concoction of beef, taro root, onions and fresh greens. Also enjoy fresh-made turkey pot pie, served as it was more than two centuries ago in pewter casseroles.

Travel Healthy: Don't Bring Colds and Flu Home PDF Print E-mail

Many seasoned wanderers brag they've had the proper flu shots, drink orange juice and do the usual precautions to prevent infection. Most of all, they also insist inoculation keeps away the nasty bug.

Actually, according to recent reports by the Center For Disease Control, flu vaccines are effective for no more than 65 percent. The simple fact is that being on cramped airplanes, waiting rooms, trains, and buses brings us in too-close physical contact with people and objects full of flu germs. And infections happen.

Herodium, Israel: Ruins Of King Herod’s Palace PDF Print E-mail

On a recent visit, your travel4seniors.com editor and camera roamed several miles south of Jerusalem into the Judean Desert to experience this historic site. Built between 23 and 15 BC, it originally included residences, banquet halls, pools and gardens.


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