Senior Travelers: Help Keep Meals On Wheels Rolling

Along with screwed-up flight schedules and unpaid furloughs for airline workers, the sequestration blues have hit charity groups. Both federal and local governments are cutting back or totally withdrawing some subsidies that helped finance such social programs as Meals On Wheels.

For just one example, according to news reports, for the agency in the town of Contra Costa, California, government funding has been cut off. The volunteer agency will now be forced to stop delivering healthful meals to the homes of nearly 50 percent of its current elderly homebound, low-income recipients.

Travel4Seniors asks you to check with your local Meals On Wheels organization and, if necessary, respond to requests for financial support. Think of your contribution of $25 or $50 as just a tiny portion of the money you’d pay for your next cruise or resort vacation. You won’t miss that duty-free bottle of liquor or souvenir tea set, and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping elderly people in need.

For more information, check with your local Meals On Wheels organization or go to www.mowaa.org/

Nevada: Best Day Hikes Away From The City PDF Print E-mail

Nevada has some of the most beautiful hiking trails in America. One very colorful autumn destination is Red Rock Canyon, on and around Mount Charleston, just a half-hour drive from the glitz and glamor of the Las Vegas Strip.

There are steep mountainous trails among the brilliant rocks and trees for experienced senior hikers, as well as less challenging walkways along the paths. In winter, the weather at high altitudes can be snowy. If you're hiking near the desert floor, especially in summer, you’ll find it very hot and dry.

How To Find Safe, Cheap Eats In Unfamiliar Cities PDF Print E-mail

For traveling seniors on a budget, seeking reasonable dining isn't always easy. Especially if they decide to do their celebrating in New York, Paris, London, or other big cities, ever-rising restaurant prices could be way beyond their means.

A simple way seek bargains is to ask where local families eat out. Hotel employees, store clerks, local cops and taxi drivers will have suggestions. Also, savvy senior wanderers research websites and comment columns giving restaurant reviews before they leave home.

Tips On Taking Your Dog On Long Driving Trips PDF Print E-mail

According to popular opinion, a dog is man’s best friend. While that may be true under most situations, during some moments when a dog rides along on a road trip, neither man nor beast may feel particularly friendly.

Dogs are creatures of habit. They’re comfortable with everyday routines, regular meals and special places to sleep. They don’t like unfamiliar surroundings, sudden noises and other disruptions. So, when you plan to take Fido out for a ride, whether it lasts several hours or several days, first acclimate the dog to what’s involved in the trip.

1. Practice makes perfect: During the week or so before the trip, take your dog out several times for a ride. If Fido is used to shopping and other short hops, all you need to do is get the dog used to longer ones. Do it with consideration.

Copenhagen, Denmark: We Tourists Were Exposed To A Nude Beach PDF Print E-mail

Senior Contributing Writer LJN, Little Rock AR: It happened to us without warning. My spouse and I took a guided tour of Copenhagen, Denmark, this past summer.

Everything went well, including a visit to Tivoli Gardens amusement park, tour of the charming city and wonderful dining at cafés. We admired the famous Little Mermaid nude statue in the harbor, not realizing what was to follow.

Then, one morning we were notified we’d sunbathe and have lunch at the beach. The guide, intentionally or not, failed to tell us that swimsuits were optional. As we settled in the sand, along came groups of people, some wearing just shorts and others completely nude.

Five Scenic Autumn Safe Senior Driving Tips PDF Print E-mail

Road trips during the beautiful season when trees offer colorful scenery can be very pleasant for appreciative seniors. Younger people are back in offices, shops and schoolrooms, and highways are uncrowded and safer.

However, long trips at any time of year require senior drivers to stay totally alert at all times. There are sensible rules of the road that can make a long journey more pleasant and less dangerous.


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