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Airport booze now available 'round the clock

It's six a.m., and you’re waiting in your favorite airport. All the shops and restaurants are closed, except the gin joints. They're allowed to be open all night. Now, you can get silly in Philly. If you're waiting there, you can pop the cork in New York or get high in Chi.

The booze rules have been eased. Some airports now allow liquor to be sold 24-7. High in the air has two meanings now, because passengers in flight can enjoy the same privilege. This is great news for those fliers who’ve had loud, drunken seatmates bother them or get sick all over them.

Of course, this new easing of the drinking rules is just another way airlines and airports are seeking to bring in extra income. So now, in addition to paying to check your bags, you’ll be able to drink enough as you fly to add more of those sagging bags under your eyes.

Our only advice we have for travelers is to enjoy yourselves with the booze of your choice anywhere, at any time. Just do it only up to a point where you’re not annoying others.

Many Ways to Meet Other Single Seniors PDF Print E-mail

You’ve winter in your hair, but lots of summer in your heart. If you’re single, widowed or divorced, it’s time to get out of the house and into the single senior scene.

Of course, there are plenty of lonely heart websites for meeting new people on line. However, if you’d rather make more meaningful face-to-face connections, it’s time to turn off your computer and start mingling.

Here are some suggestions about ways to meet other like-minded single seniors:

Group Travel: Sign up for a seniors-only cruise or other trip. Choose from many varieties, including art, music, church, ethnic, orientation, education level or other specific interests.

Road Scholar: Enchanting Cities: Budapest To Venice PDF Print E-mail

The October 26 to November 6 all-inclusive program (#21620RJ) price has been reduced from $4,300 to $3,999 per senior traveler. Starting in the Hungarian capital, it includes Vienna, the Bavarian Alps, the Danube, Innsbruck and ends in the enchanting Italian canal city of Venice.

Enjoy meeting local people, visits to castles, lectures, field trips and entertainment. For more info, go to www.roadscholar.org/n/program/summary.aspx?DId=1-789KUR&MC=

Tips For Travel With The Physically-Challenged PDF Print E-mail

Of course, it’s a responsibility, but the journey doesn’t have to be a full-time, tiresome burden. There are many creative ways to make the trip more enjoyable and less stressful for both you and your physically-challenged companion.

Plan Ahead: Before making specific schedules, consider all travel options and choose the least complicated. Contact airlines, hotels and cruise lines in advance. Ask about appropriate help, including wheelchair access and special guest facilities, such as ramps and handicapped-friendly bathrooms.

Venice CA: 5 Quick & Tasty Boardwalk Cafés PDF Print E-mail

Sweating musclemen lift weights, bikini-clad girls rollerblade on the boardwalk, street musicians toot for tips and cops in short pants patrol on bikes. Along with smiling families shooting sunny selfies on the sand, that’s California’s famed Venice Beach.

The laid-back town, just 18 miles from downtown Los Angeles, overlooks the blue Pacific and has many unique boardwalk restaurants. If you don’t want to take too much time away from sunning, surfing, ogling and other typical Venice Beach activities, these dining places are for you.

On The Waterfront Cafe, 205 Ocean Front Walk, Venice CA 90291, waterfrontcafe.com. Features Swiss dishes, including fondues, clam chowder, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, salads and homemade desserts. Outside dining offers views of the sand, surf, Venice Boardwalk and all the activities that happen there. Go with friends in the cool of evening to dip fondue, sip Swiss wine and enjoy the moment.

Senior Wanderer’s Favorite Cities In Asia PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor first visited Asia during Navy service in World War II and Korea, and many times since, on business and pleasure trips. Each journey offers new experiences and more understanding for that exotic part of the world. These three cities are particular favorites:

Shanghai: As World War II was ending, our Navy troopship sailed from the Philippines to pick up just-released Allied POWs. The city had bomb damage, but still echoed its colonial past with beautiful buildings and scenery.

Since then, Shanghai has enjoyed enormous growth to make it one of the most exotic destinations in the world. Today, Shanghai’s hotels, historic sites, restaurants, fashionable shops and sightseeing lure business and tourist travelers. (meet-in-shanghai.net)


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