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Google/AARP Map Tool Benefits Senior Drivers

If your spring and summer plans include long road trips, Google Maps and AARP have put their tech tetes together to help make your journeys more economical and enjoyable.

According to USA Today, they’ve eliminated the need for lugging along with you stacks of road maps, info books, discount brochures and other bothersome paperwork. With the new Google/AARP map tool, every bit of thousands of items about travel info is available immediately with just a click on your iPhone or similar electronic device.

You’re now able to plan ahead for the most favorable routes, rest stops, restaurants, shopping, hotels and thousands of other bits of useful travel information. Even better, it allows you to check prices, take advantage of discounts and maintain a sensible budget throughout your road trips.

In order to take advantage of the new service, you must be a signed-up member of AARP. For more information, go to discounts.aarp.org

Basic Health & Safety Tips For Senior Wanderers PDF Print E-mail

Just walking out your house, especially if you're in advanced years, can be hazardous to your health, if you're not fit and aware of surroundings. When traveling and venture into a big city with a history of street violence or other hazards, it can be dangerous for both health and safety.

Before planning a trip, consult with members of your family, online government reports and news sources. It may be better to cancel or schedule travel in a less dangerous area.

First things first. Before embarking, schedule a check-up with your family doctor. Get assurance that you're fit enough for the requirements of the journey, and can handle any unexpected rigors you may face. Get a list of prescriptions and signed refill forms from your doctor. Keep copies in your suitcase and on you at all times.

Cuba: U.S. Flights To Be Extensively Increased PDF Print E-mail

A recent agreement between the two once-estranged nations will allow more commercial air traffic. Before the end of the year, several major American airlines will be permitted to fly round-trips daily to Havana and other Cuban cities.

While some Cuban government restrictions will continue, this represents a significant step toward totally unrestricted business and tourist flights between the two countries.

Bedbugs: What To Do If They're In Your Hotel Bed PDF Print E-mail

Unfortunately, according to recent reports, the word is not if, but when it happens. One glaring statistic about Manhattan is that half of the 400 hotels, both ritzy and ratty, have been reported last year for being infested with the nasty bugs.

What can a traveling senior do about it when it happens in a hotel room? First, when you arrive, pull back the covers and top sheet and very closely inspect the bed and mattress. If you see evidence of the little black pests, get out of that room pronto. You may opt to insist on one on a different floor. Or check out entirely, making sure you’re not charged for your stay.

Chicago IL: Sleep In Van Gogh Bedroom For $10 PDF Print E-mail

The Art Institute of Chicago has built a replica of the small bedroom from Vincent’s painting he created when he lived in the yellow house in Arles, France. For that bargain price, art lovers can spend an Airbnb night there.

The Van Gogh exhibit featuring the bedroom scene and 30 more of the artist’s works is available through May 10. What could be next for the traveling senior art lover? Take the Mona Lisa on a date, cross the bridge with The Scream, dine at the Last Supper or splash paint on a Jackson Pollock canvas?

St. Petersburg, Russia: Cathy’s Cats Roam Her Hermitage PDF Print E-mail

If your travel plans for Russia include touring the Hermitage Museum, former Winter Palace of Empress Catharine The Great, you’ll see one of the world’s largest and most treasured art collections.

Then, when strolling the magnificent gardens surrounding the museum, you’ll also observe an army of feline guards who have been keeping the museum free of rodents since 1745. When you encounter any of the hero cats, they may give you friendly myau (Russian for meow) greetings.

After several years on the job, the furry palace guards are put up for adoption. They’re rewarded for loyal service by spending their retirement years with loving Russian families.


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