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Paris: Proposed Napoleonland Amusement Park

Attention all you fans of theme parks! Now some French business investors have proposed Napoleonland to compete with Disneyland. If they can gather the $300 million necessary to fund the project, they’ll build it just outside the capital city of Paris.

Can you just imagine some of the rides? How about the retreat from Moscow in 1812? Will visitors get to dress in French army uniforms and trek a thousand miles through the snow?

Then, there could be the reenactment of the Battle of  Waterloo ride. Visitors can choose to be victorious British soldiers or Napoleon doing another retreat job. Let’s not even talk about the naval battle of Trafalgar and dressing up like Admiral Nelson.

Seriously, although Napoleon suffered many defeats and ended up a prisoner on the island of Elba, we wish the French business leaders success. It could make for a very interesting theme park to bring back some of the glory which was Napoleon’s France.

Hurry! Hurry! Princess Offers An Onboard Deal PDF Print E-mail

If you book your cruise by Thursday, March 19, on many scheduled Princess sailings, you can get up to $300 in onboard spending money during your trip. Or you can choose to be bumped up to a free balcony cabin upgrade. 

For more info, check with your hometown travel agent or go to  book.princess.com/html/global/cruisedeals/suite-balcony-bonus-sale/#.VPiWSMbyswc

Capri, Italy: Where Senior Travelers Find Paradise PDF Print E-mail

The tiny Isle of Capri shines like a sparkling jewel in the Mediterranean just 60 miles off the coast from Naples. Ever since it served as a royal vacation destination for wealthy Romans 2,500 years ago, it has been a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world.

Getting There: Capri is reached from the Italian mainland by regularly scheduled ferry and hydrofoil services. The trip takes 40 pleasant minutes by hydrofoil and 80 by ferry.

Must See On Capri: The Chairlift Monte Solaro offers a breathtaking ride and spectacular views up the mountain cliffside. The world-famous Blue Grotto boat ride through the cathedral-like natural rocky formations set in deep blue ocean water is an experience of a lifetime.

Five Of The World's Yummiest Street Foods PDF Print E-mail

Restaurants in every city have special dishes that define local favorites, including shepherd's pie in London, fois gras in Paris, weinerschnitzel in Vienna; and Peking duck in Beijing. If you prefer street foods, the same dishes from outside carts may not be as fancy, but they’re as tasty and much cheaper than in sit-down restaurants.

Also, dining on a park bench or grass on a sunny Spring, Summer or Autumn day can be just as enjoyable as sitting at a fancy café table. Many cities have a familiar street food item that defines them. Here are some favorites:

Brussels Frites: Belgian street chefs are skilled with frites (French fries). By double-frying them in two different-temperature oils, once to cook, the second time to brown and crisp, culinary perfection is achieved. Our favorite cart is Chez Antoine, usually located at Place Jourdan.

St. Petersburg: Russia's Most Fascinating City PDF Print E-mail

A senior reader’s personal experience: The metropolis was the Russian royal capital for 200 years, established by Czar Peter the Great. It later was where Empress Catherine the Great ruled the nation.

The city's name was changed to Leningrad after the Russian Revolution of 1917. Surrounded by German troops for more than two years during World War 2, the city heroically defeated the Nazis. After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1990, the city's name reverted back to St. Petersburg.

We went ashore from our cruise ship and joined an excursion group led by a young Russian schoolteacher. She spoke excellent English, and her wry sense of humor made our excursion a delight. As she pointed to a former Soviet naval base, she told us that if we Americans had been this close before 1990, we’d have been arrested as spies.

Most other Russians we encountered were more reserved, and rarely spoke to us. An exception was a street band of musicians dressed in old Red Army uniforms. When they saw us, they immediately struck up, "Yankee Doodle", and after we gave them tips, happily posed with us.

Norwegian Cruise Line: Check Out Latest Deals PDF Print E-mail

Ready for your season of spectacular senior sailings? Promoted as Norwegian’s Freestyle Choice Spectacular, and it offers all kinds of special promotions for upcoming schedules. Some of the highlights include:

1. Free ultimate dining package
2. Free ultimate beverage package
3. Free spending money up to $300
4. Free gratuities
Plus friends and families sail free

Check with your favorite hometown travel agent for more detailed info, or go to www.ncl.com/promo/wave15?cid=DI_TMA_PRO_PRO__LRN_DIS_WAVE15M_BANNER_300x600_NA_NA


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