Royal Caribbean: Join Volunteer Hikes At Sea

RCL offers passengers opportunities to contribute to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The organization sends kids with life-threatening medical conditions on free trips to Disneyland and other wonderfully wishful destinations.

On a day during many RCL cruises, volunteers can take An International Walk for Wishes. Participants pay $10 and up to hike around the ship's exercise deck for a specified period of time. It earns them a logo t-shirt and warm personal pride. Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines offer a variety of incentives to encourage passengers to contribute to worthy charities.

For more volunteer info, check with your cruise line or go to www.usatoday.com/experience/cruise/best-of-cruising/best-of-cruise-line-charities/13357099. For info about Make-A-Wish, go to www.wish.org

Beware Of Phone Call Scams That Offer Free Cruises PDF Print E-mail

When you pick up the phone, it always begins with, “How are you today?” That should be the cue to hang up without responding. With today’s ever-advancing technology, online crooks can record your voice for future scams.

If you do stay on the line, the pitch begins with an offer of a free cruise, or you’ve won a free cruise. It sounds great, but the best response is to slam down your phone. Don’t fall for the phony promises. If you want to sail the seven seas, go online to get the latest info from a legitimate cruise line website, or contact a trusted hometown travel agent.

When Your Pet Flies, Obey All The Rules PDF Print E-mail

A recent airline tragedy where a dog placed in the overhead above the seat suffocated during the flight should be a reminder. Another in current headlines concerns a dog that was supposed to fly home to Kansas but was mistakenly shipped to Japan. When your pet travels by air, whether on your flight or alone, make sure all the paperwork is correct. Also be certain that Fido or Fluffy is properly prepared and will arrive at the correct destination in good health.

Dealing With Bothersome Seatmates On Loooong Flight PDF Print E-mail

It could be a screaming baby, a yakker next to you, aisle noises and/or loud engine sounds. If it’s grossly overwhelming, you can ask the attendant to move you to another seat. Or you can solve the problem by blocking out the pain in the ears. Before your next flight, check for the latest in portable noise-reducing earphones and electronic video and sound devices.

It’s OK to text while driving on a busy street... PDF Print E-mail

But only if you’re in the back seat....

Gunnison Beach NJ: OK To Go There Bare & Dare To Stare PDF Print E-mail

With the warm season approaching, you don’t have to go to the French Riviera to enjoy beach sunbathing in the nude. A convenient sandy stretch just about an hour north of Atlantic City is Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook, the only legal nude beach in New Jersey.

It’s also one of the few oceanside New Jersey locations where you can legally bring and slurp booze without a permit. So, senior wanderer, if you like to let it all hang out with a bit of booze, plan a visit to Gunnison Beach this summer.


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