National Harbor MD: Will There Be an MGM Casino?

Other than what Congress does with our tax dollars, is the Washington DC area ready for gambling? It’s still very early in the approval stage, but MGM has proposed a casino resort development in the Maryland town of National Harbor. It’s just eight miles and across the Potomac River from the White House.

The Beltway location is very popular, and a year or so ago, Disney seriously proposed a theme park there. Although it never happened, the urge to develop the riverside area is still alive, and this MGM project is just as ambitious.

We thought and thought about it, and now suggest some not-too-sane ideas for appropriate features for that proposed gambling mecca facing Washington DC:

Capitol City One-Armed-Bandits: You bet U.S. Treasury money with Congress and never see it again.

Plush Pentagon Resort: Here you get to play with drones. Not the flying kind. You’ll frolic with real drones, the Pentagon’s armchair generals and admirals.

Smithsonian Casino: Visitors will see now extinct objects, such as an honest politician, vintage gas pump showing the price of $1.50 a gallon and an ancient airline ticket without the 50% add ons. The exhibit would include Barack Obama’s actual birth certificate, and Mitt Romney’s Book of Mormon. The one he carried door-to-door to convert heathens and independent voters.

Hillary’s Pillory: If you gamble against the Secretary of State running for President in 2016, you could end up in stocks. Not the wooden torture kind. Much worse, you’re forced to buy Wall Street stocks from Bernie Madoff.

Finally, visit the Clinton Oval Office and Bingo Palace on Halloween night. Write your own disturbing description for Bill’s trick or treat surprise.

American Airlines: Cheaper If You Travel Lighter PDF Print E-mail

AA calls it basic-economy fare, and restricts those passengers to just one bag that fits under the seat. Not allowed to stash anything in the overhead. AA joins United Airlines in offering this cheaper choice. It’s estimated the new policy will save from 10 to 25 percent on flights.

Of course, among the restrictions is that the cheap seat passengers get to go last in their walk of shame to board the flight. Then, will an attendant utter the classic line: Please step to the back of the bus. One can only wonder what’s next in money-saving offers. Announcement: All cheap seat passengers must remove their clothing before boarding.

Travel Homework: Learn All About That Destination PDF Print E-mail

When making your plans, you need to research places within the city you can enjoy, fit into your travel budget and allow you to blend in. Do some homework before leaving home. Surf the web for the official city site, as well as others that describe lodging, restaurants, entertainment, night life and other useful info.

Look for ads, coupons and items you can print and bring with you that could get free services, bargains and discounts. Check out social sites that list meetings, exhibits, classes and other sessions to attend where you can meet and mix with locals.

Travel Future May Include Human-Powered Monorail PDF Print E-mail

Ever since 1930s comic strips and movie serials, it has been predicted. There soon may be city transportation where travelers won’t need to drive on crowded streets nor use polluting gasoline.

They’ll go sailing through the air on controlled rails in little capsules. A new monorail idea is that they’ll be powered by passenger legs. No smelly, burning fossil fuels, just throbbing muscles pumping away like hamsters in cages.

To Recline Or Not Recline In The Cheap Seats PDF Print E-mail

Q: I’m over six feet four, and every time I fly I have trouble when I try to be comfy in my economy seat. I never just jam the seat backward. Before making the adjustment, I inform the passenger behind me. However, I still get everything from angry mumbles to outright complaints. What can I do to avoid trouble when I recline? John P., Albany NY

A: First of all, you have every right to recline in the seat that is designed to adjust to your comfort. However, it is considerate to politely inform the passenger behind you before slamming back into tender knees. When you get complaints, you may adjust the seat back upward a bit to respond.

However, unless you pay for an upgrade to business or first class, the problem won’t go away. In fact, airlines are always looking for ways to make more money by cramming more passengers in. You can expect seating spaces to keep getting smaller and complaints about Lincolnesque you.

How to Seek Out The Best Eats When Traveling PDF Print E-mail

Guest Correspondent Mila P., West Chester PA: The traditional way is to ask where the local families go when they eat out. Hotel employees, store clerks, local cops and taxi drivers always have suggestions.

That usually works, although a recent incident proved it could be a humorous error. When I was recently in Florence, Italy, I trailed a group of Italian students into a restaurant near the Arno River. Expecting the best in local dishes, I soon discovered the fare was Chinese. I had a very enjoyable dinner, but had to renew my search for authentic Italian fare the next day.


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