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Great Gift Idea For Senior Travelers

I don't get a commission for touting this miraculous gift for traveling seniors.

Santa Monica CA: Beaches, Amusements & Much More PDF Print E-mail

This is as close to an East Coast summer beach town as you can get in California, except it’s warm and sunny season all year long. Instead of teen surfers, loud rock music and bikini babes, senior visitors will find tranquil families on the beach, complete with umbrellas, picnic baskets, towels and suntan lotion.

There’s also Santa Monica Pier, a look-alike for Steel Pier or Coney Island, complete with fun games, music, rides, food stalls and souvenir shops. Average February weather is in the mid-70s days, and mid-60s nights.

If you’re driving, take Santa Monica Freeway West, and exit down a ramp into the Pacific Coast Highway. To get to Santa Monica and the Pier, continue down PCH and watch for a turnoff to the beaches. For more info, go to santamonica.com

CNN Lists World’s Safest Cities In 2015 PDF Print E-mail

We self-appointed senior travel experts somewhat agree with CNN’s recent choices, based on consumer polls. Here are the top ten, with Japan’s capital city leading: Tokyo, Singapore, Osaka, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Sydney, Zurich, Toronto, Melbourne and New York City.

Safety for seniors visiting any city is always our concern. Even the most secure and police-patrolled neighborhood has potential hazards for us, because of possible limited physical ability to react quickly. Therefore, in your upcoming travels, please follow four basic rules:

1. Wear comfy clothing and shoes, and always be fully aware when you walk in a busy city. In addition to human hazards, there’s street traffic, construction and sidewalk obstacles.

St. Petersburg FL: Picasso/Dali, Dali/Picasso Exhibit PDF Print E-mail

If you’re in town, make it a point to visit the Dali Museum. The exciting exhibit is there until February 22. There are more than 90 works by the famed artists, including drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures.

Also on display are documents and correspondence between the two artists. General admission is $24, seniors $22. The exhibit will then be at the Museu Picasso, Barcelona, Spain, from March 19 through June 28. thedali.org

Sedona AZ: Scarlet Springtime Experience PDF Print E-mail

Sedona is 185 miles from the Grand Canyon, and 100 miles north of Phoenix. The major attractions of the charming town are the surrounding mountain-sized, deep red rocks. Sedona is a great place for late winter-early spring travel.

Weather: The average high daytime February and March is 65, and a cool 40 at night. Almost a mile above Arizona's dry desert area, the picturesque town is much cooler than Phoenix.

Blossoms: Hundreds of varieties of wildflowers bloom in harmony with the scarlet cliffs. There's the Evening Primrose, that opens its blue-white petals at sundown and closes at sunup. Others include Indian Paintbrush, Naked Delphinium, Golden Columbine, Mormon Tea, Indigo Tea Bush, Apricot Mallow, Daisy, Fleabane and Penstemon.

Beijing, China: Smog Can Be Harmful For Seniors PDF Print E-mail

The mayor recently declared the city, with a population of 22 million, to be “unlivable” because of heavy air pollution. Maybe you should think twice before visiting in the next several months. Of course, the reasons are typical, as it once was in smog-choked Los Angeles.

Beijing is in a low-lying basin that traps the air, along with ever-increasing factories, street traffic and gasoline-fueled vehicles. The mayor promises to take significant steps to improve the air quality, but until that happens, seniors are particularly vulnerable to the polluted air.

If you have plans to visit Beijing, check with your doctor to determine if you should cancel. If you go, take precautions. Wear a face mask everywhere in the city, except when in air-conditioned buildings and vehicles.


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