Tauck River Cruises Now Include Unlimited Drinks

Named by Travel+Leisure as the World’s Best River Cruise Line, Tauck has announced a new policy of free unlimited beer, wine and premium drinks while aboard. The service, include extensive Rhine River schedules, is available on its luxury cruise ships in operation this year in Europe, including ms Swiss Emerald, ms Inspire, ms Swiss Jewel, ms Swiss Sapphire, ms Savor and ms Treasures.

Previously, passengers on Tauck river cruises enjoyed unlimited wine and beer with meals only. Tauck’s new all-inclusive service now includes tips, shore excursions, some meals ashore and airport transfers in cruise fares. For cruise schedules, accommodations, facilities for those with limited mobility, prices and other information, go to www.tauck.com

Get Better Smartphone Photos, Videos And Selfies PDF Print E-mail

One of the pleasures of travel is to record your journeys so that you, friends and family can enjoy the visual memories later. However, if they look amateurish, blurry, dark and otherwise distorted, your lack of skills will ruin it all.

Photo basics have been around since photographer Matthew Brady followed Union troops into the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg. His work is classic, despite the fact he had to lug around a huge box camera, easel, glass plates, processing chemicals and other heavy equipment. All you need is your Smartphone to get sharp images and video, and you can do it in color.

Select your composition, whether you pose subjects or the scene happens just right. Have the sun or other source of light behind you, unless you want a sunset or silhouette. Before you take your trip, read up on Smartphone photo skills. You’ll enjoy results you’ll review with pride.

United Airlines Temporarily Suspends Pets Flying Cargo PDF Print E-mail

After several mishaps, including destination error and pet aboard death, the airline won’t accept them during an adjustment period for about two months. The suspension does not affect certified service dogs and pets in containers passengers store under their seats.

USA Today: Top 20 Spring Break Sites. Senior Travelers Beware! PDF Print E-mail

Of course, they’re all great places to spend some vacation time, but if you like quiet and relaxation, stay the hell away during this crazy time of year. When selecting one of these spots for your spring destination, be sure to check on when it will be the busiest with young visitors, booze and noise.

Then simply make your plans for another, more tranquil time. Your sanity, ears, eyes and temper will thank you for it. For info on this year’s spring break destinations, go to www.usatoday.com/picture-gallery/travel/destinations/2018/03/18/the-top-20-spring-break-destinations-for-2018.

Swiss Ban Cruel Boiling Of Live Lobsters. What’s Next? PDF Print E-mail

Your travel4seniors.com editor enjoys visiting the beautiful yodel and cheese nation, However, next time we may not order lobster at our favorite Swiss café. Not that boiling live critters is nice, but I doubt if the Swiss butchers prepare their cattle and poultry with kindness on execution day.

The Swiss law which also covers other doomed animals, also suggests a contradiction in terms: humane death by “rendering them unconscious”, and then dumped into scalding water. The law also gives domestic pets protections, including not preventing dogs from barking. Oh sure, tell that to the neighbors when your hound dog bays at the moon at midnight.

Landmark Fotos Not Illegal, But Making Money On Them Is PDF Print E-mail

Now that everyone can take photos and video with their little smartphone boxes, tourists are constantly snapping pix, videos and selfies. Of course, they enjoy posing in front of France’s Eiffel Tower, Italy’s Colosseum, Denmark’s Little Mermaid and other famous world sites.

It’s ok if they use the results as souvenirs to send home to the family or keep them for personal memories to view later. However, it may be illegal to use your results commercially. Examples could be to publish them in a book, magazine article, video travel ad or movie. For detailed comment on the subject, go to www.politico.eu/article/banned-taking-pictures-of-the-eiffel-tower-at-night-copyright-law-eu


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