*Middleborough MA: Cussin’ Will Cost Ya!

The 400-year-old New England town, with its 25,000 residents, is swearing off swearing! Despite the fact that it sits near the suggestively-named Assawompset Pond, anyone who curses in public there can be fined $20.

Just a few miles down the Massachusetts coast from Plymouth Rock, where the first Pilgrims landed in 1620, Middleborough citizens have had enough! They’re tired of hearing visitors and their own teenagers walking the streets loudly mouthing dirty words. The offenders obviously hear them constantly on TV, movies, stand-up comedy and rock music performances.

We don’t often get editorial on our travel site, but we say good for Middleborough! We did two wartime Navy hitches and know all about cursing. However, since the incursions of sleazy rock music and curse-filled TV and movies, the language of  Will Shakespeare, Winston Churchill and Tom Jefferson has been dragged way down into the gutter.

When we travel in New Jersey, Las Vegas, Hollywood and elsewhere in the U.S., we’re tired of hearing juveniles in actual years and/or that mental level trying to outcurse each other.  

For more information about the historic and once-again-pleasant Massachusetts town, go to www.middleborough.com/

Sea World Offers Free Entry For Vet And Three Pals PDF Print E-mail

The Waves of Honor deal includes branches in San Diego CA, Orlando FL and San Antonio TX. If you’re a vet and considering a visit, the freebee is available until July 5, when the offer expires. For active military, the free admission extends through December 31. ID is required. Reservations must be made through wavesofhonor.com

Domestic Dog And Cat Eaten In Some Parts Of The World PDF Print E-mail

In your worldwide restaurant wanderings, you’ll encounter many different menus. Some may delight, while others offend. Realize that people eat different menu items than yours, and they won’t welcome your criticism.

The French enjoy horse meat. Russians chomp on whale steaks. Italians love baby calamari octopus. In China, Korea, Vietnam and other Asian nations, they eat relatives of our beloved Fluffy and Fido. Unless you’re willing to join in on the pet feast, don’t make a big fuss about it. Just look for an eatery that serves your favorite, snails on the half shell.

Las Vegas NV: Bye, Monte Carlo; Hello, Park MGM PDF Print E-mail

There’s a newly-named hotel on the Strip, and it's all decked out in new decor from lobby to rooms to theater to swimming to dining. Plans continue to soon add special floors of upscale rooms atop the hotel, with new name, The NoMad. For rates, reservations and updated info, go to www.parkmgm.com

Long Beach CA: Aquarium Of The Pacific Gets Bigger PDF Print E-mail

Marking its 20th year, the facility has added a new wing and more exhibits. Be sure to spend some friendly time with Fern, a playful zebra shark, Cain, the sea lion, and many other creatures of the ocean. The park will also feature a new theater and bright outdoor dancing fountains. For special programs, tickets and other info, go to www.aquariumofpacific.org

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: See Snow Top Before It’s Gone PDF Print E-mail

Made famous by the famed Hemingway book and 1952 movie, The Snows of Kilimanjaro, as well as a 2013 screen version, the destination has long been a favorite of amateur mountain climbers.

However, in recent years, the picturesque African snow cap has been disappearing at a rapid rate. Scientists report that it may be completely gone within two years. If one of your ultimate travel plans is to scale the mountain and frolic in the snowy peak, book a trip before it happens.


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