Outrigger offers extra perks for Hawaii travelers
Two beachfront Outrigger hotels in Waikiki, Hawaii, have enhanced their bundle of free amenities and services, offering even more value to their guests.
Winter Storm: Check Airline Site For Waivers/Alerts PDF Print E-mail

In predicted bad weather, to avoid stranding passengers, airlines often let travelers change flights to an earlier or later day without added charges. It varies by airline.

The earlier you request the waiver, the better the potential deal. If your schedule is flexible, you might end up with a better flight than booked previously. You can't cancel and get a refund unless your flight has been canceled.

Don’t Blab Online That You’re Not At Home During Holidays PDF Print E-mail

You may have heard of unfortunate senior travelers returning to find their houses ransacked and/or wrecked. It happened when they posted holiday notes and photos online during their away adventures for anyone, including alert local thieves, to click into.

It can also happen if you’re on a closed social network, and fellow posters could leave their feed with your info open for all to see it. Instead, if you want to brag about your holiday adventures, wait until you get back home to post all the wonderful pix and stories.

Flying During Holiday Season? Some Timesaving Hints PDF Print E-mail

Nearly 4.5 million Americans will fly somewhere for Thanksgiving, a 5% increase from last year. The biggest airport crowds will be on Sunday after the holiday when more than 3 million will fly home.

When booking, the Monday before Thanksgiving is the lightest air travel day, says AAA and A4A. The cheapest air fares may be on Thanksgiving Day. Also, auto traffic on the roads and highways will be lightest on that festive day, when most families will be inside dining on turkey and stuffing.

New Fairbnb.coop Website Offers Ethical City Rentals PDF Print E-mail

It uniquely gives travelers opportunities to book city rooms, apartments and houses while supporting community projects. The site claims “authentic, fair and conscious tourism,” with pledges to donate 50% of its commission to social projects specified by city residents.“

The website start-up so-far offers lodgings in five pilot cities: Valencia, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Bologna and Venice. If you’re interested in Venice, before booking do thorough research about major flooding now devastating the city. Fairbnb.coop expects to add properties in more European cities in the near future.

Qantas $100 Tix From US Cities, But Gotta Book ‘Em Fast! PDF Print E-mail

Australian airline Qantas offers bargain flights to mark its 100th anniversary at $100 each way, including taxes and fees. The limited deals are from four major U.S. airports.

They are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas/Fort Worth and Chicago. Just 100 seats will be released each day. The phased sale will last four days, with one U.S. city featured each day at qantas.com/birthdaysale


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