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Holland America Line's 2011 Grand Voyages Set to Explore 7 Continents, 65 Countries

Holland America Line’s ms Amsterdam and the line’s Elegant Explorer, ms Prinsendam, will each sail two spectacular Grand Voyages in 2011. When combined, the four extensive itineraries feature a total of 308 cruising days, 121 ports of call and 65 countries.

Built for world cruising, Amsterdam will sail a 110-day Grand World Voyage in January and a 70-day Grand Asia & Australia Voyage in the fall. Simultaneously, ms Prinsendam will sail a 66-day Grand South America & Antarctica Voyage followed by a 62-day Grand Africa & Mediterranean Voyage.

3 Movies About Travel Gone Hilariously Wrong PDF Print E-mail

It can happen to any naive senior traveler who ventures into the world. Misdirected flights, grungy hotels, traffic nightmares, street hustlers, ptomaine restaurants and more.

Of course, if it happens to you, it’s not funny. But when portrayed in a tragi-comic movie, it can be hilarious. Here are just a few examples you may want to enjoy again on DVDs, classic movie websites or cable TV before venturing out into that big world again.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013): Ben Stiller stars in this remake of the 1947 Danny Kaye movie. With both imaginary and real misadventures throughout the world, Mitty manages to survive and win the heroine.

Selfie On The Road: Where In The World Am I? PDF Print E-mail

You get three guesses as to where your travel4seniors.com editor is while squinting at his camera. No, not Paris, Texas. No, not the Paris Resort in Las Vegas. OK, you have just one more guess.


Aerial Combat: Seat-back Skirmishes Cause Quick Landings PDF Print E-mail

In two recent incidents, passengers who fought over legroom and involved flight attendants, caused the pilots to abort the flights. These relatively minor incidents created major delays for everyone else aboard.

Of course, every senior frequent flyer has been affected by this kind of space war, and no peace is in sight. Airlines are always finding more ways to squeeze passengers into ever-decreasing lower-class seat spaces. That means anyone taller than Tom Thumb or Tom Cruise will continue to have troubles with passengers directly in front and behind them.

Advice for what it’s worth: When taking your seat before the flight, talk to the passenger who may be affected. Find a courteous agreement about adjusting the seat-back, so each of you will be as comfortable as possible within the limited space.

Royal Princess: Cruising Among Autumn Colors PDF Print E-mail

Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole sang about the autumn leaves of red and gold. You can experience them this season on a luxury cruise at reasonable cost. In just its second year at sea, the 3,560-passenger Royal Princess offers her expansive Piazza shopping walkway, fountain pool and many other innovative features.

The Royal Princess cruises round-trip from Brooklyn to coastal cities in New England and Canada. The one-week itineraries feature colorful autumn port calls at New Brunswick’s St. John and Halifax, Newport RI, Boston MA and Bar Harbor ME.

From about $300 a day for two, the one-week experience includes comfortable cabin, all meals, swim, sun, entertainment, pool and much more. Contact your travel agent or go to www.princess.com

NOTE: As of this writing, most basic-priced cabins on the September 27 cruise are sold out, but choice bookings for October sailings may still be available.

75 Years Ago: Where Were You At The Start Of WWII? PDF Print E-mail

Some of our very seasoned citizen travelers can look back on memories of that end-of-summer day, September 1, 1939. Germany invaded Poland, beginning the six-year conflict that on December 7, 1941, would also involve the U.S.

PJMcK, Princeton NJ:
My family was in Atlantic City, enjoying the Boardwalk, beach, Steel Pier, diving horse and salt water taffy. I was 12 when WWII started, and had to look at a map to see where Poland was.

Six years later, as a GI with the 42nd Rainbow Division, I was there when we liberated Polish POWs and other prisoners at the Dachau Concentration Camp. www.scrapbookpages.com/DachauScrapbook/.../Rainbow Since then, my family and I have been to Germany, Poland and France many times, and visited historic WWII sites.


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