Get off your a$$ and hike the Grand Canyon trails

The very popular mule rides that transport visitors into the splendid rocky depths of the Grand Canyon in Arizona will be drastically reduced under a new plan by the National Park Service.

According to the NPS announcement, the number of mules allowed on the Bright Angel Trail, the most traveled route into the canyon from the South Rim, will drop from 40 to 10 riders daily.

The NPS reason for the cut-back in mule rides is that the trail over the years has eroded to potentially unsafe conditions, and repairs are getting too expensive. Additionally, hikers are complaining that they must share the ever-narrowing trails with the mules and the inevitable stuff the mules leave behind. NPS also states that it wants to encourage more hikers to use the trail.

There will be mule rides available along the less-spectacular but safer top of the South Rim trails. For those planning Grand Canyon visits, they should know the hugely popular mule rides will become even more difficult to book, and reservations of up to a year in advance are advised.

For more information, go to NPS.org.

Camping Among Cool Colorful Leaves Of Autumn PDF Print E-mail

Savvy senior hikers know autumn is by far the best time of year to go camping. School’s back in session, so the kids are gone, and the popular campgrounds are much more quiet, peaceful and cool in every sense of the word.

And most younger adult campers are back at their jobs. For seniors to choose are best spaces to set down a tent, RV or trailer. Consider some suggestions to make your autumn camping trip enjoyable and safe:

1. Homework: Use the internet to check out conditions and prices at campsites you’d like to visit. If you call, ask specific questions about expected weather, utilities, safety, sanitation, nearby recreation and stores, animal encounters and other conditions.

London UK: No Big Ben Bongs For Four Years During Repairs PDF Print E-mail

No, dude, not that kind of bongs. Your travel4seniors.com editor does a night-time selfie with the famous clock. Above the Houses of Parliament in Westminster by the Thames River, it’s the world-famous 315-foot tower. It’s familiar chimes will be silent for expansive repair work until 2021.

The original Big Ben was cast in 1856, but cracked and was replaced. The current clock first began to operate and the bell sounded in 1859. When operating, Big Ben chimes loudly on the hour, with a bit quieter peal on the quarter hour.

Of course, loyal fans will pine to hear the great chimes during construction. Many websites and YouTube can bring recorded Big Ben sights and bongs to your yearning ears and eyes.

Black Rock City NV: Are You Hot For Burning Man? PDF Print E-mail

It’s the annual week-long celebration. It includes costume contests, pop music, cooking, art, memories, culture and flowing freedom in the Nevada desert. It starts Sunday, August 27 and goes on night and day to Monday, September 4.

Of course, to attend, you’ll need to be a very healthy senior to survive the August heat that can hit 100º and higher during the day. Also, when attendees complete the event by igniting a huge bonfire and symbolic wooden man, you don’t want to be too close to the flames.

For tickets and more info about the program, which takes place about a three-hour drive north of Reno, go to www.vividseats.com/BurningMan

Famed Civil War Statues: Visit Before Vandalized PDF Print E-mail

We’re all aware of the current angry trend of tearing down statues, especially those of Confederate generals. Many that have stood the test of time for more than 150 years will end up as piles of rocks due to politically-correct rioters.

Consider visiting these while still standing, if they actually survive the current destruction craze:
National Statuary Hall, Capitol Hill, Washington DC: 100 statues, 12 of them Confederates.
J.E.B. Stuart, Richmond VA
Robert E. Lee, New Orleans LA
Stonewall Jackson and Lee Statues, Baltimore MD
Stone Mountain Memorial, Georgia: The massive carving on the mountainside will require lots of angry axes to destroy.
Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC: Already hit by spray paint. Hey, rioters. Abe was one of your good guys.

Finally, let’s consider a memorial poem about the Gettysburg Cemetery. The sad words by Francis Finch are typical of how most Americans feel about the terrible sacrifices on both sides during the Civil War:
No more shall the war cry sever,
Or the winding rivers be red;
They banish our anger forever
When they laurel the graves of our dead!
Under the sod and the dew,
Waiting the judgment-day,
Love and tears for the Blue,
Tears and love for the Gray.

Ryanair: Less Booze Availability For Boozy Passengers PDF Print E-mail

It has happened to all of we senior flyers too many times. We go aboard, find our seat and a drunk plops down next to us. The breath and annoying behavior are bad enough. Then the drunk barfs.

For some passengers, boarding delay in the airport is boozing time. And with today’s screwed up flight schedules, that means an hour or more at the airport bar, then throw-up sickness after boarding.


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